Anupama 17th June 2022 Written Update Tough time for Vanraj

Anupama Pakhi questions Vanraj 4th July 2022 Star Plus Spoilers

Anupama 17th June 2022 Written Update Tough time for Vanraj Anuj tells Anupama that he is crazy for her and calls her the best wife. Anupama happily hugs Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama to relax as everything will go fine. Kavya tells Vanraj that she thought that after leaving the Shah house, Anupama will go to her mother’s house, cry and give tuitions to street children. She says instead of all this Anupama turned out lucky and became Kapadia empire’s owner. Kavya changes her words and says it’s not Anupama’s fate but her courage. She says she has understood Anupama’s courage and how nice a person she is, by living with her for years.

Kavya also says that Anupama will never misuse her identity of being rich Anuj Kapadia’s wife and make her own identity. She further says that Anupama struggled in her life a lot and achieved good results after facing and fighting all the evils of society. Kavya says that in her middle age, Anupama achieved what young girls dream of. Kavya explains to Vanraj that they are happy in their own family and world and they should let Anuj and Anupama be happy on their own. She reminds Vanraj that they have already hurted Anupama a lot and shouldn’t hurt her more.

Kavya explains to Vanraj that the Shah family and Kapadia family should maintain distance and proper relationship together. She tells Vanraj that Anupama wasn’t at fault for whatever happened at Kapadia’s Grih Pravesh and housewarming party. Kavya also tells Vanraj that Anupama can’t even think of humiliating the Shah family. Vanraj tells Kavya that he knows that Anuj and Anupama can never even think of hurting or humiliating the Shah family. He tells Kavya that Anuj’s family can hurt and humiliate the Shah family. He recalls Barkha hiding Shah family’s gifts from other guests in embarrassment.


Vanraj also recalls Ankush indirectly humiliating him. Kavya tells Vanraj that Anupama’s in-laws and relatives can’t matter or concern them. She leaves telling hungry Vanraj that she is bringing milk and toast for him. Vanraj stops Kavya and thanks her. Both of them smile and feel for each other, secretly. At Kapadia House, Anupama gets happy seeing her favorite “Kaju Katli” in the gift boxes given by the Shah family. She understands that Bapuji must have brought it. Anupama eats it and gets emotional. She says that her Bapuji brings the best Kaju Katli.

Later, Anuj enters Barkha’s room by taking permission from her. Barkha tells Anuj that he is at advantage of being a male as females have to wear heels and bear pain. She tells Anuj that he won’t understand his pain. Anuj tells Barkha that she won’t understand his pain. Barkha asks Anuj, what does he mean? Anuj tells Barkha that he gets hurt, when his Anupama doesn’t get her real place/position and is sidelined by others. Flashback shows Kapadias entering their new house and dancing, sidelining Anupama. Anuj tells Barkha that he gets hurt when someone doesn’t respect Anupama’s words and wishes.

Flashback shows Barkha scolding Anupama for ruining and staining Kapadias new house’s entrance wall with holy hand marks. She indirectly humiliates Anupama by saying that she spent a lot on the entrance wall and with that much money a middle class family can buy a house. Flashback ends. Anuj tells Barkha that he gets the most hurt, when his Anupama remains sad. Barkha feels anxious and worried. She tells Anuj that she didn’t understand his words. Anuj tells Barkha that she is educated and experienced with life enough to understand his words. Anuj leaves by indirectly warning Barkha to not make his Anupama sad or cry.

Barkha gets anxious and worried. Next morning, Anupama is seen performing morning pooja early in the morning. She gets happy seeing Tulsi kund/plant set up at her new house’s courtyard. Anupama thinks that Anuj and GK would have set up this as a surprise for her. Anupama happily and emotionally performs Tulsi Pooja. Sun rises as Anupama offers water in Tulsi Kund/plant. Anupama prays to God to keep both of her families (Shah and Kapadia) happy and safe. Ankush and Barkha return from morning walk/jogging. While Barkha gets shocked seeing Anupama performing Tulsi Pujan, Ankush feels happy.

In a low voice, Barkha tells Ankush that the Tulsi plant is not matching their new house’s decor. Ankush tells Barkha that it’s just not a plant but Goddess Tulsi Ji. Barkha tells Ankush that she also performs prayers every monday but a person should take care about house decor. Ankush feels irritated by Barkha. Anupama greets Ankush and Barkha as they walk to her. She tells Barkha that she will give them prasad after performing pooja inside home. Barkha tells Anupama that Tulsi kund/plant is looking good. Anupama tells Barkha that Anuj and GK have set up a Tulsi Kund/plant and surprised her.

Barkha tells Anupama that people get Tulsi Kund/plant at their house courtyard, so that they wouldn’t have to travel far away to the temple, to perform pooja. Anupama tells Barkha that there are many more important reasons why people get Tulsi Kund built in their house’s courtyard. Anupama explains Tulsi Plant/Kund’s importance and various advantages to Barkha and Ankush. Barkha feels irritated and Ankush notices her irritation. At Shah house, Pakhi tells everyone that she found Anupama’s new house’s interiors and lifestyle amazing. Pakhi says that she has decided to live at Kapadia House and Shah house for half and half time. This shocks Vanraj.

Samar asks Pakhi why she will live at Anupama’s house as Shah house is her house. Pakhi says she can live at Kapadia house as it’s her mother’s house. Baa reminds Pakhi that she never went to Anupama’s house, when she used to live in a one room house. Baa agrees to Samar, when he says that a big house matters to Pakhi, not her own mother (Anupama). She restricts Pakhi from going to Kapadia house. Pakhi asks why. Baa tells Pakhi that whenever Anupama will wish to meet her children, she will come to Shah house. She tells Vanraj that his daughter has gone crazy seeing rich people, lifestyle and home.

