Radha Mohan 24th May 2022 Written Update Mohan in danger

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 24th May 2022 Written Update Mohan in danger Ketki asks Radha to pack everyone’s lunch. Kadambari asks Ketki why she is getting lunch packed for everyone. Ketki tells Kadambari that they can also go for the picnic as no one has gone for a family outing since long. Kadambari in a taunting way refuses to let anyone else other than Mohan, Damini and Gungun go for the picnic. She says this is the only one chance where Damini, Mohan and Gungun can spend time with each other like a family. Ketki feels angry.

On the other hand, naughty and innocent Gungun, turns off Damini’s bathroom water connection. Damini feels confused being covered in foam. Remembering Radha’s story of Lord Krishna stealing Gopi’s clothes, Gungun intelligently steals Damini’s clothes from her bathroom. Next, Gungun unlocks Damini’s phone using her photograph kept in her room within a photo frame. Later, Vishwanath asks Mohan what he is doing with Gungun’s cycle. Mohan tells Vishwanath that he and Gungun are going for a picnic for the first time today. He says he saw Gungun riding cycle with supporting wheels.


Mohan tells his father to see that in one day, he will make Gungun learn to ride cycle without supporting wheels like he taught him in the past. Mohan and Vishwanath feel their past sweet connection. Mohan asks his father why he is telling all this to him. He asks Vishwanath to go as he has a lot of work to do. Vishwanath feels happy seeing that Mohan after a long time talked to him directly and politely because of Gungun. He prays to God that everything gets fine in Mohan’s life and he always remains happy and smiling.

Mohan receives Damini’s message sent by Gungun. The message reads that Gungun and Damini are leaving for a picnic spot and planning a surprise for Mohan. Mohan wonders about his behavior with Damini, when she is on the other side, Damini is doing much for him. He gets hasty to reach the picnic spot. Gungun secretly leaves from Damini’s room, leaving Damini’s phone back at its place. She also locks Damini’s bathroom door. Tulsi’s soul feels happy and says Gungun is her daughter. She says now Mohan’s picnic won’t be able to take place. Damini keeps on tapping at the bathroom door for help.

Seeing Gungun coming her way, Radha asks Gungun to wait as she will soon help her in getting ready. Gungun pretends to be nice and pushes Radha inside Mohan’s car trunk. This stunns Radha and Tulsi’s soul. Gungun tells Radha that this is her punishment as she was making preparations to send her to a picnic. Mohan leaves for the picnic spot telling his family that Damini texted that she and Gungun have left for the picnic spot earlier as they are going to prepare a surprise for him. Kadambari and Damini’s mother gets happy and sends Mohan. Damini’s mother ignores her doubt about the current situation.

Outside the house, Tulsi’s soul and Radha asks Gungun to get Radha out of the car trunk. Gungun hides seeing Mohan. As Mohan leaves with his car, Gungun says now it will be fun. Radha feels scared with Mohan’s car speed. She wonders what she should do. Mohan talks to himself, saying that today Gungun will get to know how fun her father is. He says today is, “Papa’s day out with Gungun. He plays music. Radha screams and shouts for help. She fails in making her voice reach Mohan. On the other hand, Damini tries screaming for help from within her bathroom. Radha finds Mohan as a speedy and dangerous driver.

Radha gets an idea and she starts pushing the back seat towards the front. Near the picnic spot, Damini’s set/planned goons prepare to puncture Mohan’s car and kidnap Gungun. They put a nail mat in between Mohan’s way ahead. Radha keeps trying on her idea to get herself out of Mohan’s car trunk. Mohan’s car passes through the nail mat and gets disbalanced. Mohan’s car collides with a tree. He hears Radha’s scream from the back of his car and runs to her rescue. He asks Radha what she is doing in his car. Radha asks Mohan to help her as her feet have got stuck. When Mohan touches her feet to take her out of the car, Radha asks him not to as he is a godly figure to her.

