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Bhagya Lakshmi 21st May 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s entry Rishi waits for Lakshmi. Ayush and Ahana wonder what’s happening that Rishi is still talking of Lakshmi. Ayush wants Rishi to fight Lakshmi and vent out his feelings, his anger, then their differences can end. She agrees. Rishi goes to the room to find Lakshmi. He doesn’t find her there. He asks her if she got hidden, doesn’t she want to see him getting engaged. He asks the servant about Lakshmi. Servant tells that Lakshmi has asked him to keep the sweets at home, she has gone out, don’t know where. Rishi wonders where did she go and why. Lakshmi meets Shalu and Bani.

She hugs them emotionally. Rano tells that they are also going in Rishi’s engagement. She upsets Lakshmi by her nonsense talks. She asks Lakshmi to come along. Lakshmi tells that she is upset and wasn’t feeling to stay back in Oberoi mansion, so she has come home. Rano asks her why is she feeling bad, Rishi is getting engaged to Malishka, his old lover. She tells that its proved that Rishi is a wrong person. Lakshmi asks her not to say this about Rishi. She doesn’t like to hear this. Rano tells that Rishi might not be Lakshmi’s husband in future. Lakshmi defends Rishi, and tells that she knows him well, she acts strange sometimes, but he has always supported her. She doesn’t want to forget his good deeds.

Rano asks her if she loves Rishi, that she is defending him. She knows that Lakshmi can’t see Rishi’s engagement with Malishka, so she has run away. Shalu and Bani ask Rano to go there if she wants, they will be with their sister. Rano asks them to come along. Lakshmi gets Rishi’s call. Shalu stops Rano from hearing Lakshmi and Rishi’s conversation. Rano rebukes her. Lakshmi takes the call. Rishi summons Lakshmi home. He asks her what is her planning, what is she going to do. He tells that she always tortures him. She asks why is he saying so. He tells that she didn’t go home when Malishka asked her to go. He admits that he is finding her at home and thinking of her all the time. He unknowingly admits his feelings. He asks her why is she upset when he is getting engaged. She reminds that she is his wife.

He tells that she would be willing to throw the divorce papers on his face. She asks him what does he want, she is away and still he has a problem. He replies that he has no problem with her. He asks her to do anything she wants. She asks him why did he call. He tells that he wants to see her, he wants her to see his engagement happening. She asks the reason. He tells that he wants her to see that he doesn’t care for her, and clear her mind. He adds that he will stay happy with Malishka, the care he had shown towards her in the court was fake, his feelings for her are over. She asks him if he had feelings for her. She calls him heartless. He gets angry that she disconnected. He wants her to come and see his engagement live. Lakshmi cries. She finds Shalu and Bani at the door. Bani tells that they didn’t hear anything.

Shalu asks Lakshmi to fight Rishi and stop the engagement. She wants Lakshmi to remind Rishi that she is his wife. Lakshmi tells that she will not do anything now, Shalu has already done wrong to insult Malishka, that’s why the engagement is happening. She adds that she has gone back home to save Rishi, she didn’t want any drama there, she has to let the engagement happen, there is no way left, Rishi doesn’t love her, he hates her. Shalu doesn’t believe her. Lakshmi vents her anger. She tells that she has to live with Rishi and protect him, now they have just three months to stay together.

She doesn’t think she should do anything now. She doesn’t want anything else than peace in her life. She asks Shalu not to say anything. She asks Rano to get ready, they are going to Oberoi mansion to attend Rishi’s engagement. Rano gets glad. Neelam and Karishma welcome Malishka and her parents. Abhay asks about Rishi. Neelam tells that Rishi is with Virender. Virender hugs Abhay and welcomes him. Abhay tells Virender that he wanted the engagement in front of the society, they have to think for the children’s happiness. He asks Virender is he happy with the engagement. Virender tells that Rishi’s happiness is important, but he feels odd that Rishi is married to Lakshmi and getting engaged to Malishka.

Abhay tells that he will do everything to get Malishka her love. Neelam meets Rishi and asks him is he happy. He tells that he is really happy. Malishka asks is she the reason for his happiness. He tells that its because of Neelam. Malishka also owes a lot to Neelam. Abhay and Virender have drinks. They share a heart to heart talk about their families. Virender praises Neelam that she is a good bahu and a good mother. He calls her a perfect woman. Abhay asks him to say the truth. He questions Virender about Neelam and his past. Virender tells that he doesn’t have courage to share the life’s secrets to him. Abhay tells that life is such odd. He admits that he wanted Malishka to marry Viraj, but now when Rishi is divorcing Lakshmi, then Malishka has a right to get her love back. Rishi awaits Lakshmi. Lakshmi makes a stunning entry in the engagement.

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