Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update Upsetting drama

Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update Upsetting drama

Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update Upsetting drama Anupama apologizes to Anuj for making him feel bad through her words. Anuj tells Anupama that he felt bad because she said sorry to him. He also tells Anupama that they can share the things in their heart with each other only. Anuj further tells Anupama that he knows that she is not a money-minded person and also does not want to rule over his business or property. Anupama asks Anuj why he transferred all his property or business on her name, when he knew that she is least interested in his property, wealth or business. Anuj tells Anupama that he did all this because everyone one day has to leave the world.

Anupama asks Anuj why he started such a conversation. Anuj tells Anupama that every family should have such a conversation. He says everyone should in advance plan their family’s future, whether they get to or not get to become a part of his/her family’s future. Anupama shuts Anuj’s mouth with her hand, telling him that nothing will happen to him. Anuj tells Anupama that it’s every husband’s duty to keep his wife’s future secured. He asks what if something happens to him in the coming future. Anupama angrily tells Anuj that she will grind him in the mixer and make a chutney of him, if he again says something bad.

Anuj laughs telling Anupama that she gets violent. Anupama angrily tells Anuj that now she isn’t going to talk to him. Anuj asks Anupama to be either angry, or smile or give love, but do everything being with him. Anupama starts smiling. Anuj starts humming a tune. They start playing or having fun with each other. Barkha witnesses Anuj and Anupama’s lovely bond and feels envious of them. Later, Anuj helps Anupama in getting ready. He tells Anupama that she is growing more beautiful by even thinking of going to her maternal home. Anupama tells Anuj that Pakhi read the comments for her that girls write below his social media photos and videos, seeing him in black clothes. She also tells Anuj that she will now burn all his black clothes.


Anuj feels happy seeing Anupama jealous and teases her. Sara and Adhik come there. Sara says she also wants to learn to wear saree as she likes fusion wear. Anupama offers Adhik and Sara to come with her to meet her maternal family. Sara agrees immediately but Adhik shows reluctance. Adikh reminds Sara that they already had other plans. Sara apologizes to Anupama. Anuj asks Sara and Adhik where they have planned to go. Sara tells everyone that she and Adhik are going to check out the handicrafts market. She says she wants to see if she can sell any handmade saree of India to the international market. Anupama asks Sara if she wants to do business.

Sara tells Anupama that she wants to become like her. She also tells Anupama that Anuj told her a lot about her and she found her story very inspiring. Anuj says, there is no one like his Anupama in this whole world. Barkha overhears all this and feels irked. She asks Sara to take her card for her shopping. Sara tells Barkha that she wants cash as card usage may not be possible in the local or handicrafts market. Adhik tells Sara that they may come across many issues in the local market. He also tells Sara that for the last time he is going to the local market with her. Sara teases Adhik by addressing him as maternal uncle.

Adhik tells Sara that he looks younger than her. Sara tells Adhik that he looks younger than her in IQ, not age. Anuj, Anupama and Barkha start smiling seeing Sara and Adhik’s cute and funny banter. Sara keeps teasing Adhik. Anupama recalls her children seeing Sara and Adhik’s funny banter. Anuj understands Anupama’s feelings and reminds her that she is already going to meet her kids soon. Anuj gives a lot of cash to Sara and Adhik. Barkha feels good, when Anuj tells her that both Adhik and Sara are like his children. Ankush returns from jogging.

Anupama asks Ankush what he will eat, and what she should make for him. Barkha tells Anupama that she will make salad as Anuj and Ankush are going outside to have chaat. Barkha asks if she can start the work of the new house’s final decor, today. Anupama gives some holy stuff to Barkha and asks her to keep all these things in order at new home, before starting decoration work. Barkha says fine. Anuj asks Anupama to accompany Barkha for new house’s shopping. Anupama agrees saying that she will learn the abroad way of decorating home from Barkha. Barkha agrees even being reluctant.

