Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th May 2022 Written Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th May 2022 Written Update Prisha sees upset Saaransh and goes to him. She asks Saaransh the reason behind his sadness. Saaransh tells Prisha that he learnt the truth of Rajeev’s murder and also that she hid it from everyone, even after being aware of it. Prisha apologizes to Saaransh and tries explaining the reason behind such a big truth. Saaransh tells Prisha that she doesn’t need to apologize as he understands that whatever she did was to keep them safe. He also tells Prisha that all this doesn’t matter to him as she has done so much for Rudra, him and Khurana family.

Saaransh further tells Prisha that he said all this to Rudra too and doesn’t know what Rudra would be feeling at present. He says he said whatever the truth is. Saaransh asks Prisha if he won’t understand her being her son, then whom he would understand. Emotional Prisha hugs Saaransh tightly. Revati overhears and sees everything. She feels angry seeing mother-son’s reunion. Revati wonders who will give Rudra the gift, which will make her evil plan successful. She wonders how to talk to Saaransh as he is with Prisha. Revati sees Ruhi and decides to use her as her pawn against Rudra and Prisha.

She stops Ruhi, who is in a hurry to go to the bathroom. Revati asks Ruhi to remind Saaransh of giving Rudra the gift they planned. She thinks that now her plan will work and an explosion will happen. Prisha on the other hand tells Saaransh that she is very lucky to have such an understanding son like him. She tells Saaransh that Rudra’s anger will also calm down in some time. Prisha hugs Saaransh asking him to not worry. Rudra comes downstairs in an upset mood. Ruhi reminds Saaransh that they have to give Rudra the gift he ordered for him. Prisha asks Saaransh what gift he and Ruhi are talking about.


Saaransh tells Prisha that he ordered a limited edition Guitar (one and only one piece in the whole world) for Rudra. Prisha smiles hearing this. Saaransh tells Prisha that he won’t give the gift to Rudra now after seeing his rude behavior and bad treatment with her. Revati feels worried about her plan after hearing this. Prisha tells Saaransh that he is behaving similarly with Rudra like Rudra behaved with her. She explains to Saaransh that he should not make things or his ego bigger, as it can affect relationships. Prisha also explains to Saaransh that Rudra will be very happy getting such a precious gift from his son (him). Revati says let’s see who saves Rudra this time.

Saaransh convinces Ruhi to give his ordered gift to Rudra. When Ruhi gifts the limited edition Guitar to Rudra on her and Saaransh’s behalf, Rudra gets happy. Saaransh still seems a little angry with Rudra and feels reluctant in talking to Rudra, because of his behavior with Prisha. Rudra opens the gift and gets happy and excited seeing his dream Guitar in it. Rudra thanks and kisses Ruhi for the gift. Ruhi asks Rudra to save some of his kisses for Saaransh too as he bought the limited edition guitar for him in actuality. Rudra walks towards Saaransh. Prisha also sends Saaransh towards Rudra.

Both father-son hug each other tightly. Rudra tells Saaransh that he is very lucky to have a son like him. He also says, “I love you” and “thanks” to Saaransh. Emotional Saaransh also says, “I love you” to Rudra. Saaransh apologizes to Rudra for getting rude with him. Rudra tells Saaransh that he was bitter but right. He also tells Saaransh that he is very happy to get his favorite Guitar. Revati gets happy as Saaransh and Ruhi convince Rudra to sing a song. Saaransh announces that Rudra is going to sing a song for Prisha. Everyone claps for Rudra and the latter reaches the stage.

Rudra connects the guitar wires as required. Revati gets excited seeing that Rudra will soon get badly harmed because of her evil plan. Rudra praises Prisha’s support and contribution in their life and relationships. He calls her a true life partner. Rudra reveals that he has hurt and disappointed Prisha a lot of times but she always supported and protected her. He says he will sing a song to tell Prisha that no one can take her place in his heart and life. Rudra takes Prisha with him on the stage and sings their family song, “Will You Marry Me”. He also dances with Prisha on this song.

Revati wonders why Rudra is singing without using the new guitar. She feels irritated. After this Rudra picks up Prisha in his arms and twirls her. Khurana and Srinivasans get happy seeing Rudra and Prisha’s reunion. They clap as Rudra ends his performance by kissing Prisha’s forehead. On his kid’s insistence, Rudra picks up his new guitar and starts playing it. As per Revati’s plan, Rudra gets electrocuted. Revati gets happy seeing this, while others get shocked and worried for Rudra. Flashback shows Revati sends Ruhi to chef in the kitchen using some excuse and takes Guitar delivery herself.

She takes the Guitar to her car and cuts a wire from it in order to kill Rudra. GPS sees Revati outside in her car and offers her help. Revati refuses help from GPS. But somehow GPS sees Rudra’s limited edition guitar in Revati’s car and leaves in doubt. After this Revati gives the guitar to a servant to give it to Saaransh. Flashback ends. Rudra falls unconscious after getting electrocuted. Everyone runs to Rudra. Prisha takes off guitar wire from the extension board. Tense, Sharda asks to take Rudra to hospital. Prisha says it will get very late till then. She starts giving CPR from her mouth to Rudra.

Everyone cries in tension. Revati gets tense thinking that her plan may fail. Prisha also presses Rudra’s chest in between. Rudra coughs and gains consciousness. Sharda addresses Prisha as Savitri as she saved Rudra’s life. Revati gets angry seeing her plan foiled by Prisha. In the next episode, police will come and stop Rudra-Prisha’s romantic dance. This will shock everyone. Ruhi will ask Revati why the police came to their house and what they are searching for. Ruhi will fall and find something wrong at her home. She will decide that she won’t let police find the wrong thing in her house, which can lead to her parents arrest. Later, Sharda will get shocked and worried seeing Ruhi fainting.

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