Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2022 Written Update Preeta’s affair

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2022 Written Update Preeta's affair

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2022 Written Update Preeta’s affair Prithvi and Sherlyn are shocked when the police comes to arrest him on Karan’s complaint. Prithvi refuses to go with the police. Sherlyn tells that the police can’t arrest Prithvi. Inspector shows them the arrest warrant issued after Karan’s police complaint. Prithvi gets arrested. Sherlyn loses her cool that Karan has snatched Prithvi from her. She swears that she will snatch Karan’s love, Preeta from him. She vows to separate them. Natasha meets Karan and reveals about Preeta and Rishabh’s affair. Karan is shocked to hear this and shouts enough. Natasha tells that Preeta and Rishabh have been cheating Karan since a long time, because they both are unhappy in their respective marriages. Karan has blind faith on both Preeta and Rishabh. He doesn’t listen to Natasha. Will Karan fall prey to Natasha’s evil? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishabh is surprised to see Karan working in the office. The brothers hug. Karan tells him about the big deal. Rishabh shows the power of attorney papers. He tells that he will get everything back from everyone, whatever he has lost. He asks Karan to sign the papers. Karan tells that he will think if he wants to give stress to Rishabh or not. Rishabh feels at peace. Preeta calls Karan, but he doesn’t answer. She calls Rishabh and asks him to check her location quickly, just come and save her. Rishabh asks her what is she saying, what’s the matter. Roxy learns that Preeta is talking to someone on the phone. Preeta sends her location to Rishabh. Rishabh rushes to reach her. The goons catch her and tie her up. She shouts for help. Roxy and his friends hear the police siren and go out to see. Rishabh hides from them and sneaks inside the house to save Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2022 Written Update Preeta’s affair:


Rishabh hides from the goons and enters the house, where he finds Preeta tied up. He rushes to save her. He opens the ropes off her feet and hands. He asks her not to worry, he has come, and nothing will happen to her now. He frees her from the goons. The goons are also present there. The goon clicks their pictures, when Rishabh and Preeta appear close while he saves her and frees her from the ropes. Natasha wants to show them in bad light in front of Karan. Rishabh lifts Preeta and takes her outside. He asks her how did she reach there, is she okay. He covers her with his coat. The goons stop him. Rishabh beats the goons. He runs away with Preeta.

Roxy stops his goons, when he gets to see Rishabh and Preeta’s pictures. Natasha comes home. She gets the edited pictures. She wants Preeta to get thrown out of the house. She knows that a man can share everything, not his loving wife, Karan will get mad in anger when he sees his wife with his brother. She is sure that Preeta will be forced to leave the house. She thinks it will be a good game to play. Rishabh finds Preeta disturbed. He takes her to Sarla’s house. Shrishti and Sameer ask Preeta what had happened to her. Rishabh gets stressed. He wants to know the problem. Preeta tells them that she is okay, but she is really worried because of Karan. She tells that she has seen Natasha’s truth, she was threatening of suicide if Karan doesn’t marry her.

Shrishti asks Preeta to tell the truth to Karan, that Natasha is married to Roxy. Preeta tries to call Karan, but Rishabh stops her, saying that Karan will ask for logic if she tries to expose Natasha’s truth. He makes a plan to expose Natasha and Roxy’s truth. He tells them the plan. Shrishti likes his solid plan. She tells that they will win the fight against Natasha. Shrishti asks Sameer to support her. Sherlyn gets upset that she is helpless to work in Prithvi’s house. Prithvi isn’t at home. She is shocked to see the police. She tells that she didn’t do anything, she is innocent.

Inspector tells that she has come to arrest Prithvi. Prithvi arrives home. He asks Sherlyn not to worry, he will not let her get arrested. Prithvi learns that the inspector has come to arrest him. Sherlyn asks if the police wants to put Prithvi behind bars. Inspector tells that Karan has filed a case against Prithvi. Prithvi tells that Luthras are the thieves. He asks Inspector to arrest. Inspector asks the constable to arrest Prithvi. He tells that he will handle the police. He goes with them. Sherlyn feels Luthras will not forgive them, but she won’t let Karan and Preeta snatch Prithvi.

She vows to snatch Preeta from Karan. Bani, Rakhi and Kareena talk to Karan about Rishabh. She wants to find a nice life partner for Rishabh. Karan tells that Rishabh should stay a bachelor and enjoy his life. Rakhi tells that they will keep a Shanti puja at home. Rishabh meets the family. He suggests that he wants to keep a family get together at home and make the evil people out. Karan asks who are the evil people now. Rishabh asks doesn’t he know it. Kareena and Bani are excited for the party. Rishabh wants the family to be happy. Rishabh goes to the kitchen to talk to Preeta.

He asks her is she disturbed because of Karan. Preeta tell that she doesn’t understand why such girls get after Karan. Rishabh tells that Karan should accept the truth that Preeta is dedicated to him and truly loves him. He salutes her for the true love. She tells that he understands it, but Karan doesn’t. He tells that Karan and Preeta have more of fights than love. He thinks they need more of the positive love. He tells that he will handle the family responsibilities, she should focus on Karan, they shall expose Roxy and Natasha.

She asks if Natasha really commits suicide, then their family will lose the name. He informs her about the party plan, Natasha and Roxy know about the Luthra house but not the address of the farm house, they will not reveal the party location to Natasha. He tells that they will have masks and then they will expose the evil duo. He asks her not to worry, they will win. She likes the plan. Karan asks about the plan. She tells that she is making him rid of the wrong girls. Rishabh asks him not to worry, they are planning the weekend getaway. Preeta asks Karan to have the haldi milk.

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  1. karan is going to be suppose death and you are destrying his character like this stop this nonsense. he should at least descover the truth before his accident

  2. i saw the new promo it is heartbreaking. why should preeta have this fate? Now her husband dead thinking that his wife kill him that is unfair. karan should at least realise that it is natasha in front of him not preeta and they will not have any choice so push him in the valley. hope preeta will save him and make him realise that he have done many mistakes about her and many person use it to destroy their live

  3. Tnis stpry line is monotoomus..aame story over and over. There is no love and happiness at all not even for an eposide. Always hate and revenge. Is this our true culture you are exposing. Really we dont need this in the world today.


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