Kundali Bhagya 25th May 2022 Written Update Huge twists

Kundali Bhagya 25th May 2022 Written Update Huge twists

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Kundali Bhagya 25th May 2022 Written Update Huge twists Preeta reaches Dubai jail and meets Rishabh. She does her duty like always. Rishabh is asked to go free, because of Preeta. He can’t believe that he is seeing freedom after two years. He folds hands to show his gratitude towards Preeta. He cries happily. Preeta holds him and consoles. She tells him that she had to come and save him, she can never leave the person who is the backbone of the Luthra family. Preeta and Rishabh’s emotional meet is the prime point in the track. She tells that the entire family misses him, everyone needs Rishabh, especially Karan. She adds that she will get Sherlyn and Prithvi punished. She asks Rishabh to come home with her.

Rakhi tells Karan that Preeta is his wife, but if she doesn’t stop his engagement, then he would not continue his fake engagement plan. On the other hand, Preeta prepares some questions to make Sherlyn tensed. She tells that when she asks these questions to Shelryn, then the latter will confess her crimes. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that she will give the same stress to the blackmailer so that the person begs for death.

Earlier in the show, Natasha fools Karan by her sweet talks. Karan gets convinced that Preeta is indeed jealous seeing them together. She asks him to continue the plan, Preeta will soon come to him. He agrees for the fake engagement. Natsaha tells her mom about the fake engagement. Navneet tells that this will defame her. Natasha replies that Karan loves Preeta a lot. She just wants to become his wife, even if he doesn’t love her. Navneet praises her clever mind. She tells that Karan loves Preeta, but the latter doesn’t love him. Natasha knows that Preeta is on some other track in life, she is busy, she is doing something huge for the family, she trusts Karan that he won’t get engaged. She wants to use Preeta’s silence and absence. She plans to really get engaged to Karan.

Kundali Bhagya 25th May 2022 Written Update Huge twists:

Natasha tells her mom that Karan and Preeta’s mind will stop working in some time, they are in love now, but won’t be in love forever. She tells that she will take Preeta’s place in Karan’s life. She adds that she has laid a trap for Karan, and now she will wait for him to get caught. Preeta writes the questions in her diary. She tells that she will ask these questions to Sherlyn, then the latter will answer them, they will get Rishabh’s information. She asks Sameer to fix the camera carefully and check the demo recording, the evidence shouldn’t get stolen or lost. She tells that they will leave at 9 pm and then meet Sherlyn. She asks them to set the cameras and check everything beforehand. Sameer agrees.

Preeta sees Karan at the window, and jokes on him. She tells that Rishabh and Sameer are sensible and understanding, unlike Karan, who doesn’t understand things at all, even if the thing is said a hundred times. Karan goes away. Shrishti asks why is she saying this suddenly. Preeta tells that she was making Karan jealous, he was hearing their talks, he is also a spy. She tells that she knows how to make Karan jealous. Shrishti asks did he hear about Rishabh. Preeta asks her not to worry, she had seen Karan and changed the topic. She wants to see how Karan gets engaged to Natasha. She wishes that Karan was also a sorted person like Rishabh and supported her.

Sameer asks her what did she think of the engagement, will she stop that. She tells that Karan is just doing that to make her jealous, its okay. Karan goes to Rakhi and tells her that Preeta doesn’t care about the engagement. She tells that both Karan and Preeta have big egos, he shouldn’t do this fake engagement drama, Preeta loves him a lot, if he does such things, then he will break Natasha’s heart. She asks if Natasha knows about the drama. He tells that he told the truth to Natasha. She asks did she agree. He tells that Natasha told him that she loves him, but she will help him in winning Preeta’s love.

He wants Preeta to side her ego and confess love. Rakhi tells that she can’t see Preeran getting separating, he should side his ego too, Preeta is his wife, suppose if Preeta doesn’t stop his engagement then he has to break the engagement himself. He tells that Preeta has to stop the engagement, he won’t break it if Preera doesn’t intervene. She finds him too stubborn. Sherlyn comes to meet Prithvi. She finds him selecting clothes. She asks him why isn’t he not taking things seriously. He assures her that he won’t let anything wrong happen with them.

He promises her and asks her to trust him, he won’t let anyone know their secret. She tells that she is in tension, if he attacks the blackmailer, if the blackmailer gets saved, then the blackmailer will come to Luthra house and tell the truth. He tells that he will give stress to the blackmailer and make him beg for death. Karan meets Preeta and asks her didn’t she feel bad that he is getting engaged to Natasha. She cares a damn. He tells that he has selected good clothes for his engagement, he will look good with Natasha. Preeta feels angered.

She tells that she can’t stop him from the engagement, because he will always do the opposite of her words, if he wants to know that she loves him or not, then she won’t tell him, he should know it himself, they are together since many years, he should trust her, trust should be there if love is there. He asks her if she finds Rishabh more sensible. Preeta tells that she said it right. Rakhi comes there. Karan complains about Preeta that she finds him stupid. Shrishti tells that she has to get ready for the engagement. Karan asks her if she is so happy. Preeta tells that she is also excited to witness his engagement. Karan goes to get ready.

Rakhi asks Shrishti to explain Preeta to stop Karan from doing this engagement. Shrishti tells that she can’t do anything. The family gets decked up for Karan’s engagement. Prithvi congratulates Preeta. She tells that there isn’t any engagement happening. He calls her an actress. He knows that she has a fire in her, she knows that much wrong is going to happen with her, Karan is getting engaged with someone else. Preeta doesn’t listen to his nonsense. She tells him that she is decked up like every day, she will enjoy the party and dance with her husband. She reminds that she is the house owner. He tells that she is amazing, she is happy that her husband is getting engaged. She tells that she wants to laugh on him, Karan and Preeta are inseparable, nothing will happen to their relation.

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    write some positive thing about preeran let karan know true intentions of his so called friends. meanwile mahira, sonakshi didn’t succeed in their plan they create big misundertanding between Karan and preeta. And preeta always fight for karan now let karan run after preeta the same preeta run after him this pass 5 years

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