Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir returns 23rd May 2022 Spoiler

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir returns 23rd May 2022 Spoiler

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir returns 23rd May 2022 Spoiler Pallavi tells Prachi that she isn’t needed in the hospital. Dr. Madhu asks Prachi to go home, else she will tell Pallavi the truth. Prachi gets tensed that the pregnancy truth might get known to Pallavi. She agrees to go home. Prachi goes to her room and thinks of Ranbir. She sees Ranbir and her marriage photo and hugs it. She asks Ranbir to please come back home. She cries a lot, and then consoles herself with hopes. She gets sad while missing him. Prachi falls asleep while thinking of Ranbir.

Pallavi and Rhea enter her room in rage and wake Prachi up. Pallavi pushes Prachi on the ground and shouts that her son has died because of Prachi. Rhea blames Prachi for killing her husband. Pallavi shouts Ranbir is dead, Prachi has killed him. Prachi is in shock. She was in tension about Ranbir already, and now bears the numerous taunts and accusations from Pallavi and Rhea. Pallavi shouts on Prachi like never before, and gives a shock of the decade. Prachi asks them not to say that Ranbir is dead. She shouts no….

Ranbir can’t die. This scene will be Prachi’s imagination. Prachi calls the hospital to get updates about Ranbir’s condition. She wants to go back to him and tell him that he is going to become a father. She learns that Ranbir has got conscious. She wipes her tears happily and tells that she has to meet Ranbir and talk to him, she has to give him the pregnancy news, that will fill a strong will in him to get well soon. She gets positive and rushes to the hospital. Will Rhea let Prachi meet Ranbir and disclose the truth to him? Are you excited to see Pranbir union? Keep reading for more updates.


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  1. Ranbir n prachi will never unite until the last minute of this show when they reach 300 yrs old.ranbir will only know he has achild when the child reaches 100 yrs old coz the show is only bout rhea n alliya crimes n plots/ conspiracies.

  2. I was watching GKPPHM and Anupama and Meet they are showing these on Zee tv in SA how refreshing from the horrors of Khumkhum bhagia and KB for years villians not geting exposedWe do not
    watch KB for a while now just watch KKB because of Pranbirbut when Rhea starts screaming i fast foward and also Pallivi my goodness all that screeching what are the writers up to


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