Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 Written Update Game changer

Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 Written Update Game changer

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Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 Written Update Game changer Gurpreet wants Fateh to focus on his career. She reminds him about the football match that he has to play and win for the college. Fateh tells that he will balance his life and also Tejo. Fateh takes Tejo with him to the college to watch the football match. He wants Tejo to be with him all the time. He is keeping his responsibility and becomes her shadow. Tejo and Jasmin see Fateh playing the match well. At some point of the game, an opponent’s push makes Fateh fall down and lose the goal. Fateh gets hurt, while Jasmin fills Tejo’s ears against the person who had intentionally hurt Fateh to make him away from Tejo.

Tejo gets triggered to get violent. She exhibits her insanity when she goes to bash up the guy in rage. Fateh tries to calm Tejo, but in vain. The college authorities rebuke Fateh for getting a mentally imbalanced person for his support. Fateh is accused for bringing disgrace to the college. The man calls it a shame that Fateh has destroyed the college name because of his personal reasons. He threatens Fateh to undergo the consequences of the college losing the match. Jasmin enjoys the drama. Will Fateh’s career end because of Tejo? How will Fateh balance Tejo’s responsibility? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Fateh ties a chunri to Tejo’s wrist and sits near her bed with the other end of the chunri in his hand. He sends Rupy and Satti to sleep peacefully. Fateh confirms from Tejo if she is fine with all this. Tejo tells Fateh that now she will be able to sleep peacefully. On Tejo’s insistence, Fateh sings a song for her to make her fall asleep. Born Fateh and Tejo falls asleep. Udaariyaan title track plays in the background.

Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 Written Update Game changer:

Early morning at around 4AM Jasmine comes to Fateh and covers him with a blanket. She decides that she won’t let Fateh become Tejo’s. Jasmine with evil intentions sleeps near Fateh’s knee. Fateh wakes up and gets shocked seeing Jasmine sleeping near him on the floor. He wakes up Jasmine and asks her why she is sleeping on the floor being pregnant. Jasmine pretends innocence and tells Fateh that she wants to take care of Tejo just like she used to take care of her.

Fateh takes Jasmine aside and talks to her. He tells Jasmine that he will take full and proper care of her and Amrik’s upcoming child. Fateh promises Jasmine that he will take even her responsibility but not in a way she wants to. He indirectly clears it to Jasmine that he can’t marry her as Tejo (his love) has returned and needs him more than her. Jasmine again pretends innocence and tells Fateh that she has no issues with his wish. She tells Fateh that she can understand his love and responsibilities towards Tejo. Jasmine asks Fateh to not worry about her as she knows that he will surely take very good care of her and her upcoming child. Jasmine decides to use Fateh’s trust on her to make him hers.

Tejo starts calling Fateh as she wakes up. Fateh hears it and leaves to see Tejo. Few hours later, Tejo wakes up and sees Fateh exercising in her room. She asks Fateh what he is doing. Fateh tells Tejo that he is preparing for his college’s football match, which is today. Tejo gets excited hearing about Fateh’s football match. Fateh tells Tejo that her Fateh is a sports coach of Ratan Singh College. Tejo tries recalling Ratan Singh College. Fateh tells Tejo that he teaches various sports to college students. He also tells Tejo that in today’s match, coaches will also play in their college’s respective teams. Fateh further tells Tejo that if his team will win this important match, a new big stadium will be built-up in their village.

Tejo tells Fateh that she wants to come and see his match (see him winning). Fateh tells Tejo that she can’t come to see his match. Tejo gets upset and asks Fateh why. Fateh tells Tejo that he won’t be able to concentrate on his match as he will be seeing her only. Tejo covers her face with her dupatta and tells Fateh that she will watch his match from behind the veil. She tells Fateh that this way he will be able to play his match in her presence. Jasmine overhears all this from outside Tejo’s room. She comes inside with 2 cups of tea and roses. Tejo addresses Jasmine as a bad sister and asks Fateh what she is doing in her room. Fateh explains to Tejo that she should not call her sister like this.

He asks Jasmine if he can put the rose in Tejo’s hair. Jasmine signs in “yes” and says that she has removed thorns from it. In her thoughts, Jasmine says that she has saved thorns with her to spread it in Tejo’s way towards Fateh. Fateh tells Tejo that the rose is looking beautiful in her hair. Tejo feels happy. He thanks Jasmine and asks Tejo to do the same. Tejo refuses to thank Jasmine. She thanks Jasmine later on Fateh’s insistence. Fateh allows Tejo to come to see his match on the condition that she will come with Jasmine. Tejo feels reluctant but agrees. Fateh asks Tejo to promise him that she won’t trouble Jasmine and agree to whatever she says.

Tejo promises Fateh the same. Jasmine smirks evilly hearing this. Fateh asks Tejo to freshen up and get ready in a beautiful outfit. Tejo gets happy hearing this. Fateh thanks Jasmine. He requests Jasmine to not take Tejo’s words to her heart. Jasmine tells Fateh that Tejo is like a small kid and she doesn’t mind her words. Fateh leaves, asking Jasmine to come to college with Tejo on time. Jasmine feels happy thinking that Fateh gave her the key to have full control on Tejo. She decides to now make Fateh realize that he won’t be able to live his full life with mentally unstable Tejo. Jasmine thinks that with her evil plans, Fateh will give up on Tejo and his responsibilities towards her.

