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Radha Mohan 26th May 2022 Written Update Crying Radha keeps trying to wake up badly injured and unconscious Mohan. Radha repeatedly screams for someone to help her. After this, she prays to God to help her. In a few seconds, Radha sees a car standing in the forest near her. She fixes the broken cart and brings it near unconscious Mohan. After this, Radha gives Mohan her shoulder support and makes him lie on the cart. Radha asks Mohan to wake up. She asks Mohan to recall what all he wanted to say to Gungun through his letters.

Radha asks Mohan to recall that he wanted to tell Gungun how he loves her. She rides the cart with unconscious Mohan lying on it. After reaching Trivedi house, Radha shouts and asks Trivedis to come outside quickly. Everyone runs outside and gets worried seeing Mohan’s condition. Radha asks Trivedi to call the doctor as Mohan has got severely injured. Kadambari starts calling the doctor. While Rahul, Ketki’s husband, Vishwanath picks up Mohan from the cart. Damini’s mother shouts at Radha and asks her what she did with Mohan. She also asks Radha, where did she take Mohan with her.


Radha says she didn’t do anything. She reveals that soon goons got behind them and injured Mohan. Trivedis takes Mohan inside the house. Radha runs behind them. Kadambari, Tulsi’s soul and Gungun gets worried seeing Mohan’s bleeding and bad condition. Tulsi’s soul wonders how Mohan got so injured. Little Gungun starts crying. Damini stops Radha from going towards Mohan. She angrily asks Radha what she did with Mohan. Radha tells Damini that she didn’t do anything. She tells Damini Mohan got injured while saving her from some kidnappers. This shocks Gungun and Tulsi’s soul. Damini asks Radha why someone will try to kidnap her.

Radha tells Damini that she is wondering why someone will want to kidnap her. Damini once again stops Radha from going behind Mohan. She leaves angrily asking Radha to stay away from Mohan. Later, a doctor arrives and applies bandages on Mohan’s wrist cut wound. Kadambari asks the doctor why Mohan isn’t gaining consciousness. Doctor reveals that Mohan lost a lot of blood due to wrist’s nerve cut. He says anything could have happened to Mohan, if someone wouldn’t have tied the duppatta bandage and stopped his bleeding. This shocks everyone.

Doctor says whoever tied the dupatta bandage on Mohan’s wound has saved Mohan’s life. When Kadambari says Radha saved Mohan’s life, Damini and her mother get scared of their position in Trivedi house. While Vishwanath feels happy, Tulsi’s soul feels relaxed. Ketki’s husband says Radha entered their house as Goddess as she saves their family every time from all the troubles. He says initially Radha saved Gungun and now Mohan. Damini and her mother get more scared. They get angry seeing Kadambari watching Radha thankfully and emotionally. She gives an angry expression to Radha making the latter leave scared.

Afterwards, Kadambari tells Gungun that she has forgiven her and ignores all her misdeeds till now. She also tells Gungun that she crossed all her limits today. Kadambari tells Gungun that her one prank injured Mohan badly. She also tells Gungun that she made her angry and upset with her. Tulsi’s soul tells Gungun that she did very wrong today and even she won’t support her today. Little Gungin gets scared and feels guilty seeing Mohan’s condition. On the other hand, Radga thanks God for saving Mohan. She tells God that she can’t pay his favor in her 7 lives. Radha also tells God that he saved Gungun from darkness by saving Mohan’s life today.

Damini angrily pulls Radha’s arm and asks her what she did. Radha tells Damini that goons were talking to someone while kidnapping her. Damini asks Radha what all she heard. Radha tells Damini that she heard Goons telling someone that they kidnapped the child. She also tells Damini that she thinks that someone intentionally sent goons to trouble Mohan. Scared Damini tells Radha that everyone is thinking that she harmed Mohan. She tells Radha that she knows that she can’t hurt Mohan ever. Damini tries to convince Radha that all such criminal activities often take place at that picnic spot area. She convinces Radha to not trouble anyone by telling them about her doubt.

