Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th June 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th May 2022 Written Update Sharda thanks Prisha for saving her life, Rudra’s life and the favors she has done on Khuranas. Prisha and GPS ask Sharda to not say all this as whatever Prisha did, she did it for her family. Sharda says she feels that someone has laid his/her evil eyes on their family and doesn’t want them to be happy. Prisha tells Sharda that God will make everything right even if her doubt is true. Prisha sends everyone to rest. GPS and Saaransh leaves asking Prisha to call them if she will need any help.

Prisha checks Rudra’s fever and falls asleep while caressing Rudra. Next morning, Prisha wonders where Rudra went. She also gets stunned seeing that her ruined mehendi got fixed. Rudra comes with beverages for him and Prisha. Prisha tells Rudra that he should have awakened her, instead of getting up himself. Rudra tells Prisha his life was saved only because of her. He reveals to Prisha that he fixed her mehendi as it got ruined because of him. Rudra asks Prisha if it’s fine and professional like she wished for.

Flashback shows Rudra waking up in midnight and caressing Prisha. He recalls how Prisha’s mehendi got ruined while saving him. Rudra brings the mehendi cone from downstairs and fixes Prisha’s mehendi. Flashback ends. He tells Prisha that it was his turn to help her as she saved his life without caring about her own life. Rudra also tells Prisha that he could have let their wedding mehendi get ruined as it contains their love, which is their happiness. Prisha confirms if he forgave her and is no more angry with her. Rudra tells Prisha that he is no longer angry with her.


He also tells Prisha that he understood that she had a big reason behind hiding Rajeev’s murder truth. Rudra further tells Prisha that he understood that she was saving their family and kids from big sadness, not Yuvraj. He tells Prisha that he understood that she was reluctant on telling him Rajeev’s murder truth because she knew that he will get upset and angry at her, instead of understanding her. Rudra also tells Prisha that she would have thought that he would forget that she can ruin herself but not him, their kids and family. He further tells Prisha that she must have thought that he would forget that she stood by him at every stage and loved him in his absence too.

Rudra tells Prisha that he forgot her love and care for him and his family just because of betrayal, which wasn’t a betrayal at all. He asks Prisha why he is such a bad person and gets angry and upset at her every time as whatever she does, does for him and their family. Prisha tells Rudra that he gets upset and angry at her because he loves her and considers his rights over her. He also tells Rudra that he wasn’t wrong as he was in pain. She further tells Rudra that it was about her elder brother. Rudra tells Prisha that he failed to see and understand his wife, his children’s mother and his reason to live. He accepts his fault and apologizes to Prisha.

Both of them hug each other and say, “I love you” to each other. Ruhi and Saaransh cough and disturb Rusha. Ruhi and Saaransh get happy on knowing that Rudra and Prisha patched up. Rudra says an intelligent child made him understand his mistakes. Saaransh asks Rudra to always listen to that child’s advice and words as it will always benefit him. Rusha and Saaransh let Ruhi think that Rudra patched up with Prisha on her advice. Saaransh tells Rudra that he will always have to obey that intelligent child as otherwise he won’t be able to live at his own home.

Rudra, Prisha, Saaransh and Ruhi hug each other and enjoy their happy time. Revati gets angry seeing Rusha and their family happy. She thinks why Rusha and their family are coming closer as much as she is trying to break them apart. Revati says she can’t let Rusha and their family be happy and have to make them cry. She decides to make Rudra and Prisha’s kids her target as it will hurt them the most. Revati says she will target Rusha’s kids at night as they are their biggest weakness. Later, Saaransh and the whole family will be seen helping Rusha with their dance choreography/steps. Prisha’s designer arrives with her sangeet dress. Ruhi, Saaransh and Sharda praise it.

Rudra indirectly calls Prisha fat, saying that this designer outfit won’t fit her. He says he felt it tough to pick up Prisha for dance practice as she has gained a lot of weight. This stuns everyone. Rudra says this designer outfit will tear if Prisha wears it. Ruhi and Saaransh tell Rudra that he is doomed today as he is messing with Prisha. Prisha gets angry at Rudra. In their argument and tug, Prisha’s designer outfit gets torn. Ruhi says Rudra is doomed for sure now. Prisha leaves angrily, telling Rudra that she won’t talk and marry him now. Rudra goes behind Prisha to cheer her up. Revati goes towards Saaransh’s room thinking that everyone is busy in Rusha’s banter.

Before she could execute her plan, Ruhi interrupts her and takes her away. Irritated Revati thinks that she will plant the wrong object in Saaransh’s room, later on. She leaves with Ruhi to search for Prisha. On the other hand, Rudra apologizes to Prisha and reveals to her that he did all this because he wanted her to wear his choice of/selected outfit on their sangeet. He praises Prisha’s beauty and shows her the outfit he selected for her. Prisha tells Rudra that he should have just given her the outfit, instead of making fun of her. Both Rudra and Prisha get romantic. Ruhi comes there with Revati and disturbs Rusha’s romance.

Prisha tells Ruhi that she and Rudra have patched up. She asks Ruhi why she was looking for her. Ruhi asks Prisha to help her finalize her sangeet outfit and takes Rusha with her. Irritated Revati thinks after her plan execution in the evening, Rudra and Prisha will forget about love for the rest of their life. In the evening, Saaransh leaves to make preparations for Sangeet. Revati sees this and starts planting a wrong thing in Saaransh’s room. In the corridor, GPS tells Saaransh that he is looking very handsome and exactly like junior Rudraksh Khurana. Saaransh thanks GPS. GPS tells Saaransh that he will look more handsome, wearing a stole.

GPS takes Saaransh towards his (Saaransh’s room) to help him choose a stole. They get shocked seeing Revati doing something in Saaransh’s room and questions her. This shocks Revati. In the next episode, police will come and stop Rudra-Prisha’s romantic dance. This will shock everyone. Ruhi will ask Revati why the police came to their house and what they are searching for. Ruhi will fall and find something wrong at her home. She will decide that she won’t let police find the wrong thing in her house, which can lead to her family’s arrest. Later, Sharda will get shocked and worried seeing Ruhi fainted.

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