Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2022 Written Update Spying Karan

Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2022 Written Update Spying Karan

Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2022 Written Update Spying Karan Shrishti informs Preeta about Natasha. Preeta asks her to keep Natasha comfortable. Shrishti scolds Natasha on the way. Prithvi asks Preeta was it fake police. She tells that it was fake police indeed, Shrishti made this plan and got her friend. She reminds that Prithvi also planned the entry of fake police and got her arrested, he tried to kill her. He asks her is she planning to get Natasha killed. She tells that she isn’t like him, Natasha will be back in the morning. She goes without wasting time on him.

Prithvi wants to find Natasha and bring her home to give a reply to Preeta. Shrishti has kidnapped Natasha and sends the latter with the fake police. She thinks Preeta might have changed her getup and left for the hotel. Karan is shocked to see Preeta leaving, wearing his black shirt. He wonders where is she going and why. He follows her. Prithvi finds Sherlyn stressed out. She tells that Natasha has threatened of exposing her, Preeta will ruin them. He asks her not to worry, Preeta got Natasha arrested by fake police to stop the engagement, Natasha will come back in the morning.

She tells that Preeta is torturing them. He tells that Preeta will always torture them, they will see the blackmailer first and then Preeta. He tells that once he sees the blackmailer and deals with him, he will tackle Preeta. He asks her not to waste time and stop crying. Karan finds Preeta’s behavior fishy. He silently follows her. Sameer and Shrishti set the cameras in the hotel room. They call up Preeta and tell her that their plan is ready. She tells that she is reaching the hotel. Prithvi and Sherlyn also rush to the hotel to meet the blackmailer.


Prithvi asks Sherlyn to call the blackmailer and ask him to change the venue for the meeting. She tells that she will not spoil the blackmailer’s mood, they have to give the money to him and leave. He tells that the blackmailer will surely come for the sake of money. Sherlyn calls the blackmailer/Preeta and tells that they will meet at a new venue, not at the pre-decided hotel. Prithvi asks Sherlyn to let him think. Preeta doesn’t know why did Sherlyn change the venue. She sees Karan following her. She gets worried that he is following her. She tries to find out if he is really after her.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that they won’t give the money to the blackmailer, but to the don. He adds that they will benefit by having a deal with the don. She tells that they have to keep the secret. He asks her to trust him, and call the blackmailer at the warehouse. Preeta finds Karan driving ahead of her. She doubts if he didn’t see her or if he is pretending. Sherlyn calls the blackmailer again. Preeta rebukes her. Sherlyn asks him to meet her at the warehouse. Preeta agrees. She calls Shrishti and tells about Sherlyn’s call, Sherlyn has called them at the warehouse.

She asks Sameer and Shrishti to reach there fast and start the recording. Shrishti tells that Sherlyn is glad. Sameer tells that its Prithvi’s plan. They quickly remove the cameras. Sherlyn waits for Prithvi. He takes a feminine avatar and surprises Sherlyn. She asks him why did he wear a saree. He tells that he will trick the blackmailer, he doesn’t want the blackmailer to identify him. She asks how will they give the money to the blackmailer. He tells that the blackmailer will die today. He asks her to sit in the car and stay ready, he will kill the blackmailer and then come out to flee. Prithvi goes to meet the blackmailer. Preeta meets him and thinks Prithvi has come in Sherlyn’s place.

She takes the money bag from him. He asks for the CD. She doesn’t give the money. Prithvi tries to engage her in talks. Preeta reprimands him for being a heartless soul. She tells his name and shocks him. She tells that she knows Prithvi is a devil. Prithvi tells that his getup got waste. He accepts his identity. He asks the blackmailer to accept his truth as well. He questions Preeta. He asks who is the blackmailer. Preeta replies that she doesn’t trust him. He asks her to give the CD carrying proof against him. Preeta lies that she has another proof against Prithvi. Prithvi denies meeting the boss. Preeta traps him in the words.

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  1. Stupid non ending serial, live पृथ्वीस nd शर्लिन रोल, रानी की jhansi preetha will never succed in throwing the duo out


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