Damini says Gungun is actually the one to be blamed for whatever happened. She starts leaving to scold Gungun. Radha stops Damini and tries to convince Damini to not scare Gungun more by scolding her. Radha speaks a couplet to explain to Damini that anger leads to foolishness, foolishness leads to misconception. She also explains to Damini that misconception destroys a person’s ability to think. Radha says if a person’s ability to think gets destroyed, then it can make the situation even more worse.

She explains to Damini that they have to make Gungun realize her mistake with love. On the other hand, Mohan gains consciousness. This makes everyone happy except Rahul. Damini’s mothers call Damini and Kadambari telling them that Mohan gained consciousness. Damini stops Radha and herself leaves to talk to Mohan. Everyone asks Mohan if he is fine. Mohan asks them about Gungun’s whereabouts. Ketki tells Mohan that Gungun is in her room. She politely asks Mohan how he is feeling now. Mohan gets up saying that he is fine. Kadambari tries to stop Mohan but Mohan runs to meet Gungun.

Everyone except Ketki and Rahul worriedly runs behind Mohan. Tulsi’s sould overhears Ketki and Rahul discussing that this picnic would have been more interesting, if Mohan would have died. Tulsi’s soul says this is Mohan’s family who wishes for his death even when he loves them more than his own life. She says she left Trivedi house because Mohan became blind in such backstabbers love. Emotional and angry Tulsi’s soul punishes Ketki and Rahul for talking ill about Mohan. She makes the door hit Rahul and Ketki’s head. Ketki and Rahul lies on the floor in pain and confusion.

Kadambari tries to stop Mohan asking him to take some rest as his wound is very deep. She asks Mohan to not scold Gungun as she just scolded her. Mohan tells Kadambari that he won’t scold Gungun. He says he will just ask Gungun if she really wants him to die and if this will make her happy. This shocks everyone. Mohan leaves and Damini asks Kadambari to not take stress as she will talk to Mohan. Kadambari asks Damini to do so please. Damini goes behind Mohan. Gungun is seen scared and crying thinking Mohan won’t spare her now. Tulsi’s soul tries to tell Gungun that no father would ever hurt his kid.

She tells Gungun that Mohan loves her a lot and asks her to not feel scared. Gungun starts remembering Tulsi in fear. Damini stops Mohan and asks her who talks like this with kids. She repeats Radha’s sweet words in front of Mohan. This angers Tulsi’s soul. Damini takes Mohan with her. Radha overhears Damini and Mohan’s conversation. Unaware of Damini’s dark reality, Radha thinks that Damini is a nice person who has kept whole Trivedi family together. Tulsi’s soul tries to tell Radha that Damini wants to become just Mohan’s wife. She says Damini is an evil person, who will separate Mohan and Gungun forever.

Tulsi’s soul tells Radha that Damini repeated her sweet words in front of Mohan and took her credit. She says everyone thinks that Radha is stupid but in actuality Radha is the most sensible person here. Tulsi’s soul tries to ask Radha to open her eyes and see that Damini is just using her for advantage. Radha thanks God for making everything alright. She tells God that she got very tired today and this is why she will surely make clarified butter ladoos for him tomorrow. Tulsi’s soul smiles seeing Radha’s innocence and pure soul.

She says Radha’s innocence and goodness is her biggest strength. Tulsi’s soul asks Radha to not let her innocence and goodness become her weakness. Later, Radha goes to Gungun’s room. Gungun asks Radha if she came to scold her like everyone, thinking that she is the reason behind Mohan’s injured condition. Radha tells Gungun that she is not at fault for Mohan’s condition. She asks Gungun how she would have the idea that this will happen with Mohan. Radha tells Gungun that she is upset as she (Gungun) hurt Mohan once again today. Radha tells Gungun that Mohan loves her a lot and she instead always tries running away from Mohan.

Damini comes there and asks Radha to leave her and Gungun alone as she wants to talk about something important with Gungun. She somehow sends Radha away from Gungun. Tulsi’s soul feels angry seeing Damini angrily staring at Gungun. She wonders what Damini actually came for. In the next episode, Damni will tell Gungun that she will anyhow have to live with her in Trivedi house like someone lives in a prison. Mohan will return Radha’s bangles to her. Damini and her mother will get angry seeing Mohan making Radha wear the bangles himself. Damini and her mother will get angry seeing Mohan making Radha wear the bangles himself. While Radha will feel mesmerizing.

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