Bhagya Lakshmi 21st June 2022 Written Update Rishi’s stand

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st June 2022 Written Update Rishi's stand

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st June 2022 Written Update Rishi’s stand Virender asks Balwinder to stop the nonsense and leave. Balwinder taunts that Rishi is a Casanova, he knows Rishi’s truth, Rishi broke Lakshmi’s heart, so she has come to him/Balwinder to sob and share the sorrow. He lies that he remembers the night spent with Lakshmi. Rishi can’t tolerate the nonsense. He asks Balwinder to spreading the dirt. Neelam asks Balwinder what does he want. She accepts that Lakshmi is pregnant with Balwinder’s child. She tells Virender that Lakshmi is insulting them, she is doing this for money. Balwinder tells that he doesn’t want their money or name for the baby.

Lakshmi sheds tears. Balwinder tells her that Rishi doesn’t trust her, he doesn’t care for her, he will make her a maid in the house. He asks her to come along. Karishma asks Lakshmi to get out of the house. Balwinder drags Lakshmi out forcibly. Rishi takes a stand for her. He holds Lakshmi’s hand. He beats up Balwinder and throws him out of the house. The Oberois are surprised seeing Rishi’s care for Lakshmi again, even after hearing what Balwinder said. Rishi denies to believe Balwinder’s nonsense.

Earlier in the show, Neelam pays money to Balwinder and asks him to leave. He asks Lakshmi to come with him. Lakshmi asks him to go away, she won’t come with him. He tells that he can’t go without her. He threatens that he will tell the truth. Neelam asks Lakshmi to go with Balwinder. Balwinder thanks her for support. He orders a cup of tea. He tells Rishi that he is the hero of the day. Rishi asks Ayush to call the police. Balwinder tells that everyone should know the truth about Lakshmi’s baby. He asks Rishi if Lakshmi has fooled him, she is Rishi’s wife. He reveals that Lakshmi is carrying his child, the child isn’t of Rishi. Lakshmi is shocked by Balwinder’s nasty claim.


Bhagya Lakshmi 21st June 2022 Written Update Rishi’s stand:

Lakshmi asks Balwinder why is he doing this. He tells that he just wants her and his baby. She asks him to go away. He asks her not to cry and think of their baby. Rishi is shocked at the sight. Ahana feels sorry for Lakshmi. Balwinder tells that Neelam and family don’t believe her, not even Rishi trusts her, they will never respect her. He promises to keep her happy and asks her to come along. Neelam tells that its their good values that she isn’t doing any drama. She asks Lakshmi to just go away. Balwinder tells that it’s a punishment for Rishi. He insults Rishi. He asks Lakshmi to come home with him. Karishma asks Lakshmi what is going on. She tells that Lakshmi’s character is exposed in front of everyone. She asks Lakshmi to have some shame and just leave.

Ahana stops Karishma from insulting Lakshmi. Balwinder asks Lakshmi to just come with him. Lakshmi asks him to just leave her hand. He drags her. Rishi stands watching this and then stops Balwinder by punching his face. Dadi and Ahana get glad that Rishi finally took a stand for Lakshmi. Balwinder falls away. Rishi threatens him and asks him to leave. Balwinder tells that he will soon come back. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand to pacify her. He asks her not to cry, he is there for her. He takes her to their room. Neelam tells Virender that they have to deal with Balwinder, he is bad news. Rishi does the aid to Lakshmi’s hand. He tells her that everything is happening because of her, she is letting others do wrong with her.

Lakshmi is glad that he supported her again, when nobody was with her. She loves him for his goodness. She wonders who informed Balwinder about the pregnancy. Balwinder gets paid by Malishka. He tells that Rishi has beaten him and ousted him. She tells him that Lakshmi will get divorced soon, then he can take Lakshmi with him. He asks her about the pregnancy. She tells that Rishi didn’t touch Lakshmi, she isn’t pregnant. He is glad that Lakshmi is just of him. He thinks it’s a matter of few days, then Lakshmi will be free from Rishi. He enters the house again and catches Lakshmi. He threatens her. She shouts to call Rishi. He tells that Rishi won’t come after her when she leaves the house.

He adds that she is made for him, he will not leave her for anyone else, he will marry her. Neelam comes there. Balwinder leaves Lakshmi and goes away. Neelam lectures Lakshmi. She is relieved that Lakshmi’s curse will end off the family and Rishi’s life. Rishi turns caring towards Lakshmi, when he finds her suffering from a fever. She tells that she is okay. He gives her medicine. Karishma, Virender and Neelam have a discussion about Lakshmi. They find it disgusting that Lakshmi is using the pregnancy for her profits. Virender wonders why is Lakshmi doing this, knowing Balwinder’s evil.

He remembers that she had hit Balwinder for Rishi’s sake. Neelam asks him not to defend Lakshmi. She wants Lakshmi’s chapter to end forever. Lakshmi and Rishi get freshen up in the morning. They have a moment. She cries recalling Neelam’s words. Rishi tells her that they should talk that their marriage is ending. She tells that there is nothing left to talk now. He finds her behavior getting odd. Malishka sends a note for him. She tells him that it’s a special day for him, they will make the day memorable. He asks her what is she doing. He looks for Lakshmi.

Malishka asks him not to take Lakshmi’s name. He tells that he is tensed about the court hearing. She tells that she has planned a celebration after his divorce. She asks him to smile. She finds him upset. She asks if he is feeling bad that he is getting divorced. He tells that he isn’t changing. She asks him why is he giving her tension. He asks her to leave. She refuses to go. He tells that he has to change. Malishka falls into his arms, when Lakshmi comes back to the room and sees them together.

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