Irritated Mohan gets Radha out of his car anyhow. Radha scoldingly asks Mohan, who drives so dangerously. She says she got saved by god’s grace, otherwise her head would have got wounded and she would have died. Mohan apologizes to Radha in a funny way, telling her that he doesn’t have the habit of driving the car, by making passengers sit in the car trunk. He angrily asks Radha what she was doing in his car’s trunk. Radha stops herself from taking Gungun’s name. She lies to Mohan, telling him that she fell inside his car’s trunk while keeping picnic stuff inside it. Mohan asks Radha to come fast as Gungun will be waiting for him at the picnic spot.

Radha feels bad thinking how to tell Mohan that Gungun isn’t waiting for him at the picnic spot. When Mohan tries to start the car again, he finds it not working. He asks Radha to pick up the picnic stuff and stop some taxi or car in between the way. As Mohan is getting picnic stuff out of his car, Radha somehow tells Mohan that Gungun is not waiting for him at the picnic spot. This information stunns Mohan. Damini’s goons prepare to work on their plan. Mohan asks Radha why she is saying that Gungun isn’t waiting for him. Radha reveals to Mohan that it was Gungun who pushed her inside his car trunk.

Mohan’s hopes and happiness shatters, hearing this. At Trivedi house, Damini gets out of the bathroom with her mother’s help. Both evil mother-daughter wonders who went to picnic with Gungun and Mohan. Radha requests Mohan to forgive her as all this happened because of her. Mohan tells Radha that it’s his fate’s fault, not hers. He picks up the letters and photo albums, he brought to show them to Gungun, while spending time with her at the picnic spot. Mohan sits aside on a big stone and caresses Gungun’s childhood photographs. Radha sits near Mohan. He tells Radha that it is Gungun’s baby photos and he used to feed milk to her with his own hands.

Turning pages, Mohan reaches Gungun’s 1.5 years old photos and tells Radha that he only used to give bath to Gungun. After this he shows 3 year old Gungun’s photograph to Radha telling Radha that Gungun looks exactly just like him. He says he used to perform all responsibilities of Gungun in the past. Mohan shares with Radha that little Gungun said, “Papa” as her first word as other kids usually say, “Mumma” as their first word. He says everything was going alright till Gugun was 4 years old. Mohan tells Radha that after this, someone told Gungun that he is her mother’s (Tulsi’s) murderer.

He says from that day he became Mohan from Papa for Gungun. Mohan asks Radha how to make little Gungun understand that he isn’t her mother’s murderer. He says he doesn’t know what mistake’s punishment he is getting because his own daughter considers him a stranger. Both Radha and Mohan cried tears of pain. Mohan shows Radha the letters he wrote for Gungun. He says, he wrote everything in these letters, which he could never tell Gungun as she didn’t used to talk to him. Mohan says he started writing these letters thinking that if any day, something happens to him, Gungun will atleast get to know how much her father loved her.

He starts tearing the letters telling Radha that he doesn’t think these will work as Gungun won’t ever read them. Radha collects all the pieces of Mohan’s letters meant for Gungun. Mohan notices a bird nest has fallen. He says because of ill-fate, the bird nest fell from the tree. Mohan picks up the bird nest and tries to build it up again. Radha asks Mohan why he is doing all this. Mohan asks where will birds stay or what will they address as their house after returning, if they won’t find their nest. Radha feels emotional seeing Mohan’s niceness and condition.

Mohan tells Radha that she is still young and will not understand the pain of a breaking house. He says people’s whole life gets spended in making a house/home/family. Mohan says home/family is a dream and reward of years-long prayers. He tells Radha that a person breaks down badly and fails to heal, if his/her home/family breaks. Mohan says he is also badly broken and can’t ever heal. Radha asks Mohan to let her help him in rebuilding the bird nest. Mohan asks Radha to stay at a distance from him as she unintentionally causes many accidents. Radha obliges. Damini’s goons recall her instructions and kidnap Radha.

In the next episode, Damini will angrily ask Gungun where she sent Mohan. Kadambari will ask where Mohan went alone, if Damini and Gungun are at home. On the other hand, Mohan will beat Damini’s goons to rescue Radha from them. Radha will ask Mohan to be careful. At the same time, a goon will point a gun at Mohan, shocking both Mohan and Radha.

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