Radha Mohan 25th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 25th May 2022 Written Update Radha smilingly sees Mohan rebuilding the bird nest. Suddenly, Damini’s goons arrive and secretly kidnap Radha. Mohan turns and wonders where Radha went. He checks his car trunk and finds it empty. Goons on the other hand are seen taking Radha into the forest forcefully. Mohan gets a little worried for Radha. At Trivedi house, Kadambari tells Damini that she herself texted Mohan that she and Gungun are leaving for the picnic spot early to plan a surprise for him. Damini checks her sent box and says she didn’t send this message to Mohan.

Damini understands that Gungun must have sent a false message to Mohan from her phone. She loses her temper and walks to find Gungun. As she finds Gungun, she forgets her nice person’s pretense. Damini’s mother comes and handles Damini, before she commits a mistake. In a lower voice, Damini’s mother alerts Damini of Tulsi’s soul’s presence. Tulsi’s soul looks at Damini angrily. Damini politely tells Gungun that she has learnt about whatever she did. She asks Gungun to tell her where she sent Mohan. Gungun replies that she just texted Mohan and doesn’t know about his whereabouts.


Ketki secretly enjoys seeing Gungun troubling Damini. Kadambari asks Gungun why she did all this. Gungun replies that Damini was fooling her to take her to picnic with her and thus she also fooled Damini. Kadambari where Mohan went alone. Gungun says Radha is with Mohan. This shocks everyone. Gungun asks everyone to see that even Radha isn’t at home. She says maybe Mohan and Radha went to picnic together. This angers Damini and worries her mother. Tulsi notices all this. On the other hand, Mohan searches for Radha.

Damini’s goon calls her and tells her that they kidnapped the child. This confuses Damini as Gungun is sitting in front of her. She asks her goons what nonsense they are talking about. Network problem arises and Damini fails to talk to her goon. Damini wonders who her goons kidnapped. Gungun is seen eating something without being tense about the situation. Radha brings some confidence in herself and takes off goon’s mask. Angry Goon covers his face again and takes Radha somewhere by carrying her on his shoulders. Radha prays to God to help her.

On the other hand, Mohan asks Radha to come out of her hiding as he is not in the mood for jokes. Radha intentionally drops her bangles on the way to make it easy for Mohan to track her. Shekhar arrives at Trivedi house and asks Ketki’s husband if they found out about Mohan’s whereabouts. Ketki’s husband replies to Shekhar in no. Rahul asks his family why they are acting like CID as Mohan is not a kid and will return home himself. Ketki agrees to Rahul and Kadambari scolds Rahul. Shekar gets shocked knowing that Radha is also with Mohan. Ketki in a low voice tells Rahul that she is happy that Damini’s picnic plan got spoiled.

Damini’s mother in a low voice scolds Damini for taking Radha’s help for impressing Mohan. She asks Damini what she will do if Mohan and Radha return, marrying each other. Damini worries what if her goons blurt out about her plan to Mohan or Radha. In the forest, Mohan finds Radha’s bangles and earrings fallen on the ground. He follows the clues and walks forward towards the clues. Damini’s mother runs towards the landline and picks it up in hope that Mohan is calling. She gets irritated knowing that it’s Radha’s grandmother’s call. Radha’s grandmother asks Damini’s mother if she can make her talk to Radha as her own phone is not reachable.

Damini’s mother rudely tells Radha’s grandmother that her granddaughter went somewhere with Mohan. She says Radha should have informed them before taking Mohan somewhere. Damini’s mother also asks Radha’s grandmother if she has taught all this to Radha. When Trivedis questions Damini’s mother’s behavior, she says that she is just telling Radha’s grandmother about her granddaughter’s loose character. This irritates Trivedis. Vishwanath makes Damini’s mother disconnect Radha’s grandmother’s call and asks her why she said all this to Radha’s Grandmother. He says Radha’s family will get worried and tense this way.

