Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Prachi’s accident

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Prachi's accident

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Prachi’s accident Rhea gets too angered hearing Prachi’s dreams of union with Ranbir upon their meeting at the hospital. She had come home to pick Prachi and take her to the hospital on Pallavi’s orders. She changes her mind when she learns Prachi’s decision of sorting the differences with Ranbir and patching up. She heads to her room where she makes a self-plan without Aaliya’s help. She tells that Prachi has decided to keep a relation with Ranbir, so the relation of two blood-tied sisters is over from now. She wants to end her relation with Prachi by killing her. She finds Prachi leaving for the hospital.

Rhea has madness on her mind. She wickedly follows her. She sees Prachi walking on the road and speeds her car to reach her. Rhea knocks down Prachi. Prachi meets an unexpected accident and falls down on the road. She fears for her baby, and lies injured, while Rhea watches her suffering. What will happen next? Will Prachi lose her baby before sharing her pregnancy news with Ranbir? Will this bring a huge rift between Pranbir again? Keep reading and leave a comment on the upcoming accident track.

Earlier in the show, Prachi speaks on her love for Ranbir. She tells Shahana that Ranbir and her love is true, Ranbir loves her a lot, and even she loves him a lot, its her turn to express love to him, she got this joy of motherhood because of Ranbir and even he has a right to know about his fatherhood. She tells that she will tell Ranbir about her pregnancy, he will go mad in happiness. Rhea reaches there and watches Prachi. Prachi tells that she will wear the mangalsutra by Ranbir’s hands, and tell him that she is ready to go anywhere with him. Rhea is much upset hearing Prachi’s dream plans and drops the water bottle down. Prachi finds Rhea at the door, and turns tensed.


Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Prachi’s accident:

Prachi asks Rhea is she okay, when did she come. Rhea tells that she is okay, Pallavi has sent her home to inform Prachi that Ranbir wants to meet her first. Prachi gets glad that Ranbir wants to meet her first. She rushes to the hospital. Rhea calls Aaliya and cries saying they will always lose to Prachi, everything is going to end now. Aaliya asks her what happened. Rhea tells that she doesn’t know how to stay alive after what she heard.

Aaliya asks her to say it clearly. Rhea tells her that she went to Prachi’s room to inform her like a good girl, she has seen Prachi happily sharing her plans with Shahana, that Prachi will tell everything to Ranbir about her love, Prachi wants Ranbir to make her wear the mangalsutra, her love for Ranbir is increasing day by day, she is ready to leave the family and go away with Ranbir. She tells that Prachi is planning to flee with him. She wants to know why does Ranbir get ready to give his life for Prachi, when they had many problems between them. She feels she is nothing. She tells that she has nobody with her, not her parents, not even Ranbir. She asks Aaliya what would she do now.

She tells that Aaliya is with her, but she is still losing. She asks Aaliya to make her lucky in love. Aaliya tells that Ranbir married Rhea when she wanted so, Rhea can still plan and get him. Rhea laughs and hits her head. She calls Aaliya funny for being so optimistic. She tells that they have lost already. Aaliya asks Rhea to remember that they have to separate Ranbir and Prachi, they don’t have to unite them. She asks Rhea not to lose so soon. Rhea remembers her words. She wants to take a big step now and kill Prachi. She slaps anger in herself. She tells that Prachi wants to keep her relation with Ranbir, now their sisterly bond will end along with Prachi’s death. She goes out and sees Prachi and Shahana leaving for the hospital. She takes a bottle glass to stab Prachi.

Rhea fails to stab Prachi, and finds her leaving in the taxi. Rhea rushes to her car, and follows her. Ranbir sees the mangalsutra and recalls Prachi. He wants to explain Prachi that he loves Prachi and wants to live with her again, he would love her the same way like before, he still loves her a lot. He wants to convince her with love. He tells that Prachi has feelings for him, he has seen her love, she doesn’t admit her feelings, but now he will make her admit it. Prachi shares her cute dream with Shahana. She tells that she will love Ranbir and also their baby equally.

She wants to wear the mangalsutra by Ranbir’s hairs. She gets emotional. She tells Shahana that she is scared of the problems coming when much happiness is ahead. Shahana asks her to not worry and think positive. Rhea tells that nothing right will happen with Prachi. She advises Prachi to be careful. Shahana tells that they are going to reach the hospital. Prachi is feeling excited to meet Ranbir. She tells that she will give the good news to Ranbir that his dream of fatherhood is going to get fulfilled. She asks Shahana to get mangoes for Ranbir. Shahana asks why mangoes. Prachi tells that he really loves mangoes. She sends Shahana to the market, saying she wants much time to talk to Ranbir today.

Prachi gets down the taxi and walks to the hospital. Rhea follows Prachi and speeds the car to hit her. Prachi gets hit by another run, while Rhea watches this with much joy. She finds Prachi fallen on the road. Ranbir senses Prachi is in danger. He gets restless. He shouts Prachi. He gets up from the bed to leave. Nurse asks him to lie down on the bed and take rest. Ranbir tells that he is feeling that something happened to Prachi. Doctor asks him to relax, Prachi went home, she is fine. Ranbir tells that Prachi needs him. Doctor tells that Ranbir needs rest.

He injects Ranbir and puts him to sleep. Rhea takes a turn and leaves from the accident site, without helping Prachi. She goes away and parks her car. She keeps a watch on Prachi. Prachi lies injured and worries for her baby. Rhea thinks finally Prachi will die. She remembers Pragya when she steps away from Prachi. She remembers Pragya’s words, that they are sisters and should take care of each other always. She gets emotional about Prachi, and runs to save her. Rhea worries for Prachi and asks someone to help her in taking Prachi to the hospital. Prachi gets unconscious.

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