Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2022 Written Update The Karan Luthra

Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2022 Written Update The Karan Luthra

Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2022 Written Update The Karan Luthra Rakhi apologizes to the Pandit on Rishabh’s behalf. Rishabh rushes to meet Preeta and console her, after the Pandit called their marriage a mistake and shook them up by the claim of Karan’s survival. Pandit tells Rakhi that he isn’t wrong, she must trust him, her son Karan will come back home one day. Rakhi and entire family get hopeful of Karan’s return. Karan was living for five years without his memory. He had a memory loss and really became a part of Nidhi’s life. Karan had accepted the given identity of Arjun, but now after the heavy blow on his head, his memory gets affected for the good.

Karan’s accident brings back his lost memory. He recalls the entire past, and also the fact that Preeta and Rishabh have attempted to kill him. He gets the flashes of the past while getting treated in the hospital. He shouts out Preeta’s name and wakes up. He rushes out of the ward, where Anjali meets him and stops him, calling him Arjun. Arjun shouts that he isn’t Arjun, he is the Karan Luthra. Anjali is shocked to realize that he got his memory back. Karan finally comes in form of the Karan Luthra. How will Arjun handle this big truth of his real identity? Will Karan return home? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Pandit tells that Preeta’s second marriage should have not happened, Preeta’s husband Karan is alive. Preeta breaks down. She runs to her room. Pandit asks Preeta to stop, and feel Karan alive, keep him in her heart and mind, if she misses Karan, then he will come back to her with her memories. He advises her to pull Karan back into their world. Rishabh asks him is this any drama, that he is mocking their feelings. He asks Pandit if they are happy to call Karan dead. He rebukes Pandit. He tells that they took five years to normalize Preeta, they were also in shock, and now the pandit has pushed Preeta into the same pain zone again.


Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2022 Written Update The Karan Luthra:

Rishabh tells that they don’t like to put the garland on Karan, it’s the limit that the pandit is mocking their emotions. Pandit tells Rakhi that Karan’s death time isn’t close, he is alive, he is breathing somewhere else if he isn’t with them, but he exists in the world. Arjun recollects his past memories. He is Karan. Doctor tells that Arjun didn’t get conscious totally. Pandit tells that if Karan was dead, then the puja would have not got completed. He asks Rakhi to believe him, he isn’t any ordinary pandit, he can see things clearly, he has seen Karan and Preeta’s marriage in the havan kund fire, which means Karan is alive. He shows Karan’s bracelet. Rakhi realizes that its Karan’s bracelet.

Pandit tells that if Karan had died, then he would have not sensed Karan’s existence, Karan is very much alive, Karan will come back one day in any avatar. Doctor goes to meet Anjali. Pandit tells Rakhi that Karan will be back one day, he will be in front of her eyes. He gives the bracelet to Rakhi and leaves. The family is in a big dilemma. Preeta breaks down and sinks into Karan’s memories. Anjali asks about Arjun’s condition. Doctor tells that Arjun is really serious. Nurse asks him to come and check the patient immediately. Rishabh goes to the room and finds it locked.

He asks Preeta to open the door. He tells that he won’t stop her from crying. Rakhi also asks Preeta to open the door. Rishabh asks Rakhi to go and handle Mahesh, he is really sensitive. He promises to handle Preeta. He sends Rakhi. Preeta opens the door for Rishabh. He requests Preeta not to spoil her mood. He lets her cry if she feels better. He tells that everyone gets upset if she gets upset. She tells that she wishes the pandit’s words get true and Karan comes back to them.

Arjun gets the flashes of the past. He shouts Preeta on waking up. He gets violent. Doctor calms him down by injecting medicines. Anjali wonders who is Preeta, why is Arjun taking Preeta’s name. Rakhi is glad thinking Karan will come back home, he is alive. Kareena asks Rakhi not to have false hopes. Rakhi trusts pandit Vashisht’s prediction. She tells that maybe they have seen someone else’s dead body. Bani asks her to stop the madness. Rakhi still believes that Karan will come. Arjun gets treated by the doctors. He undergoes the tests. Doctor asks him what’s happening to him, what is he thinking. Arjun names Preeta again. Doctor asks if he doesn’t remember Preeta.

He advises him to try to recollect. Arjun asks them what are they doing with him. He looks at himself in the mirror, and tells that its not him, he doesn’t recognize this face. He asks the doctor about his face. He gets to remember that he is Karan, who looked different. Anjali asks Arjun to listen to her. Arjun angrily shouts that he isn’t Arjun, but Karan, the Karan Luthra. She asks him to relax, Nidhi knows everything and would tell him everything. She calls Nidhi. Arjun takes the phone to get an answer from Nidhi. He asks Nidhi what did she do with his face, this face isn’t of him.

Nidhi asks him what does he remember. Karan tells that he remembers that he fell down the lake. Nidhi tells that she has saved him from the lake, when he was attacked by the crocodile. Arjun recollects the incident. Nidhi tells that crocodile had damaged his face, doctors have reconstructed his face and she gave him a new identity. She has given Arjun’s picture to the doctor to reconstruct Karan’s face. She tells that she met him officially when his face bandages were removed. She realized that Arjun has lost his memory.

Doctor asked Nidhi to remind anything to Arjun and that will be accepted as truth, it will become his fresh memory. Karan questions his identity. Nidhi lies to Karan that his name is Arjun Suryavanshi. Karan believes her. Nidhi tells Arjun that her lie saved his life, she was afraid for his nervous breakdown, his life got saved and he became Arjun Suryavanshi. Arjun tells that she did wrong, she should have made an enquiry about him instead changing him into a new person. Nidhi feels devastated. Anjali asks him if he remembers them. Arjun tells that he remembers everything, and also his past. He decides to go home.

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