Kundali Bhagya 3rd June 2022 Written Update New track

Kundali Bhagya 3rd June 2022 Written Update New track

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Kundali Bhagya 3rd June 2022 Written Update New track Prithvi reaches the office. He gets an entry until Karan stops him and restricts his access on the Luthra business. Prithvi asks Karan not to touch him, else he won’t spare him. Karan asks the security to throw Prithvi out. The guards catch Prithvi and drag him out. Prithvi tells that this isn’t the reality that stays for long, everything will change very soon, he will ruin all of them, he never loses. He threatens Karan and leaves. Natasha leaks some pictures, and thinks once the pictures come in Preeta’s sight, then the latter will angrily leave the house. She makes a plan against Preeta. Will Natasha defame Preeta and Rishabh in the track? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Sherlyn curses the family before leaving. Rakhi gets scared that Sherlyn’s curse can get true. Kareena tells that nothing bad will happen with them. Preeta asks Rakhi not to get worried, curse of the evil people don’t affect the good people. Rishabh tells that it was just Sherlyn’s frustration. Sameer tells that Sherlyn left and even Natasha has to leave. Karan and Preeta argue about Natasha. Rishabh asks them not to fight. Preeta cares for Rishabh. She asks him to go and take rest, there is much noise in the living room. Karan tells Rishabh that he has to get ready and go to office. Sameer tells that Karan visits office sometimes. Natasha tells that she didn’t see a gem like Rishabh till now. She is glad that she didn’t get punished for Sherlyn’s mistake.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd June 2022 Written Update New track:

Prithvi reaches the office. He checks some files in Karan’s cabin. Karan angrily throws away Prithvi. He asks the guards to throw out Prithvi from the office premises. He tells that he will ruin Prithvi. Prithvi threatens him back. He tells that he never loses. Karan asks him to just get away from his sight. Rishabh tells that he wants to join the business, but he needs time. Mahesh wants to give the power of attorney to Rishabh and leave all his worries. He tells that he wants to get free of his duties. Rishabh tells that he doesn’t need any power of attorney, the business belongs to all of them. Kareena and Mahesh insist him to make the papers, because they don’t want any confusion, they had already undergone many problems.

Rishabh agrees to their request. He tells that he will call the lawyer and make the papers. Preeta meets them and tells that she is glad to see Rishabh taking control. Kareena jokes on Preeta who was controlling them a lot. Rishabh tells that Preeta did that for a reason, she has handled the family and business, she saves his life and also Karan from the wrong blame, she deserves a standing ovation. Preeta tells that she got habitual to Kareena’s taunts. She wants to make food for them. Natasha tells that she will serve the food to them, its ready.

She adds that she has sent Girish to get sweets, they shall celebrate Rishabh’s return. Prithvi returns to his house. He finds Sherlyn inside the house. He asks her what is she doing here and how did she come inside. She tells that she knows about his keys. They both blame each other for their defeat. She tells that Preeta is the best, she has really won. She adds that she remembers their insult done. Prithvi tells that he won’t leave anyone who insulted him. Preeta hears Natasha talking to her boyfriend Roxy. She tries to get more information. Roxy summons Natasha for the meet. Natasha tells the family that her childhood friend came to meet her, so she has to go out. Preeta also follows Natasha by making an excuse.

Natasha meets Roxy, unaware that Preeta is following her. He hugs her. She tells him that she is soon going to get married. Preeta hears their conspiracies. She tells that she had told the media that Karan is going to marry her. He tells that her marriage has stopped, Preeta has come back. She tells that Karan will marry her after the interview comes live, she has given the statement about Karan and her marriage, if Karan doesn’t marry her, then she will commit suicide and then frame him, she will ruin his career. She asks Roxy to never call her again, nobody can know the secret that he is her husband.

Preeta is shocked to see her plans. Preeta gets spotted by them. Preeta asks Natasha did she give the interview in the media, she wants to marry Karan for money, when she is already married. She lectures Natasha. She tells that she will not leave them. Preeta gets caught by Roxy and his friends. Natasha kidnaps Preeta. She thinks to do something to teach a lesson to Preeta. She shares a plan with Roxy. He asks her to go home. Rishabh is surprised to see Karan working in the office. The brothers hug. Karan tells him about the big deal. Rishabh shows the power of attorney papers.

He tells that he will get everything back from everyone, whatever he has lost. He asks Karan to sign the papers. Karan tells that he will think if he wants to give stress to Rishabh or not. Rishabh feels at peace. Preeta calls Karan, but he doesn’t answer. She calls Rishabh and asks him to check her location quickly, just come and save her. Rishabh asks her what is she saying, what’s the matter. Roxy learns that Preeta is talking to someone on the phone. Preeta sends her location to Rishabh. Rishabh rushes to reach her. The goons catch her and tie her up. She shouts for help. Roxy and his friends hear the police siren and go out to see. Rishabh hides from them and sneaks inside the house to save Preeta.

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4 responses to “Kundali Bhagya 3rd June 2022 Written Update New track”

  1. LILIANE Avatar

    natasha was trying to separate karan and preeta so she will marry karan but she succeed in killing him now preeta will be alone for five years. i hope this accident make karan go away and lost his memory.but we just want him to remember preeta face and try his best to meet the woman he is dreaming with. i hope the new character will be the one who save karan life and we want him to fall in love with preeta not knowing she is karan wife

  2. LILIANE Avatar

    mahira was better than sonakshi and natasha. sonakshi came in preeran life and kill their child after that preeran get appart during two years. now natasha in the same to seprate preeran she kill karan and because of this preeta will be alone for five long years. that is insane.why preeta should suffer like this, she just felt deeply in love with karan but why is she suffering like this???? if karan will die, let preeta have a mini TKL and luthra family with her so she be a least happy to have karan baby. and this natasha don’t let her stay without any trouble. rishab should investigate about her brother missing and discover the truth about natasha implication and send her to the dead sentence

  3. LILIANE Avatar

    we want a leap but we don’t want karan death. we want preeran reunion before the leap and we want preeran baby we want preeran and luthra family happiness. we want only DD as TKL if no DD no TKL, no TKL no DD, NO deeshra no PREERAN no preeran no kundali bhagya. what as the necessary of bringing rishab back if karan is going to death? so luthra get rishab back but loose karan and preeta also loose her husband nooooo this is unfair. we are ok if DD decide t take a break for sometimes but please come back soon to portray your character you are the best as TKL no one can replace you no one. we want natasha to get out of the show please throw her in jail. many villain of this show always leave without punishment ( Mahira, sonakshi and her father, pawan) but natasha should be punishe for what she did to preeta and her family

  4. Neeru Avatar

    Karan if leaving should leave with happy ending with his wife and family so the Preeta and family have good memories of him not bad memories I am so sad with Preeta ‘s luck she married wrong person and wrong family in the show

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