Radha Mohan 2nd June 2022 Written Update

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Radha Mohan 2nd June 2022 Written Update Gungun starts coughing hard. Everyone gets worried for Gungun. Radha offers water to Gungun. Gungun signs that she can’t drink. She starts feeling breathless. Damini’s mother says Gungun’s drama started early in the morning. She tells Gungun that she could have started her drama after having breakfast as Damini made it with hard work. Damini shuts her mother down when she says Gungun is showing tantrums. Tulsi’s soul tries to tell everyone that Gungun isn’t acting, something really has happened to Gungun. Gungun starts feeling dizzy.

Radha says something is really happening to Gungun. She asks Gungun what has happened to her. Gungun’s condition worries everyone. Gungun feels difficult breathing. Tulsi’s soul identifies that Gungun is having an allergic reaction. Seeing an allergic reaction (red marks) on Gungun’s body, everyone runs to her. Tulsi’s soul tries calling Mohan for help. Radha screams to call Mohan for help. Mohan runs to Gungun and identifies that Gungun got an allergy attack. He asks where Gungun’s allergy medicine is. Damini runs to get Gungun’s allergy medicine. Mohan makes Gungun lie on the sofa.


Everyone runs behind Mohan and Gungun, except Radha. Damini brings Gungun’s medicine. Before giving it to Gungun, Mohan checks and says that medicine has already expired. This shocks everyone. Radha folds hand and then breaks some leaves from the Tulsi plant that she put on Tulsi Kund. Damini says she didn’t get Gungun’s medicines because she hadn’t had any attacks for a long time (many days). Mohan breaks the medicine bottle in anger with Damini’s nonsense answer. Kadambari runs to her room saying that she will check if she has an extra medicine bottle in her room.

Mohan asks Gungun to take long breaths and not worry as he won’t let anything happen to her. Seeing Gungun’s worsening condition, Tulsi’s soul asks Mohan to do something. Everyone feels worried for Gungun. Radha enters the kitchen and makes an ayurvedic medicine using Tulsi leaves, Ginger and Honey for Gungun. Kadambari comes downstairs and tells Mohan that she doesn’t have an extra bottle of medicine. This makes everyone more worried about Gungun. Everyone runs to the main door to take Gungun to the hospital. Radha stops them and feeds the Ayurvedic medicine to Gungun. Everyone calls Radha mad and asks her what she is feeding Gungun.

Radha keeps on feeding medicine to Gungun. Damini asks Mohan to stop Radha, as some other reaction can occur to Gungun. Tulsi’s soul gets a shock, when she tries coming out of Trivedi house. She feels worried and helpless about not being able to be with her daughter in such a worse situation/condition. On Mohan and Kadambari’s questioning, Radha tells everyone that it’s an Ayurvedic medicine. She says often such allergies occur to people in her village due to dirty vegetables. Everyone feels irritated hearing Radha’s words. Radha reveals that her father has read/learnt Ayurved. She says she has learnt making Ayurvedic medicines from her father only.

Mohan and Damini ask Radha if she has gone crazy. Radha asks everyone to not worry and see that Gungun will get well in some time. Ignoring Radha, everyone walks past her. Suddenly, Gungun starts getting conscious and keeps calling Maa (Tulsi). Everyone stops and Tulsi’s soul breaks down in tears. Gungun signs that she is fine, when Mohan asks her. Mohan takes Gungun inside. Tulsi’s soul and Radha thank God. Kadambari says the doctor said that Gungun got saved because of Ayurvedic medicine. Mohan caresses a sleeping Gungun. Radha again thanks God. Both Mohan and Tulsi’s soul is seen sitting at both sides of Gungun.

Damini feels angry when Mohan says Radha’s medicine saved Gungun’s life. Kadambari asks Mohan to handle himself. She says she can’t understand how Gungun suddenly suffered an allergy attack as it didn’t occur for many months. Mohan asks Dulari what she made for breakfast. Dulari tells Mohan that Damini prepared the breakfast today, not she. On Mohan’s questioning, Damini tells Mohan that she made pasta for Gungun as she makes it everytime. Mohan runs downstairs. Kadambari caresses a sleeping Gungun. Mohan tastes the pasta and angrily calls Damini downstairs. Everyone except Dulari runs downstairs.

Damini asks Mohan what happened. Mohan asks Damini if she wants to kill Gungun by putting mushrooms in her pasta. Everyone gets shocked. Mohan tells Damini that she is very well aware of the fact that Gungun is allergic to mushrooms. Damini tells Mohan that she didn’t put Mushrooms in Gungun’s pasta. Mohan reminds Damini that they had to take Gungun to hospital last time she had mushrooms. Damini says yes. Everyone gets shocked with Mohan’s angry and scolding tone with Damini. Mohan doesn’t let Damini explain herself. Ketki and Rahul enjoy seeing Damini being scolded by Mohan, while the others feel shocked.