Barkha gets stunned knowing that a simple looking woman like Anupama knows how to drive a car. Anuj laughs, when Ankush reveals that Barkha left the opportunity to learn flying, by canceling her gliding school membership. Barkha explains that it’s not funny as she has vertigo and is scared of heights. Anupama asks Barkha to try making her fear leave her as this is the only way that a woman can achieve success. Barkha sings okay. Paritosh, Samar and Pakhi reach Kapadia Sadan and start dancing. Anuj and Anupama join them. While Ankush smiles seeing Anupama’s children, Barkha gets stunned seeing Anupama’s children’s age.

Pakhi, Samar and Paritosh hug Anuj and Anupama. They tease Anuj and Anupama, when Anuj expresses his worry about sending Anupama to Shah house alone. Anupama introduces her children to Ankush and Barkha. Ankush and Barkha blesses Anupama’s children, when they touch their feet. Barkha tells Anupama that she didn’t knew that her children are this much grown up. Pakhi tells Barkha and Ankush that they didn’t even knew about their existence, but they (Barkha and Ankush) at least knew about their existence. Barkha feels angry as Pakhi’s words pricks her.

She gets stunned and worried, knowing that Paritosh’s wife Kinjal is pregnant. Ankush tells Anupama that she is so well maintained as she doesn’t look like a to-be grandmother by her looks. Anupama tells Ankush that she got married and even became a mother at an early age. Barkha refuses when Pakhi asks her if she has got botox or fillers done. Pakhi tells Barkha that this means that she is naturally very pretty. Barkha thanks Pakhi. Anuj tells Anupama’s children that they got a few minutes late, otherwise they could have met Barkha’s daughter Sara and brother Adhik. Barkha says it’s fine, her and Anupama’s children can meet in the new house’s house warming party.

Anuj feels reluctant but lets Anupama leave for her Pag Phera ritual with her children. Barkha says Anuj and Anupama’s unconditional love is the biggest problem in her motives. Ankush tells Barkha that true love really exists in the world. He says Anupama is a very nice woman but Anuj chose her for himself even after knowing about her past and 3 children. He says all this is commendable. Barkha scares Ankush by asking to think about how much money and love Anuj will spend on Anupama’s children and upcoming grandchild. Later, Anupama reaches Shah house and gets excited.

She gets emotional seeing Baa and Bapuji’s name plate on the main door of the Shah house. Everyone warmly welcomes Anupama. Baa also performs Anupama’s veneration and makes her enter the Shah house. Anupama expresses how much she missed all Shah family members. Anupama says she has no complaints about Anuj, when Bapuji asks her to tell him if she has any complaints about Anuj. Anupama’s children make her shy by teasing her cutely. Baa tells Anupama that she took the responsibility of Shah house at this old age as no one is there to handle such a big responsibility.

This stunns Anupama. Kavya feels bad hearing this bit chooses to remain silent. Baa starts performing Anupama’s Pag Phera ritual. She also gives shagun to Anupama. Pakhi reveals about Ankush, Barkha, Sara and Adhik. Anupama tells everyone she will peacefully later on tell them where Anuj’s relatives were till now as it is a big story. She says even she met Anuj’s cousin and his family yesterday. At Kapadia Sadan, Barkha tells Anuj that interior decoration of new house will take months and thus to have a house-warming party tomorrow, she arranged readymade furniture. Anuj agrees for the house-warming party.

He even agrees to pay ready-made furniture’s bills which Barkha gives him. Ankush feels angry hearing this. Barkha feels angry, when Anuj asks Ankush to check the bills and tells him that he will pay them. He starts leaving saying that he will ask Anupama to transfer money to Barkha. Barkha tells Anuj that she likes his unconditional love for Anupama. She asks Anuj if giving signing authority to one person is practical. Barkha asks Anuj what if some important day, Anupama won’t be available to sign important documents or cheques. Anuj thanks Barkha for being caring towards him and Anupama. He refuses to give signing authority to anyone. This shocks Ankush and Barkha.

In the next episode, Anuj will invite Shah family to his and Anupama’s new house’s house-warming party. Everyone will feel happy except Vanraj and Baa. Vanraj and Baa will decide to make Shahs and Kapadia’s maintain distance from each other. Anuj and Anupama will be seen excited about their new house’s grih pravesh. Barkha and Ankush will decide to enter Anuj and Anupama’s new house and business before grih pravesh.


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