Udaariyaan 21st June 2022 Written Update Separation plot

Udaariyaan 21st June 2022 Written Update Separation plot

Udaariyaan 21st June 2022 Written Update Separation plot A saint comes to Sandhu house. The family surrounds him and questions him about Tejo’s future, hoping that he will guide them with the truth and expecting each of his word to be true. Tejo shows her hand to the saint and asks him when will her marriage happen. Rupy tells the saint about Tejo’s suffering. He asks what’s written in her fate. Satti also wants to know when will her daughter get fine. The saint replies that it doesn’t happen as they want. Satti asks him what does he mean, will Tejo never recover from the disturbed state. The saint asks Fateh to make his heart strong, because a person can’t oppose the decision of God.

Fateh gets stressed after the saint warns him of the consequences arising related to Tejo and his bonding. Jasmin plots the saint to trick the family and end their hopes. She wants Fateh to just marry her. She continues her evil game of scaring Tejo by isolating her from the family. Tejo looks for Fateh and shouts his name. She sees someone running in the darkness. She gets scared.

Earlier in the show, Tejo makes faces seeing her dirty feet, Fateh picks her up in his arms. Then he makes Tejo clean her feet from a nearby flowing pipe. Fateh and Tejo enjoy spending time with each other. On the other hand, Jasmine puts up an emotional drama and fools Gurpreet. With few emotional words and lies, she manipulates Gurpreet against Tejo. Initially Gurpreet tells Jasmine that Virks have thought to give some time to Fateh to think and change his decision of calling off his marriage with her (Jasmine). She explains her and Nimmo’s plan to Jasmine. But when Jasmine manipulates Gurpreet more, Gurpreet in her thoughts decides to anyhow make Fateh marry Jasmine to save Amrik’s upcoming/unborn child.


Fakir Baba Ji visits Sandhu house. Satti gives water to Baba Ji. Fateh and Tejo return home. They get stunned/surprised seeing the same Fakir Baba Ji sitting in their house, whom Fateh and Tejo met earlier. Tejo and Fateh sit in front of Fakir Baba together. Tejo reminds Baba Ji that he told him that she will get her Fateh. She tells Baba Ji that she finally got her Fateh. Tejo asks Baba Ji to tell her when she and Fateh will get married to each other. She asks Baba Ji to come and have Rabdi-Jalebi in her and Fateh’s wedding.

Baba keeps staring at innocent Tejo wishing to marry Fateh as soon as possible. Including Fateh, everyone from the Sandhu family asks Baba Ji if Tejo will get well. They also ask Baba Ji when Tejo will get well. Baba Ji tells everyone that Tejo and Fateh reunited by God’s wish. He says now it’s up to God only, if he will unite Fateh and Tejo with each other forever or not. He says no one can do anything in front of God’s will/wish. On the other hand, Gurpreet and her mother-in-law express their worry about Fateh’s decision of taking care of Tejo and not marrying Jasmine. Gurpreet says Jasmine is suffering because of Tejo’s mental illness. Fateh’s Grandmother tells her husband that they can’t trust Jasmine with Amrik’s child’s life.

She and Gurpreet say that they will have to get Fateh married to Jasmine anyhow. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet and his mother to give some time to Fateh. Gurpreet says she is worried as Fateh has become mad behind mentally unstable Tejo. She says she would have herself got Fateh married to Tejo and given them Amrik’s child’s responsibility. Gurpreet says Tejo can’t take care even of herself now in her present condition. Khushbeer tells Gurpreet that Fateh loves Tejo only and will marry her only, not Jasmine. Nimmo adds fuel to the fire saying that she is worried if Fateh will really marry Tejo. Gurpreet says if Fateh will marry Tejo, instead of Jasmine, he will see her dead face.

At Sandhu house, Fateh tells Baba Ji that even God will have to bow down in front of his love. He says whoever he is today, a nice person, only because of Tejo. He says this time, he will not let Tejo get separated from him at any cost. Fateh with a determination says that he will always be with Tejo and fight the world, even God for Tejo. Fateh declares that he will never leave Tejo’s support ever. This makes the Sandhu family and Babaji emotional as well as happy. He touches Baba Ji’s feet and aska for his blessings. Babaji blesses Fateh.

Later at night, Tejo wakes up breathing heavily because of a nightmare. Satti wakes up as Tejo switches on the light. She asks Tejo what happened. Tejo starts screaming in panic. She searches for Fateh. On not finding Fateh nearby, she starts panicking and screaming. Everyone wakes up worried. Lovely says if they will have to hear these loud noises daily. Jasmine feels happy and thinks that she can have Lovely on her side. She also decides to make evil plans against Tejo with Lovely.

Everyone runs to Tejo’s room. Tejo keeps screaming, “Where Fateh is”. Jasmine feels angry and walks towards Tejo’s room. Rupy stops Jasmine from entering Tejo’s room. He pushes Jasmine outside and asks her to not deteriorate Tejo’s condition more by coming in front of her. Rupy reminds Jasmine that Tejo gets hyper seeing her face. After this he goes to Tejo and tries calming. Everyone cries and feels bad seeing Tejo’s condition and painful situation. They wonder how to stop Tejo from crying. On the other hand, Fateh also wakes up restless. He feels worried about Tejo, feeling that Tejo is not alright.

