Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2022 Written Update Prachi loses Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2022 Written Update Prachi loses Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2022 Written Update Prachi loses Ranbir Aaliya asks Pallavi to do something for her son. She asks her to find a permanent solution for Prachi, they should get rid of Prachi soon, else she can lose her son. She warns Pallavi. Aaliya’s words leave Pallavi terrified. Prachi meets Ranbir and holds his hand. She makes him touch her tummy and says We are pregnant. Ranbir moves his hand. Pallavi is seen shouting on Prachi and pushing her on the ground. She tells Prachi that her son died because of the latter. She shouts Ranbir is dead. These words shock Prachi. She screams in shock. Rhea blames Pallavi for killing her husband. Prachi imagines this and gets afraid for Ranbir’s life. Will Prachi’s pregnancy truth bring a new life and hope in Pranbir marriage and unite them again? What will be Rhea and Kohlis’ reaction on knowing the pregnancy truth? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rhea asks Aaliya will Ranbir get fine. She wants to trust Aaliya. She asks how did Ranbir come here when he was going to the airport. Aaliya asks her not to react and stay calm. She tells that they can use this situation in their favor, Ranbir was trying to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra and got stabbed by the goons. Rhea is shocked to know that their evil plan is the reason for Ranbir’s condition. Ranbir’s operation gets over. Doctor tells Prachi that Ranbir has to get conscious in the next 6 hours, else he won’t wake up ever. He asks her to pray for Ranbir. Prachi is in shock.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2022 Written Update Prachi loses Ranbir:


Rhea is shocked to know that Aaliya’s goons had stabbed Ranbir when he was trying to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra. She asks didn’t the goons know about Ranbir. Aaliya tells that the goons didn’t know him. She plans to use the situation in their favor and blame Prachi for Ranbir’s condition, they will call her a liar and a careless woman. Rhea asks how will they tell them that they know the entire story. Aaliya tells that she has a way to reveal it. She takes Rhea with her.

Prachi runs madly. Shahana stops her. Prachi tells that she wants her Ranbir back, fit and fine. She tells Shahana that Ranbir is serious, she can’t see him like this. She promises to love Ranbir a lot and make everything like before when he gets fine. She tells what the doctor told her, that Ranbir should get conscious in 6 hours else he will never wake up. She wants Ranbir to know about his third dream getting fulfilled, that he is going to become a dad. Shahana tells that Ranbir will be okay. Aaliya and Rhea reach the Kohlis and start their drama to tell Pallavi what had happened with Ranbir.

Rhea tells Pallavi that Ranbir was stabbed. She asks does she know the reason. Pallavi tells that she doesn’t know it. Vikram asks Rhea why is she asking this to them. Rhea tells that she got to know this just now, Prachi was with Ranbir when he was attacked. Dida tells that Prachi was with him and got him to the hospital in time. Rhea asks her to know the entire truth first. She asks Dida to value Ranbir, he is her grandson and close to heart. She asks Aaliya to make Ranbir fine and heal all his wounds.

She tells them that Ranbir fought the goons to save Prachi’s mangalsutra, some chain snatchers tried to snatch Prachi’s mangalsutra, Ranbir reached there, Prachi begged him to save her mangalsutra and did a big convincing drama, he fought the goons for her sake, falling into her words that the mangalsutra means a lot to her, he risked his life, the goons had stabbed him in anger. Pallavi and Vikram are shocked to know this. Rhea provokes them. She tells them that she learnt this from a neighbor who was also outside the temple at that time and witnessed this incident. Pallavi tells that she knew it, Prachi is the cause of Ranbir’s condition. She doesn’t want to leave Prachi this time. She rages.

Vikram and Dida ask Pallavi to listen to them. Aaliya and Rhea smile that their plan worked. Prachi sees Ranbir from far. She tells him that she will give him a lot of happiness, he will be happy knowing that he is going to become a father. She asks Ranbir to wake up and talk to her once. She wants to give him the share of his happiness. She cries seeing him. Pallavi reaches her and asks the truth. She accuses Prachi for planning to kill Ranbir. Vikram asks her to calm down. Pallavi tells that Ranbir is fighting for his life just because of Prachi. Prachi asks why would she do this.

Rhea tells that its because of Prachi’s ego, Prachi has proved her/Rhea careless about the mangalsutra, and she wanted to show that she/Prachi is much more responsible towards her mangalsutra, so she risked Ranbir’s life, she didn’t leave the mangalsutra and made Ranbir fall in danger. She asks Prachi how could she sacrifice Ranbir just to show her fake beliefs. Prachi tells them that she fought the goons and got her mangalsutra back, the goons left and then came back like someone called them. Rhea asks her to blame her for sending the goons. Pallavi’s BP gets high. She gets dizzy. Doctor asks Pallavi to take care of herself. Prachi tells that Pallavi didn’t take the medicines today.

Vikram finds Prachi saying right. Pallavi asks Vikram not to go against her all the time. She asks Prachi not to be around her, Rhea, Aaliya and Vikram are there. She rebukes Prachi and sends her away. Prachi asks Rhea to take care of Pallavi. Rhea thanks her for reminding. Aaliya tells Shahana with Prachi. Pallavi tells the doctor that she forgot to take the medicine. She asks Vikram not to stare at her, Prachi is responsible for Ranbir’s condition. Vikram leaves.

Doctor asks Pallavi not to skip her medicines and take care. Aaliya asks Pallavi to take care of her BP, but how would she take care if Prachi is giving her so much stress. She asks her to find a permanent solution for Prachi, else she can lose her son because of Prachi. Dr. Madhu gets to see Ranbir and tells his doctor that she knows him. Prachi reaches Ranbir and recalls the way he saved her mangalsutra. She cries and pours her heart out in front of him. She tells him that she was lying to herself, she needs him, he must come back to her. She promises to never fight him and hurt him, she will only love him.

She tells that she decided to not tell him this news, but now, she has changed her mind. She makes him feel their baby in her tummy and tells that they are pregnant. Ranbir reacts hearing this good news. She asks nurse to check Ranbir’s shooting pulse. Nurse asks Prachi to go out. Doctor checks Ranbir. Prachi remembers Pallavi’s angry remarks. She stumbles. Dr. Madhu holds her. Prachi tells her about Ranbir. Dr. Madhu asks Shahana to take care of Prachi, her pregnancy is complicated. She asks Prachi not to become careless towards her baby. Prachi promises to look after her baby.

Dr. Madhu sees Pallavi there. Prachi asks Pallavi not to tell Pallavi anything about her pregnancy. Madhu tells Pallavi that Prachi isn’t well. Pallavi asks Prachi to go home, she isn’t needed there. Madhu asks Prachi to leave, else she will tell everything to Pallavi. Prachi grows tensed.

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  1. So this is total reincarnation of Pragya and Abhi? They never found happiness together because of Alia and now same with Prachi? When will they get rid of Alia and her evilness, she should have been rotting in jail for so many crimes she did, omg I can’t beleive she is still roaming around doing evil!!!!! She stole, killed, attempted to kill and still there? What is wrong with these stupid writers? Why are they only encouraging this type of madness in this already disturbed society of children?
    Thank God I stopped watching KKB and KB since long ago, too toxic


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