Bhagya Lakshmi 27th May 2022 Written Update Rishi surprised

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th May 2022 Written Update Rishi surprised

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Bhagya Lakshmi 27th May 2022 Written Update Rishi surprised Bani tells that Lakshmi will be broken if Rishi and Malishka gets married. Shalu angrily goes to Rishi and tells the truth that she had informed the reporters about Malishka, Lakshmi is innocent. She asks Malishka to thank her, because she has gone to the tv reporters and told them the truth. She asks Rishi not to listen to Malishka and instead ask his heart if his wife can do such a thing. Rishi gets thinking when he learns that Lakshmi is innocent. Malishka asks Rishi what will he do, even if Lakshmi is innocent, will he go back to her.

Rishi shockingly says yes. He goes to meet Lakshmi. Shalu asks Lakshmi to go to Rishi and confess her love to him, then he will come back to her and forget Malishka, he will refuse for the engagement. Lakshmi runs to stop Rishi’s engagement. Rishi awaits Lakshmi and gets to see her coming. Rishi’s heart longs for Lakshmi. She prays that he feels her love and also reciprocates. Lakshmi stops Rishi’s engagement. Will she confess her love to Rishi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Lakshmi gets surprised to know that Rishi is at the door. She opens the door for him. She tells that he would have come to see if she got hurt. Rishi finds her crying. He asks her to step aside. Shalu tells Ayush that he is wrong. He tells that Lakshmi is happy, she was dancing in the party. She asks him who is he that he can’t see Lakshmi’s tears. She reminds him that Lakshmi has always been caring towards everyone but there is nobody who understands her. Rishi makes Lakshmi sit and does the aid to her hand wound. Lakshmi cries. She wishes that he felt what he means for her. She wants to hug him and never get separated from him. Malishka finds Rishi with Lakshmi, and fumes in rage over his lie.

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th May 2022 Written Update Rishi surprised:

Ayush tells Shalu that Rishi isn’t wrong this time. Shalu asks him to ask his own heart, is Lakshmi looking happy. He asks her to stop it, he is done with it, she shouldn’t prove him wrong or judge him, she should better see herself and her sister. Malishka asks Rishi what’s happening. Rishi tells that Lakshmi is in much pain, she is crying, she is too hurt. He tells her that he is just of her, so she doesn’t need to get jealous, he was just caring for Lakshmi who got hurt while saving Malishka. He adds that he didn’t find any servant to help Lakshmi, so he has come. He thanks Lakshmi for saving Malishka. Malishka asks Lakshmi to come to watch their engagement. She takes Rishi with him.

Rano tells Shalu that Lakshmi is getting much insulted. Bani blames Shalu. She tells that Shalu has done everything against Malishka, that’s why this is happening. Rano calls Shalu a villain in Lakshmi’s story. Shalu defends her intentions. Bani asks Shalu to provoke Lakshmi to stop the engagement, else marriage will also happen soon, Lakshmi loves Rishi, she is his wife, if he leaves her and marries someone else, then she will shatter, this will happen because of Shalu. Shalu finds a way to stop the engagement. She collides with Malishka. Malishka yells at her for upsetting her. She tells that Shalu wants to take revenge on her. Shalu asks Rishi how does he like Malishka.

She argues with Malishka, and confesses her mistake. She tells that she has told the tv reporters about Malishka, when she heard Malishka bitching about Lakshmi. She reveals that she had called the NGO ladies who insulted Malishka. Rishi asks Shalu what is she saying, Lakshmi had called the NGO ladies and told them about Malishka. Shalu asks him to ask his heart, if his wife can do this. Shalu goes to Lakshmi, who tells about Rishi coming to thank her for saving Malishka. She misses the peace when she was with Rishi. She tells that she is scared of losing Rishi, if Rishi gets engaged to Malishka, then Malishka will get more right on Rishi. Shalu asks her why is she crying so much. Lakshmi tells that she was acting strong, but she is feeling shattered within. Shalu consoles her. Lakshmi confesses that she loves Rishi a lot.

Rishi asks Malishka why didn’t she tell him that Shalu did this, he thought Lakshmi did this. Malishka swears that she didn’t know this. He tells that Shalu accused her, why didn’t she say anything to defend herself, like she knew the truth already. He tells that Lakshmi doesn’t want to defame her. Rishi is much upset and tells that she should have told him the truth. Malishka tells that they aren’t important for them, she didn’t feel important to tell him. She asks him to remember that the engagement is happening to secure him. She admits that Lakshmi is innocent.

She asks him will he go back to Lakshmi happily. He replies yes. Shalu asks Lakshmi not to cry and tell Rishi about her feelings, that she loves him. She asks why is she losing her love, just because of Malishka. She is confident that Lakshmi truly loves Rishi, even he loves her a lot. Lakshmi tells that Rishi loves Malishka. Shalu tells that Rishi is doing everything in anger and wants to protect Lakshmi, he loves her, so he is affected that she signed the divorce papers. She asks Lakshmi to show her love to Rishi, tell him that she loves him, explain him. Lakshmi is scared that Rishi will reject her love and mock her, then everyone will laugh on her.

Shalu tells that Rishi will accept Lakshmi’s love if he learns that she loves him. Malishka asks Rishi to tell her the truth, does he want to get engaged to her or not. Kiran asks them to come for the engagement. Malishka tells that she has asked a question to Rishi and needs an answer. Balwinder stumbles and gets in front of Rishi. He makes a story and tires the family. Rishi gives him some money to help. Balwinder thanks him. Malishka doesn’t want Rishi to refuse for the engagement.

Balwinder gives the money to his friend. He tells that he will go to some corner and aim at Rishi. He shows the gun with the silencer. He sees the police inspector and identifies him. He tells that if he kills Rishi now, then the inspector will arrest him. He gets an idea. He tells that he will hurt Lakshmi instead Rishi, Rishi will feel the pain. Balwinder tell that Lakshmi will get her bones broken. He sees Virender and pretends to take his blessings.

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    Phybian Falayi

    I love 💕 this drama a lot. Malishka thinks she is in love with Rishi, she ís not in love. rather she is obsessed and possessed and she is scared of losing Rishi to Lakshmi.

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