Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta Karan waits for Preeta to return home and receive a shocker from him. Preeta succeeds in her first step of the plan. She scares Sherlyn as the blackmailer and makes her believe that the blackmailer is really aware of Rishabh’s truth. Sherlyn runs to Prithvi and tells him about the blackmailer’s huge demand of 20 crores. She also shows the CD as a proof, given by Preeta. Prithvi is puzzled about the new blackmailer. Preeta returns home only to get a shock from Karan. She tells him that she doesn’t have anything to say. Karan tells that maybe she doesn’t have anything to say, but he has to say, he has to make an announcement. He declares his engagement with Natasha to be held tomorrow evening.

Preeta and the Luthras are shocked hearing him. Preeta asks him to step ahead and see. She tells that he can’t get engaged to anyone when she is with him. He challenges Preeta about the engagement. Preeta tells that she won’t let this happen. Rakhi gets worried that Karan is dragging his plan a lot and this may cause tension between Preeta and him. Preeta knows Karan’s plans and challenges him to try anything he wants. She is sure that he doesn’t love Natasha and is just playing games. What will happen in their love battle? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Shrishti tells Sameer that Preeta didn’t get ready yet. Sherlyn enters the room, while Shrishti and Sameer hide. Sherlyn meets the blackmailer/Preeta in man’s disguise. Preeta tells Sherlyn that she knows the secret how Sherlyn has made Rishabh away from the family. She asks Sherlyn to check the CD. She demands 20 crores. Sherlyn tells that she doesn’t have the money. Preeta threatens to tell the truth to the Luthra family. She tells that Luthras will give her any amount to save their son, but Sherlyn will be saved. She scares Sherlyn and makes her leave. Sherlyn seems to fall into the trap.


Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Karan shocks Preeta:

Sherlyn rushes to Prithvi and asks him to take her home quickly, the blackmailer knows everything about them. He can’t believe this. They leave from the hotel. Janki watches them from far. She calls Shrishti and Preeta. Shrishti tells that they have called Sherlyn tomorrow. Preeta tells that she demanded 20 crores, now Sherlyn will come tomorrow and fail to give the money, she will confess the truth in front of them. They are happy that their plan worked. Karan tells his plan to Rakhi. He tells that Preeta isn’t serious about him, he has to do something to make her serious, her behavior is strange, she doesn’t fight him with her rights. Rakhi asks him to talk to Sameer, who would know Preeta’s feelings.

He tells that Sameer will tell everything to Preeta. Natasha makes Bani and Kareena laugh. She tells how Karan and she got trapped in the police station. She adds that she wants to become Karan’s wife, Karan doesn’t love Preeta now. Preeta comes home with Sameer and Shrishti. She asks Karan what is Natasha saying, why doesn’t he answer her. Karan tells that he will not assume anything, she should tell her feelings to him, if she wants him to marry Natasha, then he will marry.

He wants Preeta to tell him once that she loves him, she just wants him. She doesn’t want to say that she can’t see him with Natasha. He tells that he has an announcement to make, about his engagement with Natasha. The family is shocked to know this. Kareena and Natasha get happy. Preeta tells Karan that she won’t let him get engaged to Natasha, he can never get engaged in his wife’s presence. Karan tells that he will get engaged. Preeta angrily goes to her room. Prithvi and Sherlyn come home. They discuss about the blackmailer.

She tells that she is relieved that nobody saw them coming. He asks her to check the proof. She tells that the CD has the same video copy. Prithvi checks the video of Rishabh. She tells that the blackmailer knows everything about them, he wasn’t lying. He asks her not to panic. He tells that anyone can make a copy of the CD to scare her. She tells that the blackmailer knows about Rishabh and might tell Luthras. He isn’t convinced. She gives him the number and tells that it’s the same number through which he gets calls. Prithvi is surprised to see the same number. Sherlyn tells that the blackmailer is aware of everything.

Preeta fumes in anger. Shrishti tells that she won’t let the engagement happen, they will tell Karan the truth. Preeta tells that Karan knows everything already. Preeta doesn’t want to tell anything again and again. She wants him to know her feelings on her own. She tells that she can’t tell Karan about their plans of rescuing Rishabh, Karan is impulsive, he will go and bash up Prithvi, this will not help them, this will ruin their plan completely. She just has 5 days to bring Rishabh home. She tells that she just wants to focus on Rishabh, they can’t lose Rishabh. Sameer tells that he is with her.