Baa says earlier too Pakhi was getting crazy about what to wear for Kapadia’s housewarming party and Griha Pravesh. Pakhi rudely asks Baa how it matters to her as she is talking about her mother’s home. Vanraj asks Pakhi to not behave insolently. Pakhi asks Vanraj to ask Baa to not spoil her mood. Baa tells Pakhi that she won’t meet Kapadias and will maintain a distance from them as Kapadias are big and rich people. Pakhi tauntingly tells Baa that Kapadias are nice people. Baa feels irritated, while Vanraj looks on. On the other hand, Anupama feels happy seeing her new house’s kitchen. She decorates the kitchen according to her style and performs pooja in it.

As she wards off the evil sight, Anuj comes and does the same. Anuj tells Anupama that he has come to help her in preparing breakfast. Anupama reminds Anuj that he has an important meeting with American clients. Anuj reminds Anupama that they had a deal in the past that he won’t ever let her work alone in the kitchen. Anupama tells Anuj that they made a deal of working together in the kitchen, whenever they both will be free of their work. She also tells Anuj that he can prepare breakfast whenever she gets busy with her work. She sends Anuj to attend his meeting. Anuj leaves asking Anupama to call him, if she will need anything.

Anupama says okay and wards off evil sight. At Shah house, Pakhi tells Baa that she has issues with everything like classy people, clothes and things. Pakhi reminds Baa that she had issues with Anupama, Devika and Anuj earlier and now is having issues with Kapadias. Kinjal asks Pakhi to calm down and get quiet. Pakhi asks Kinjal how she can calm down. She asks if she is at fault in Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce and separation. She says Baa is talking illogical and asks why she can’t live at her mother’s home. Samar asks Pakhi how suddenly such love and affection came out of her for her mother. He reminds Pakhi that before Anuj and Anupama’s wedding, she never showed this much affection for Anupama.

Samar tells Pakhi that Baa very well knows that she is interested in the big house, not Anupama and thus is stopping her. Paritosh scolds Pakhi for behaving insolently with elders. Vanraj scolds Pakhi when she pushes away her food plate in anger. Samar gets angry at Pakhi when she talks rudely with Vanraj. Pakhi reveals that she felt embarrassed, when Vanraj shouted at Kapadia’s guests. She says she found Vanraj’s behavior middle class and embarrassing. Pakhi’s words shock the whole Shah family. At Kapadia house, Anupama struggles to open kitchen drawers and cabinets.

A person comes and greets Anupama. He introduces himself as “Kamal”and Kapadias house help to Anupama. She thinks that Barkha sent Kamal for her help and feels thankful towards her. Anupama thanks Kamal for coming for her help. Kamal asks Anupama what he can make for breakfast. Anupama tells Kamal that she will herself cook food and will take his help in other works. She also convinces Kamal to not call her “madam” but “Bhabhi”. Anupama tells Kamal that at first “bhog prasad” will be made to offer bhog to God as it’s their first day at their new house.

At Shah house, Vanraj reminds Pakhi that in the past she used to get embarrassed of her mother and now is feeling embarrassed of her father. Pakhi feels irritated and ignores Vanraj. He angrily explains to Pakhi that being from a middle class family is her identity. He asks Pakhi to stop being embarrassed of her identity and start learning to be proud of it. Pakhi asks if she should feel proud knowing that her father is unemployed, they have less AC’s according to the rooms in their house or they visit Jamnagar for holidays. Pakhi’s words shock everyone. Vanraj tells Pakhi that 95% people of the country live like them only.

Pakhi tells Vanraj that these 95% people dream of getting placed in the list of 5% off rich people. She reminds everyone that even Vanraj, Kavya and Paritosh dream of entering 5% of the country’s rich people’s list. Pakhi also reminds how Paritosh left Shah house to live a lavish lifestyle in Rakhi’s penthouse and is now lecturing her. Everyone feels shocked and angry with Pakhi’s words and behavior. At Kapadia house, Kamal helps Anupama in understanding the automatic Kitchen. Anupama gets stunned seeing kitchen cabinets and drawers opening with a tablet. Kamal explains to Anupama that these days kitchens are hi-fi. With Kamal’s help, Anupama sets up kitchen stuff according to her style. At Shah house, Vanraj tells Pakhi that she is showing her father his status and is feeling ashamed of being his daughter. Pakhi asks Vanraj to not react melodramatically as she didn’t say anything wrong. This shocks everyone. Kavya asks Pakhi if she is sure that she didn’t say anything wrong. Pakhi tells everyone that she doesn’t care if everyone wants to portray her as a villain. She also says that she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about her. Pakhi declares that she will visit and stay at Kapadia house whenever she feels like, as her mother Anupama lives there and even Sara and Adhik have become her good friends.

Vanraj feels hurt with Pakhi’s behavior. Pakhi, Samar and Paritosh leave the dining table. Everyone feels tense. In the next episode, Barkha will feel irritated seeing how Anupama set up Kapadia’s kitchen in a middle class way. On the other hand, Pakhi will leave her phone for charging in the hall. Adhik and Pakhi’s photograph will be seen on Pakhi’s phone screen. As Pakhi leaves, Vanraj will be seen heading towards the direction where Pakhi’s phone is kept.

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