Kadambari tries saving Damini but Mohan says Damini is at fault as she cooked pasta by adding mushrooms in it. Mohan reminds Damini how she was giving lessons to Radha on how to raise children. He angrily asks Damini if she doesn’t even know what the children of the house eat. Mohan asks Damini if she will become Gungun’s mother this way, by putting his daughter’s life in danger. Damini asks Mohan why she will put Gungun’s life in danger. In a scary tone, Mohan tells Damini that he is thinking the same, that why she is putting Gungun’s life in danger, instead of taking care of her.

Angry Tulsi’s soul says Mohan’s eyes opened for the first time in life. She also says that Mohan for the first time saw Damini’s real face. Ketki uses the opportunity and asks Damini why she took revenge on little Gungun this way. She asks what if something would have happened to little Gungun. Kadambari shuts down Ketki. Damini asks Mohan why he is putting such cheap allegations on her. She asks why she will try to harm Gungun as Gungun is her daughter. Damini says no mother would do this to her kid. Mohan tells Damini that she hasn’t become Gungun’s mother till now. He tells Damini that he doesn’t think that he can let her take Gungun’s mother’s place. This shocks everyone except Rahul and Ketki.

Kadambari and Shekhar try calming Mohan and requesting him to see Damini’s efforts towards winning Gungun’s heart. Mohan doesn’t pay heed to their words and keeps saying that Damini is at fault as she made pasta for Gungun by adding mushrooms in it. Mohan tells Damini that now he has started doubting whether she even loves Gungun or not? Damini’s mother tries telling Mohan that it’s not what he is thinking. She asks Mohan to get married to Damini once. Damini’s mother says Damini will learn everything and won’t make any mistakes. Mohan angrily says he doesn’t care about marriage. Kaveri (Damini’s mother) asks Mohan to forgive Damini as she made a small mistake.

Mohan asks how it is a small mistake as it could have taken his daughter’s life. He says he lives only for Gungun and by seeing her. Mohan says he will die if something happens to Gungun. He tells Damini that he can’t marry her, if she can’t become a good mother. This shocks everyone except Tulsi’s soul, Ketki and Rahul. Kadambari asks Mohan what nonsense he is saying. Mohan says he is right as his daughter could have died because of Damini’s mistake. Kaveri tells Mohan that he can’t break the marriage because of Damini’s mistake. Damini says it’s Mohan’s right to call off the marriage as they have only got engaged.

Damini tells Mohan that the marriage decision is just his. She tells Mohan that she doesn’t have any right to stay at Trivedi house, because she was connected to Trivedis just because of him. Mohan asks Damini to leave Trivedi house, if she wants to. This shocks everyone but makes Tulsi’s soul, Ketki and Rahul happy. Mohan asks Damini to do whatever she wants to. Kadambari tries to stop Damini. She asks Mohan how he can do this as he is engaged with Damini. Mohan tells Kadambari that no one is more important to him than Gungun. He says he doesn’t want to marry Damini, if she can’t become a good mother for Gungun.

Shekhar tells Mohan such decisions can’t be taken in anger. Mohan tells Shekhar that he isn’t angry, but instead taking care of his daughter. He reminds everyone that he already told them that he doesn’t want a wife for himself but just a good mother for his daughter. Mohan tells everyone that he knows that he must be sounding wrong to everyone but it’s right for him. He says Damini doesn’t need to become his wife, if she can’t become a good mother to Gungun. Everyone gets stunned. Mohan goes upstairs. As Radha tries to stop Damini, Damini and Kaveri scolds her and leaves. Radha tries convincing Mohan to stop Damini from leaving.

She tries to make Mohan understand Damini’s love for him and Gungun. She reminds Mohan how perfectly Damini is handling his business and other family members. Radha also reminds Mohan that in his young age he was a person, who could sacrifice his life for strangers. She asks Mohan how he changed so much that he is ousting Damini, who sacrificed her whole life for him. Radha asks Mohan to think what Gungun will learn seeing him calling off his marriage and breaking relationship with Damini. She tells Mohan that breaking a relationship is easier than maintaining it. Mohan looks at Radha with teary and helpless eyes. This shocks Radha.

In the next episode, Radha will find a mushroom in Gungun’s hand. This will shock and worry Gungun. Damini and her mother will be seen leaving Trivedi house. Radha will Gungun, if her mother will feel happy seeing her doing wrong. She will tell Gungun that she will correct her mistake as she did wrong. Tulsi’s soul will overhear Radha and Gungun’s conversation.

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