Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2022 Written Update Big Confession

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2022 Written Update Big Confession

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2022 Written Update Big Confession Rhea takes Prachi to her room and drops her, while showing her fake concern. Prachi assumes that Rhea is really a gem at heart that she kept their sisterly bond in mind and saved her life, by keeping their issues aside. She really gets thankful to Rhea. She feels her baby got saved because of Rhea. She thanks Rhea for the timely help. Rhea asks Prachi not to be happy by blocking her mind with wrong things.

Rhea confesses her crime in front of Prachi. She tells that she has sent Nick to kill Prachi, and even today she was coming to kill her, but Prachi got hit by the other car. She admits how much she hates Prachi. She tells that she will kill Prachi by her hands if she gets a chance. She asks Prachi to remember that Ranbir just belongs to her/Rhea, and she will snatch him at any cost. Prachi is left shocked by Rhea’s unexpected confession. What will Prachi do now? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir gets up to meet Prachi. Rhea intervenes and asks Prachi to come to her room. Prachi tells that she is okay today because of Rhea, who saved her life today. She hugs Rhea with love. Rhea wants Prachi to get away from Ranbir. Rhea tells that Prachi needs some rest. Ranbir fails to talk to Prachi. Pallavi and Vikram make him rest. They tell that Prachi is okay, Rhea is a nice girl, she saved Prachi’s life by forgetting everything. Rhea scolds the nurse and asks her to take care of Prachi. Prachi gets glad seeing her concern. Ranbir gets discharged. He asks the doctor about Prachi’s ward. Rhea comes back and tells him about the room. Ranbir tells that he wants to go and meet Prachi.


Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2022 Written Update Big Confession:

Ranbir goes to Prachi’s ward and meets her. They both are injured, and look twinning in the hospital attire. Ranbir makes Prachi sit. He puts the mangalsutra in her neck. She cries with joy. He wipes her tears with responsibility of love. Doctor meets them. He asks Ranbir what is he doing here, when he got the discharge. He advises Ranbir to go home and take rest, it will relieve his family also. Prachi asks Ranbir to go home. He tells that he can’t leave his family, his Prachi behind. She asks him to just go. He asks her to take care. They both exchange gestures of love and care.

Ranbir tells the doctor that he wants to stay in the hospital for two days more. He asks the doctor to tell his family about his stay. He insists the doctor to just help him. Aaliya asks Ranbir to just come with them. Doctor tells them that he has to keep Ranbir in the hospital, after seeing his test reports. He suggests some more tests. Vikram tells that he will stay back with Ranbir. Ranbir tells that family can’t stay back, the patients get emotional due to the family’s presence, the tests results get manipulated, its better that they don’t stay back. Doctor asks them to go to home. He goes out of the ward.

Aaliya asks Ranbir to stay in his ward. Pallavi tells that they will come tomorrow to meet him. Vikram asks Ranbir to take care. Ranbir gets happy that his plan worked, now he can meet Prachi. Vikram tells that they shall go and meet Prachi once, she will feel nice. Ranbir asks for the reception. Vikram and Pallavi meet Prachi. Prachi tells them that she was lying injured on the road, no one helped her, but Rhea came there and saved her. Rhea thinks why did she help Prachi.

Pallavi tells that Prachi accepted that Rhea is a good girl. Vikram asks Pallavi not to start this here. Pallavi tells that such talks will evolve when Prachi and Rhea are at the same place. She tells that Prachi accepted that Rhea is her sister, she is telling the truth for the first time. Prachi remembers Rhea’s emotional moment. Aaliya asks Prachi to take care of herself, they will come tomorrow to meet Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir didn’t get discharge thanks to Prachi. Vikram asks her not to taunt Prachi. Rhea asks Vikram what will they say, they don’t want bad for Prachi, but Prachi is responsible for Ranbir’s condition. Pallavi tells that Aaliya worries for Ranbir more than Vikram, she knows who is responsible for Ranbir’s condition.