She also thinks that Fateh will soon become only hers. Jasmine says that today’s match will become memorable for the whole Moga. She decides to rehearse a little before executing her plan in the match stadium. Jasmine locks Tejo inside the bathroom and plays a song “Qismat Ki Hawa Kabhi Naram” on an electronic device. Tejo thinks that Fateh has played this song. She thinks about going outside and dancing with Fateh. Tejo gets panicked, when she fails to open the bathroom door. Jasmine enjoys outside and dances. Panicked Tejo starts screaming for help.

Rupy and Satti come near Tejo’s room. Jasmine immediately shuts down the song, opens the bathroom door and runs outside. Tejo comes outside and asks who locked her inside the bathroom. Satti asks Tejo to see that the bathroom door is already open. Jasmine comes inside and innocently asks what is this clamor (loud voice/noise). Tejo accuses Jasmine of locking her inside the bathroom. Rupy tells Tejo that Jasmine just came from outside. Jasmine lies and tells everyone that she was talking on call. She asks Tejo why she will do this.

Jasmine tells Tejo that she will be in her room till she takes a bath. Tejo asks Satti to stay as she can’t trust liar Jasmine. Jasmine reminds Tejo that Fateh took a promise from her that she will obey her. She scares Tejo by telling her that Fateh won’t call her to see his match, if she won’t obey her. Tejo allows Jasmine to wait for her in her room. Rupy and Satti leave the room. Jasmine plays the same song, “Qismat Ki Hawa Kabhi Naram”. Tejo gets confirmed that it was really Jasmine who locked her inside. She rebukes Jasmine for lying to her own parents. Jasmine gives a sly and evil smile to Tejo.

Seeing this, Tejo gets angry and runs behind Jasmine. She throws slippers and other stuff on Jasmine. Jasmine screams for help and tries to save herself from Tejo. She goes under the bed, Tejo follows Jasmine there too. Rupy and Satti come there. Tejo tells Jasmine that she won’t spare her for lying to her parents. Jasmine calls Tejo a liar. Satti and Rupy stop Tejo from attacking Jasmine. They request Jasmine to go away as otherwise she will get hurt. Satti sends Tejo to have a bath. Jasmine realizes that she should be careful as Tejo throws anything in anger.

She smiles slyly, troubling Tejo. Later at college, the final match of Fateh’s college is announced. Tejo and Jasmine reach there. Tejo gets stunned seeing a big stadium and ground. Jasmine takes Tejo to meet her old college friends and colleagues with evil intentions. On the other hand, Fateh instructs and motivates his team/students for the match. He asks a peon if he arranged two separate seats. Peon leaves saying yes. Tejo’s old friends and colleagues get stunned and confused seeing Tejo’s condition and yearning for Fateh.

Jasmine pretends innocence and leaves without clearing Tejo’s friends and colleagues confusion. She runs behind Tejo. A peon comes and tells Jasmine and Tejo that Fateh has made special seating arrangements for them. Jasmine thinks that she will anyhow execute her evil plan, even if Fateh tries to be extra careful towards his Tejo. Jasmine and Tejo sit at the seats arranged by Fateh for them. All players arrive on the ground including Fateh. Tejo starts screaming Fateh’s name in excitement. This makes Jasmine feel embarrassed. She tries to stop Tejo.

College principal and staff feel determined of their college’s victory. They discuss that they have no doubt on Fateh’s capability. Fateh’ eye goes on Tejo. He goes to Tejo. Tejo tells Fateh that he is looking really very handsome just like a wrestler. Fateh explains Tejo to not show over-excitement. Tejo apologizes to Fateh. Fateh starts making Tejo’s hair on her insistence. He does it even after feeling reluctant. Everyone present at the stadium looks confused seeing Fateh taking care of Tejo like she is a kid. Meanwhile, Jasmine signs the opponent team player to be ready for executing their plan as discussed.

Fateh tells Tejo that he arranged this special seating arrangement only for her. He also tells Tejo that today’s match is very important for him and he wants to win it for her as she is the right person, who is worthy of all his victory credits. Fateh leaves, asking Jasmine to take proper care of Tejo. Jasmine falsely assures Fateh that she will take care of Tejo. She thinks of executing her evil plan against Tejo and making everyone laugh at her.

In the next episode, according to Jasmine’s evil plan, the opponent team player will push Fateh. Jasmine will provoke Tejo against the opponent team player by telling her that Fateh got badly injured. Tejo will run to tend to Fateh’s wound, clearing all obstacles in her way. Later, she will attack the opponent team player. Fateh will stop Tejo from doing so. Tejo and Fateh will leave the stadium together, ignoring the media, after facing a backlash from college authorities. Jasmine will expect that Fateh soon understands that he and his reputation will get ruined by staying with Tejo. The Opposing team will be seen enjoying, like they won the match.

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