Damini’s mother asks Vishwanath to let Radha’s family get worried as they are also sitting worried and tense. In Barsana, Radha’s grandmother tells Radha’s father that Radha took Mohan somewhere. She says this was what she was worried about since the beginning. Kadambari tells Damini’s mother that Radha is not the type of girl she is talking and thinking about. Damini’s mother tells Kadambari that they can’t trust today’s generation’s girls like Radha. Gungun, Rahul and Ketki enjoy the drama at home. In Barsana Radha’s father and grandmother worry about Radha getting indulged into some trouble.

In the forest Radha tries to escape goons by pushing them. Gojns tries to make Radha unconscious. Mohan comes there on time and kicks the goon. He fights his best with the goons. Radha opens her ties with her teeth. She alerts Mohan of all the dangers behind him. Seeing goon pointing knife at Mohan, Mohan tries his best to save himself from goon’s attack. In this process, he gets injured and starts bleeding. Mohan hits the goon with a thick wooden stick. This angers the goon and he points a gun at Mohan. Another goon reminds his partner that they were ordered to not harm anyone severely. The goon with a gun says they can die for someone’s orders.

Radha hits the goon with a big stone making him fall and badly injured. In this process, a bullet gets shot at the honey bee nest, making bees come out of it. Mohan asks Radha to run. Radha refuses to run away leaving Mohan in trouble. She immediately covers herself and Mohan with her dupatta to save both of them from bees attack. She for sometime gets lost in Mohan. Later, Radha notices Mohan feeling dizzy. She sees that Mohan’s wrist nerve got cut while fighting with the goon. Radha tears her dupatta and ties it on Mohan’s wrist. She gets worried for Mohan and takes him to his car, giving him her shoulder support.

At Trivedi house, Damini’s mother tells Damini that everything will get ruined if Mohan will fall for Radha. Damini says everything will get ruined if Mohan will get to know that the kidnapping plan was hers. She also says that she can’t understand why her goon said that he kidnapped the child as Gungun is sitting in front of her. Damini and her mother sees Kadambari behind them and gets scared thinking that Kadambari has heard their conversation. Kadambari asks Damini to not get worried as Mohan will return home soon. Damini and her mother relax, knowing that Kadambari didn’t hear their plotting and planning conversation.

Ketki asks everyone to not take tension as Mohan is not a kid who will forget his home’s location. Ketki’s husband asks everyone to not worry, he is trying to find Mohan. Rahul says they should make police find criminal Mohan, leaving all their work. Kadambari angrily sends Rahul to his room. Kadambari’s tone scares Ketki. Tulsi’s soul also feels worried. Ketki asks Damini how he is sure that Radha and Mohan are together. Damini angrily replies to Ketki that Mohan and Radha must be together as they both have disappeared. Tulsi’s soul doubts Damini’s hand behind Mohan and Radha’s disappearance.

On reaching the car, Radha opens Mohan’s wound and gets worried seeing Mohan bleeding badly. Radha tells Mohan that they are going to the hospital first. Mohan sends Radha to keep the bird nest back on the tree. After this, Radha tries to make Mohan stand up to make him sit in the car. Mohan tries standing up but faints due to loss of blood. This scares Radha badly. She puts a soft toy under Mohan’s head and tries waking him up. Crying, Radha asks Mohan to wake up as Gungun is waiting for him and needs him. She cries profusely when Mohan fails to gain consciousness.

In the next episode, Radha will make Mohan lie on a cart and take him home. At Trivedi house, everyone will get shocked and worried seeing Mohan’s condition. They will take Mohan inside to his room. Damini will stop Radha and angrily ask her to stay away from Mohan. Radha will get hurt hearing this. Doctor will examine unconscious Mohan. He will tell Mohan’s family that Mohan isn’t gaining consciousness as he suffered a lot of blood loss as his wrist nerve got cut. This will worry and shock everyone.


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