Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Update Karan to die

Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Update Karan to die

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Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Update Karan to die Natasha visits Karan at the office. Karan is busy in a meeting. Natasha doesn’t listen to anyone and barges inside the conference hall. She tells Karan that she has to show him evidences, Preeta and Rishabh have an affair. Karan angrily slaps Natasha. Preeta checks Natasha’s room. She wants to open everyone’s eyes and expose Natasha. She gets Natasha and Roxy’s wedding pictures. Natasha tells Karan that she didn’t feel bad of the slap, she knows he loves Preeta, she wants to tell him about Preeta and Rishabh’s affair. Karan calls it enough and rebukes her.

She tells that she loves him. He asks her to stop the nonsense at once. Natasha asks Karan why was not Preeta present on their wedding day, because she was with Rishabh, she had gone to Dubai to save Rishabh. She argues with Karan. Later, Sherlyn meets Karan and tells him that Rishabh has sent the divorce papers to her. She tells that if she signs the papers today, then their marriage will get over. She adds that Preeta is with Rishabh today, and someone else will be with Preeta tomorrow. Karan asks her what is she saying. She also misleads him about Preeta and Rishabh. She tells that Rishabh isn’t feeling the lack of a life partner because Preeta is with him.

Ahead in the show, Rishabh’s plan of exposing Natasha will backfire. Natasha and Roxy will take a disguise of Preeta and Rishabh, and wear masks to hide their faces. They will take Karan to the lake and push him down the bridge, when Karan questions them why did they cheat him, being his family. Karan gets heartbroken by Preeta and Rishabh’s affair. Preeta and Rishabh reach there and find Karan falling down the bridge. Natasha and Roxy run away from there. Preeta and Rishabh shout Karan, and attempt to save him. Will they succeed? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Update Karan to die:

Karan asks Natasha not to dare say a word against his wife and his brother. He calls her a bad girl to think so wrong. She tells that she loves him. He reprimands her. He tells that their engagement was fake, there was nothing between them. He adds that he just loves Preeta, nothing else. He tells that he took her help to make Preeta jealous, this was his mistake, he knows that Preeta loves him, she will never love anyone else, she loves him a lot, though she doesn’t express it, love isn’t to be expressed but to be felt, nobody can take Preeta’s place in his life, and nobody can take Karan’s place in Preeta’s life. She tells that Rishabh is more important to Preeta than him, Preeta wasn’t present on the day of their marriage, because she had gone to Dubai to save Rishabh, he isn’t important to Preeta, Rishabh is the only man important.

Natasha angers him. He raises hand on her. He stops when she flashes Rishabh and Preeta’s pictures in front of him. She tells that he is working in the office, and Rishabh and Preeta are cheating him. He tells that he suspects her even more that she is raising a finger on Preeta’s character. She asks him to see the pictures once, ask Rishabh and Preeta for an answer at least. Karan calls the security to throw her out of his office. She turns angered. Karan goes home. He meets Mahesh, who tells that everyone left for the resort, Preeta and Rishabh already left, Sameer and Shrishti are also with them. Karan goes to his room and finds his bat. He recalls his sweet moments with Preeta.

He remembers their romance and smiles. He talks to her picture. He tells that he will get ready and come to her. Sherlyn arrives home and shouts out Rishabh’s name. Karan gets ready and comes downstairs. He sees Sherlyn and stops her. She tells that Rishabh has sent the divorce papers to her. She asks him to trust her, she doesn’t want to break the marriage, if Rishabh signs the papers, then the marriage will end, Preeta is with Rishabh now and then he will have someone else. He asks what is she saying. He tells that Rishabh has accused Prithvi and her, but didn’t show any proof, he is lying, he respects Preeta and loves her, he is mad about her. She gets against Preeta who ruined her marriage.

She tells Karan that Rishabh always compared her with Preeta in the bedroom. Karan asks her to just shut up, he isn’t interested in listening to her nonsense. He leaves. Sherlyn smiles wickedly. Prithvi flees from the police. He hides and tricks the policemen. Sherlyn informs Natasha that Rishabh has a soft corner for Preeta. She doesn’t care what Karan thinks now. Natasha tells that she will talk to her later. Prithvi calls Natasha. She tells that she is busy and has no time, Luthras are at the resort for a party. He gets glad to get the crucial information from her. He also heads to the resort to attack Karan.

He wants to end Karan’s chapter today. Rishabh tells Preeta about his plan. Preeta tells that she is waiting for Karan, not for Natasha. Shrishti tells that Preeta and Karan can’t stay without each other, they are really mad. Preeta tells that she is proud of this madness. She wants to talk to Karan. Shrishti asks her to call Karan. She tells that she has to talk to Karan face to face. Rishabh asks why does she want to talk after 12. Preeta tells about her anniversary, when Karan and she met for the first time. Rishabh understands. Sameer informs Rishabh that Natasha has arrived.

Rishabh asks Sameer to get them on a conference call. Rishabh sends Roxy to Shrishti. Natasha is shocked to see Roxy there. She takes him aside. Rishabh tells that their plan is working. Karan reaches the party hall. He meets his fans and gets selfies with them. Prithvi reaches there and wears a mask. He follows Karan. Natasha tells Roxy that its Luthras party, Rishabh has hired him intentionally to expose them. Preeta, Rishabh and Sameer keep an eye on them. Natasha confesses that she is already married. She asks Roxy to run away before Preeta sees him.

She thinks of denying the blames, like Prithvi does. He asks her if Karan will believe her. She tells that Karan won’t listen, but she will fill hatred in Karan’s heart about Preeta. Preeta loses her cool and slaps Natasha. She tells that she will not spare her. Natasha asks Roxy to run away. Preeta and Sameer catch Natasha and Roxy. Rishabh takes the phone which has the recording. Preeta ties up Natasha. Shrishti tells that they have the confession recorded in the phone, Karan will throw out Natasha from the house. Natasha wants to stop them somehow.

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  1. LILIANE Avatar

    i use to love kundali bhagya story but now i hate it too much negativity

  2. Kanika Avatar

    I like this serial and never miss to watch but now after karan Luthra death in serial, this serial became worst and will never watch

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