Vikram asks Pallavi how can she judge a father’s love for his son. He apologizes to Prachi that the blame game started. He tells that they should leave now. He asks Prachi to take care of herself. They all leave. Prachi stops Rhea. Rhea tells that Ranbir is still between them, they should remember this. Ranbir goes to the reception and tells that he and his wife are admitted in the same hospital, he wants to shift to the ward close to his wife’s ward. Nurse apologizes and tells that she can’t shift him to any ward close to his wife’s ward. He explains his situation. Prachi asks Rhea what does she want to say.

Rhea tells that its always on her mind, Prachi should clear her mind, there is no sisterly bond between them. Prachi tells that there is a relation which they have seen today, Rhea saved her. Rhea tells that it was not her love for her sister, but humanity. Ranbir tells that he loves his wife a lot, he goes mad when he goes away from his wife, he wants mental peace that can be obtained when he gets close to his wife’s ward. He talks about love. He tells that he refused to get discharged, because he wants to stay back with his wife and take care of her. He tells that he will not romance his wife here, but just support her, take care of her, so that his heartbeat goes on.

Nurse smiles hearing his sweet love talks and gets convinced. She tells that she will help him. He compliments her. He asks her to change her profession if she wants to fall in love, else everyone would call her ‘sister’ in the hospital. He gives her a rose and thanks her. He takes a rose for Prachi. Prachi asks Rhea what is she saying. Rhea tells that it was a weak moment because they are Pragya’s daughters, she remembered Pragya’s talks that they should take care of each other, she froze and saved Prachi, but later she cursed herself and wished that Prachi dies. Prachi cries hearing her.

Rhea tells that she wanted Prachi dead. She blames Prachi for snatching everything from her. She admits her crimes. She tells that she had tried well to kill Prachi, she had sent Nick to kill her, and even today she was coming to kill her, she was accelerating the car, but Prachi got hit by some other car. She tells that she saved her life by losing her mind, she regrets a lot. She adds that she will kill Prachi if she gets a good chance in future, else she will pray that Prachi dies on her own. She challenges that she will snatch Ranbir from Prachi at any cost. She leaves from the ward, while Prachi sheds tears. Shahana reaches there with mangoes. Rhea asks Shahana where was she. Shahana asks is Ranbir okay.

Rhea asks her to take care of Prachi. Shahana asks what’s the matter. Rhea tells that Prachi was going to lie. She adds that she had to save Prachi. She requests Shahana to be with Prachi always. She hates Prachi and Shahana. She leaves from there. She recalls Prachi’s accident and feels disturbed. Pallavi doesn’t know why Vikram reacted so strangely. Dida calls Pallavi. She asks about Ranbir. Pallavi tells that Ranbir is fine, and Vikram has gone out. She is angered that Dida is asking for Prachi. Pallavi sees Ranbir roaming around. She asks the doctor about Ranbir.

Doctor tells that he has sent Ranbir to the lab. Pallavi asks him not to hide anything about Ranbir, why did he stop Ranbir. He agrees to tell the secret. He tells that Ranbir wanted to shift to the ward close to Prachi’s ward, he loves Prachi a lot, this love gives him happiness, he doesn’t need any medicines, he should be with Prachi if he gets happiness. Pallavi gets upset.

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  1. Haha,soooo,Ranbir will at some point find out Prachi is with his child,right and she been pregnant over a year now. Okay,now they happy forget all the toxic stuff they did to each other. Now Prachi either have the baby then Rhea kills it or baby stillborn. Then all this circus crap starts all over again.

  2. Prachi and Ranbir should be together now and Ria and Aliya should be caught why is Ekta kapoor not ending the serial she is an impossible lady she always show the the culprit never caught and the good people always in loss why Stop all your stupid serials

  3. Please just put them together his mother is a B to her husband and his other they should all the 3 Sturges alone

  4. For goodness sake when will the truth about Rhea’s mischief be known to the family? Not even a Saint could take the shit Prachi and Ranbir are taking from Aaliya Rhea, Pallavi the cruel mother in law. Pls, go with what is making the audience happy. I’m fed up with this unrealistic drama. Toss some happiness, for us or we find other sagas to watch


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