At Sandhu house, Satti tells Tejo that Fateh will come tomorrow morning as he went to his parents house. Tejo doesn’t calm down. Jasmine makes a call to Gurpreet and makes her listen to Tejo’s late night screams for Fateh. Jasmine pretends innocence and apologizes to Gurpreet. She tells Gurpreet that she was calling Fateh but by mistake dialed her number. Gurpreet asks Jasmine what is going on at Sandhu house. Jasmine tells Gurpreet that Tejo has troubled whole family 24*7. She says Tejo keeps demanding Fateh to be with or near her. She says Fateh can’t be near Tejo 24*7 as he would have responsibilities for his other works too to fulfill.

She smiles while manipulating Gurpreet against Tejo. She disconnects the call after fully instigating Gurpreet against Tejo. Jasmine thinks now she will see to whom Gurpreet will show her motherly affection to, Tejo or Fateh. Gurpreet feels angry thinking that Tejo has troubled everyone late at night. She makes a face thinking if Tejo will call Fateh to her home so late at night. Fateh thinks, if he should make a call to Satti late at night to ask about Tejo. Satti on the other hand requests Rupy to call Fateh. Rupy feels reluctant in calling Fateh so late at night. He sees Fateh calling and receives his call.

They show Fateh and Tejo to each other on video call. Fateh gets worried seeing Tejo’s panicked condition. Jasmine feels angry seeing Fateh calling Tejo late at night, even on not receiving any information about Tejo’s condition. Fateh tries to calm Tejo. Jasmine feels envious of Tejo and Fateh’s strong love connection/bond. Tejo calms down a little and starts waiting for Fateh. At Virk house, Gurpreet stops Fateg from going to meet Tejo. Fateh asks Gurpreet how she knew this. Gurpreet tells Fateh that a mother gets to know everything, where her child’s breath gets stuck.

Gurpreet tells Fateh that his life will get ruined by taking care of Tejo. She asks Fateh to let the Sandhu family handle Tejo. Fateg asks Gurpreet how she is talking all selfish rubbish. He reminds Gurpreet that she and Khushbeer taught him to help people and support humanity. Fateh also reminds Gurpreet that Tejo did much for her. Gurpreet asks Fateh to not become Tejo’s 24 hours caretaker. She reminds Fateh that tomorrow morning is his important match. Gurpreet asks Fateh to think what people will say that Virk’s son is wandering like Sandhu’s ill daughter’s servant.

Fateh tells Gurpreet he doesn’t care about people’s words and thinking. He says Tejo is his responsibility. At Sandhu house Tejo’s family cries and says that they can’t see this condition of Tejo. Rupy says he also feels sad seeing Fateh doing everything possible for ill Tejo. He asks who does this much for others. Rupy says he was so wrong about Fateh’s intentions as today Fateh is ready to take responsibility for both of his daughters. Jasmine overhears everything and thinks that Fateh will take only her responsibility. At Virk house, Gurpreet explains to Fateh that soon taking care of ill Tejo will become a burden for him.

Fateh asks Gurpreet what if something similar to Tejo would have happened with Mahi or Simran. He asks Gurpreet if she would have left Mahi and Simran alone in their ill condition. Gurpreet tells Fateh that Simiran and Mahi are part of their family. She asks Fateh what relationship he or they have with Tejo. Fateh tells Gurpreet that she won’t understand but he is related/connected to Tejo with love and heart. He says he can’t can’t break the promise he made to Tejo and will fulfill it at any cost. Gurpreet reminds Fateh that he made some promises to Jasmine and Amrik too.

She asks Fateh if love became heavy on his blood relations. Gurpreet asks Fateh to fulfill his responsibility towards Amrik’s child by marrying Jasmine. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he will for sure fulfill his responsibility towards Amrik’s child. When Gurpreet tries stopping Fateh from going to Tejo, Fateh ignores her and leaves to meet Tejo. This worries Gurpreet. Later, Fateh reaches Sandhu house and meets Tejo. Tejo hugs Fateh and expresses her fear to Fateh of losing him and being away from him. Fateh caresses Tejo’s face and calms her down. Jasmine feels irritated, while others relax seeing Tejo calm.

Fateh makes Tejo drink water. Tejo also caresses Fateh’s face. She hugs Fateh and asks him to never leave her alone/ go away from her. This increases Jasmine’s irritation. Fateh promises Tejo that he will never leave her alone. Tejo demands Fateh to sleep with or near her. This makes everyone feel awkward. Fateh explains to Tejo that before marrying each other, they can’t sleep together on the same bed. Lovely tells Jasmine that she is worried that Fateh might get mad by taking care of Tejo. Jasmine feels happy hearing this and thinks that she can use Lovely in her evil plans against Tejo.

Fateh ties a chunri to Tejo’s wrist and sits near her bed with the other end of the chunri in his hand. He sends Rupy and Satti to sleep peacefully. Fateh confirms from Tejo if she is fine with all this. Tejo tells Fateh that now she will be able to sleep peacefully. On Tejo’s insistence, Fateh sings a song for her to make her fall asleep. Born Fateh and Tejo falls asleep. Udaariyaan title track plays in the background.

In the next episode, Fateh will be seen playing a football match. Tejo and Jasmine will be seen cheering him from a distance. Fateh will fall down because of a push from the opponent team player. Tejo will run and start beating the opponent team player, who pushed Fateh. College principal will scold Fateh for ruining the college’s reputation because of his personal matters. He will tell Fateh that he will have to face the consequences of losing the match. Jasmine will smirk seeing all this from a distance.

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