Radha Mohan 20th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 20th May 2022 Written Update Mohan asks Radha why she came to his room. He also asks Radha if she isn’t satisfied enough after making Gungun humiliate him. Radha tells Mohan that she has been sad since then. She promises Mohan that she won’t break anything and also would maintain social distance with him. Mohan asks Radha why she came to his room. Radha gives Mohan’s phone back to him, which she broke by mistake. Mohan gets shocked when the phone sticks in his hand. Seeing Mohan’s shocked expressions, Radha tells Mohan that she mended his broken phone.

Radha also tells Mohan that her grandmother says that there is nothing in the world which can’t be joined after it breaks, but a person should put efforts wholeheartedly. Damini comes there and sees Mohan’s mended phone in his hand, which Radha fixed with tapes. She asks what this is. Radha tells Damini that she broke Mohan’s phone by mistake and thus fixed it and came to return it to Mohan. She says it’s working fine now. Damini tells Radha that she didn’t need to do it as she brought a new phone for Mohan. She says Mohan always keeps the latest phone with him. Mohan sees both phones.


Radha tells Damini that the phone she brought for Mohan seems awesome. She gets shocked when Damini says it costs Rs. 1 lakh. Radha says, 10 bhandaras of Lord Krishna can be organized in Barsana, within Rs. 1 Lakh. She asks Damini, why did she spend so much as she fixed/mended Mohan’s old phone. Radha says broken things can always be joined, just the person’s intentions should be good. Suddenly, a car’s voice comes from outside Trivedi Mansion. Radha says it must be Gungun. She folds hands and prays to God that Gungun must have won the fancy dress competition. After Radha, everyone runs towards the house entrance. Gungun pretends sadness. Radha asks Gungun what happened in the competition. Gungun smiles and reveals that she won the fancy dress competition. Everyone except Rahul gets happy hearing about Gungun’s victory. Excited and happy, Radha picks up Gungun and twirls her. She hugs and kisses Gungun’s cheek. Tulsi’s soul feels very happy seeing this. Mohan captures their photograph on his phone. Gungun separates herself from Radha and asks Radha to not try to be over-friendly with her. Radha feels upset. Damini congratulates Gungun.

Mohan also congratulates Gungun from a distance. Gungun makes faces and ignores Mohan hurting him. Mohan apologizes to Gungun and Damini for screaming at them. He tells Damini that he is apologetic towards her as he failed to control his anger earlier and screamed at her. Damini forgives Mohan and calls him clean hearted indirectly. Mohan tells Damini that he neither saw her heart nor her efforts. He thanks Damini for preparing Gungun for the fancy dress competition and making her win. Mohan hugs Damini and tells her that she deserves a gift. Damini smirks and plans to ask Mohan for finalizing their wedding date in the gift he promised her.

Tulsi’s soul and Gungun feels irritated and bad seeing this. Damini’s mother and Kadambari feel happy. Radha prays to God to not let any evil sight cast upon Mohan and Damini’s beautiful and perfect jodi. In between, Radha gets some weird and strange feelings seeing Mohan and Damini hugging each other. Mohan thanks Damini. Mohan leaves and happy Damini hugs Kadambari and her own mother. In a lower voice, Gungun indirectly asks Radha why she is letting Damini take the reward/credit for the efforts she made. She tells Radha that even Britishers used to do the same with Indians. Gungun tells Radha that Mohan should have hugged her.

Tulsi’s soul and Radha feels sad. Later, Radha is seen talking to her Lord Krishna’s idol. She happily tells God that Gungun won as she told him already. Radha says Gungun looked beautiful, like the real Queen/Rani Lakshmi Bai. She says Gungun is so intelligent and can reach heights of success, if she will put her brains into important things, rather than fighting her own father. Radha gets stunned seeing that she is crying. She recalls Mohan thanking and hugging Damini for Gungun’s victory. Radha asks why she is crying and feeling bad seeing Mohana and Damini together. She also recalls Damini and Mohan’s engagement.

Radha says it must be her tears of joy. Tulsi’s soul hits Radha’s head from behind in irritation. She says Radha’s grandmother is right about Radha being half-brained. Tulsi’s soul bangs her head, seeing Radha’s naivety. At night, Damini’s mother asks Damini why she is calling her friends to Trivedi house the next day. Damini tells her mother that she wants to get society’s stamp on her and Mohan’s relationship. She says that Niharika is queen of Delhi society club and should know that Damini is going to become Mrs. Damini Mohan Trivedi. Damini explains to her mother that this way Mohan will get more pressurized to fix their wedding date.

