Kundali Bhagya Karan secret plan 23rd May 2022 Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Karan secret plan 23rd May 2022 Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Karan secret plan 23rd May 2022 Spoilers Preeta tells Shrishti that in love there should be no room for any explanation. She says that if she needs to do it then is this even love. Rakhi comes to know that Karan is doing drama and he reveals that he loves Preeta only. He says that love and marriage happens only once. Karan confesses to his mother that he loves Preeta a lot. What is Karan’s strategy?

Meet episode spoiler – Mrs. Meet arrests Shanty:
Mrs. Meet bashes up Shanty. She reveals that she is arresting Shantanu for doing domestic violence against Isha and molesting Latika. Shanty and Abhay are shocked. Mrs. Meet handcuffs Shanty and Abhay feels helpless. Shanty warns her to not become happy so quickly. Will Abhay release Shanty from Mrs. Meet’s grip?

Ghum Hai kisi Ke Pyar Mein episode spoiler – Virat arrests Sai:


Dr. Thurat shows the proof and tells Virat that Sai gave an overdose of the medicine and killed a patient due to her negligence. Sai is shocked. Virat reluctantly informs Sai that he is arresting her. Sai, the nurse, and the patient’s friends are shocked. Sai cries. Dr. Thurat feels relieved. Virat handcuffs Sai and takes her out of the hospital. They all sit in the van and leave for the police station. Is Sai guilty?

Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Divya insults Swaran:
Yug and Nakul wish Swaran on her birthday. She is shocked. They both catch their ears and ask for her forgiveness. Kiran warns Vikram that if his brothers go against him then it will be very difficult for him. He makes a call. Divya comes and calls out Swaran. She throws a sweet dish at her face and says that she cannot snatch her father from her and celebrate. She calls Swaran a robber. Everyone gets shocked.

Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Tanya-Fateh’s wedding?:
Gurpreet says that she had prayed to the goddess that she will get Tejo and Fateh married after they come back from London. Tejo and Fateh are shocked. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to make preparations to go to Sandhu house for asking Tejo’s hand from her parents. Tejo and Fateh say no at the same time. Everyone is stunned.

Parineetii episode spoiler – Rajeev gets trapped:
The bank robbers put masks on the people and make them sit in a line. They order that if they wish to see their loved ones alive they have to do as they say. Parineet tells Neetii that she is feeling scared as Rajeev is in the bank and Neetii says that Sanju is also inside. The robbers fire gun in the air and unmask the people. Rajeev asks them to let him go. Parineet calls out Rajeev’s name while Neetii calls out Sanju’s name but both summon the same person. Rajeev gets scared. Parineet and Neetii are alarmed.

Shub Shagun episode spoiler – Shub-Shagun’s opinions:
Shagun says that Shub is a stubborn and egoistic individual. She says that if he feels that he will get her brother Yug married to his sister Navya then it is nearly impossible. Shub says that Shagun pretends to be simple and innocent in front of everyone but in reality is very wicked. He declares that Yug and Navya’s marriage will surely happen at any cost.

Spy Bahu episode spoiler – Yohan-Sejal’s Suhagraat:
Yohan and Sejal are in a room that is all decked up for the Suhagraat. Sejal feels scared of Yohan and thinks that he might do something wrong with her as revenge. In spite of their hatred towards each other they manage to have a romantic moment. She realizes that Yohan is innocent but the real culprit and killer is someone else.

Fanaa episode spoiler – Bulbul is Pakhi:
Neelima comes to Bulbul with a knife and tells her that Agastya had gone to mental asylum before also. She says that last time she made a mistake but this time she will not make any of it. Neelima goes to stab Bulbul but ends up stabbing Agastya. Bulbul summons Agastya as Dodo which means that she is not Bulbul but Pakhi. Neelima realizes that she is Pakhi and not her lookalike Bulbul. Agastya falls to the ground and cries in pain.


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