Preeta thanks them for the support. She is sure that they will bring Rishabh home. Sherlyn tells that they will get exposed if the blackmailer gets into a deal with Luthras. Prithvi tells that he will go and meet the blackmailer, Sherlyn should be there but hide from their enemies. Preeta tells that they will record Sherlyn’s confession and be very careful, they will not lose the evidences this time. She doesn’t know why is Karan doing stupid things to distract her. She has a bigger aim, that’s to get Rishabh back. Shrishti tells that she can go to the hotel to get Sherlyn’s confession. Prithvi tells that he will kill the blackmailer. He asks Sherlyn to keep an eye on everyone.

Natasha meets Sherlyn and informs about Karan and her engagement. She tells that Karan has announced this today. She feels she has won and defeated Preeta. Sherlyn asks her not to get happy, Karan is unpredictable, he doesn’t stick to his words. She asks Natasha to do anything. She doesn’t tell about her problem. Natasha call her jealous. She invites her mom in the engagement. Later on, Kareena meets Natasha’s mom Navneet. She introduces Navneet to Karan. Preeta grows worried seeing the new drama. Karan finds Preeta there. Rakhi thinks Karan can’t talk to Preeta face to face, and he is just complicating things. Karan remembers his promise to Sarla of keeping Preeta happy.

Moreover, Natasha walks into Karan’s room and meets the latter, who apologizes for announcing their engagement. He tells that he loves Preeta a lot, he is doing everything to make Preeta jealous, he won’t get engaged with anyone, he can apologize to her mom. Natasha tells that she got to spend some time with him, Preeta is really lucky to get him. She admits that she also likes him, because he is really good. She knows that he loves Preeta. She tells that she can do anything to unite Preeta and him. She wants him to get Karan his love. She asks him to continue the plan, the fake engagement, when Preeta realizes this, then she will come to stop him. She tells that Preeta was feeling very jealous seeing them.

Karan asks did she see that. She asks him to continue the plan, Preeta will soon come to him. He agrees for the fake engagement. Natsaha tells her mom about the fake engagement. Navneet tells that this will defame her. Natasha replies that Karan loves Preeta a lot. She just wants to become his wife, even if he doesn’t love her. Navneet praises her clever mind. She tells that Karan loves Preeta, but the latter doesn’t love him. Natasha knows that Preeta is on some other track in life, she is busy, she is doing something huge for the family, she trusts Karan that he won’t get engaged. She wants to use Preeta’s silence and absence. She plans to really get engaged to Karan.

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  1. natasha want to make karan live the same sherlyn did to rishab but she don’t know that karan is just playing with her the same she is planing to play with him. Natasha is not a permanent character so we hope the writer will not allow her to exit like mahira and sonakshi. natasha should pay for her evil game.

  2. karan should find out about natasha boyfriend and propose him to get married to natasha and tell him that he will give him money so they could live esealy. karan and this boy should change the place the day of the wedding. and after the wedding karan should make a grand entry

    • To me Karans plan is unnecessary. How many times will preeta continue to explain herself to him. Why can’t he go to preeta directly and express his love and wait for her reply before doing all this drama. He is digging his own grave because Natasha will definitely try to trap him in his own plan

  3. karan shouldn’t have told natasha his plan she’s gonna be on her guard now he should at least find out natasha’s true intentions so that he will be prudent

  4. To me Karans plan is unnecessary. How many times will preeta continue to explain herself to him. Why can’t he go to preeta directly and express his love and wait for her reply before doing all this drama. He is digging his own grave because Natasha will definitely try to trap him in his own plan

  5. please make natasha exit the show she just iritating to watch. karan should discover her true intention. it is pass 5 years of kundali bhagya and karan never discover the truth of his so called friends. He never discover that mahira was the one behind his dad accident, he never discover that sonakshi pay the doctor to lie to preeta about her fertility. So now he should discover that natasha is not a friend that he is thinking she is. he should discover that natasha and her mother are not loyal people.

  6. Karan is one stupid person don’t trust his wife only criminal girl friends stupid show Preeta told him the whole truth she also told him she is trying to find out about Rishab and he is still doing this drama


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