Damini’s mother asks Damini what about Gungun’s anger which she will blast on them after knowing all this. Damini tells her mother that she has already made preparations to handle Gungun. Mohan sees Gungun’s photographs that he captured while she was happily showing her trophy to Radha. Damini comes there and praises Gungun’s photograph. Mohan tells Damini that he saw Gungun this happy after a very long time. He says Gungun has little attitude problems. Damini tells Mohan that Gungun got an attitude from him. Mohan agrees and takes a beverage cup from Damini. Damini tells Mohan that she has invited her friend (Niharika) at home for lunch tomorrow.

She asks Mohan to be there with her at lunch as Niharika is her best friend and failed to attend their engagement. Damini reminds Mohan that he told her that she should be rewarded for preparing Gungun for the fancy dress competition. Mohan agrees to be there with Damini at lunch with her friend. Damini gets happy and leaves, informing Mohan that her friend is coming with her husband and kid. Next morning, Damini bribes Gungun with her favorite toy gun and in exchange asks her to be in her room only, when her friend will come for lunch with her family. Gungun agrees and takes the toy gun. Radha sees all this from a distance.

She stops Damini and tells her that she looked just like Yashoda Maa while talking to Gungun. Damini convinces Radha to take care of Gungun, while her friend and her family will have lunch with her. She hopes now Gungun and Mohan don’t create any problem for her. Radha misinterprets Damini’s intentions towards Gungun. Tulsi’s soul feels irritated and angry seeing Radha’s naivety and Damini’s attempts to spoil Gungun. She overhears Gungun’s plan against Damini. Later, Radha opens the door for Damini’s friend and her family and takes them inside.

Damini meets Niharika and her family. She introduces Mohan as her to-be husband to Niharika and her family. Mohan and Radha feel weird and strange hearing this. Gungun sees all of them from upstairs and plans to trouble Niharika’s son Chintu. Niharika starts narrating her wedding to Trivedi’s in an over-exaggerating manner. This irritates Trivedis. Mohan jokes with Niharika. Niharika’s husband also praises himself in an over-exaggerated manner, irritating Trivedis. Damini gets shocked seeing Gungun downstairs. Mohan introduces Gungun as his daughter.

Gungun behaves politely with everyone. With Niharika’s permission, Gungun takes Chintu to her room to play with him. Damini signs Radha to go and keep a watch on Gungun’s naughtiness. Radha sings okay and turns to leave. Niharika rudely stops Radha and asks her to bring black tea for her. No reply from Damini in Radha’s favor shocks Trivedis. Radha feels bad but says okay to Niharika. Radha decides to first take a look at Gungun and then prepare black tea for Niharika. Mohan feels irritated being with Damini and her irritating friend and her family. Radha on the other hand asks Gungun to promise her that she will not fight with Chintu, instead become friends with him.

Gungun crosses her finger behind her back and promises Radha, from her another hand. She locks her room as Radha leaves. Misinterpreting Chintu’s personality, Gungun tells him that her room is fully sound proof. Naughty Chintu ruins Gungun’s room. Both children indulge into a fight. Tulsi’s soul gets worried seeing this and thinks where Radha went. She finds Radha in Kitchen and tries to send her to Gungun’s room to handle Gungun and Chintu. While on the other hand, Gungun tries to save her toys and stuff from naughty Chintu. Chintu pushes and hurts Gungun many times. At last he pushes Gungun inside her toy chest and locks her.
He sits on the chest and smirks with Gungun’s new and favorite gun in his hand.

In the next episode, Chintu will make fun of Gungun, when she will request him to open the chest. Tulsi’s soul will get worried seeing Gungun getting unconscious due to lack of oxygen inside the chest. Radha will ask Chintu where Gungun is. Chintu will lie to Radha that he and Gungun are playing hide and seek and it’s his turn to find Gungun. Radha will leave Gungun’s room relaxed and happy. Tulsi’s soul will keep screaming and requesting Radha to save Gungun, as she is locked inside the chest. Gungun will finally fall unconscious inside the chest.

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