Bhagya Lakshmi 24th June 2022 Written Update Ahana’s truth

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th June 2022 Written Update Ahana's truth

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th June 2022 Written Update Ahana’s truth Rishi and Lakshmi have to meet the judge again. Neelam tells him that she wants him to go to the court with Lakshmi, but come alone. Rishi finds Lakshmi feeling unwell. He tells that they will first go to the hospital and then head to the court. Lakshmi is super tensed thinking of her divorce with Rishi. She wanted to stay with him and protect him from Markesh. Gautam goes to tell his parents about Ahana’s pregnancy. A puja plate falls off the lady’s hands. His mum gets really tensed by seeing the bad omen.

Gautam finds his mum in tension, and fails to tell them about Ahana. Ahana asks Gautam if he has told his parents about her. He tells that he doesn’t know what will they think and how will they react knowing this matter. Ahana tells that he has to tell them somehow. Malishka is upset seeing Rishi caring for Lakshmi. Neelam sends Rishi and Malishka. She finds Ahana tensed. She asks the matter. Ahana tells that the matter is really big and serious. Will Ahana share about her pregnancy? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Neelam rebukes Lakshmi and angrily leaves the food. Malishka asks Lakshmi to enjoy the food all alone. Lakshmi waits for Rishi when it gets too late. She thinks if she should go and find him. Malishka gets a drunk Rishi home. She asks Lakshmi not to touch Rishi. Rishi tells that everyone has just messed up his life. Lakshmi saves him from falling. He asks her why is she doing this with him. She asks him not to get so angered. He wants her answer. She asks Rishi to get quiet. She asks the servant to take Rishi to the room. Malishka asks Lakshmi why is she playing such dirty games and how.

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th June 2022 Written Update Ahana’s truth:

Malishka warns Lakshmi. She tells that she will end Lakshmi’s drama. Lakshmi asks her to look at herself than lecturing others on character and morality. She asks Malishka to shut up. She accuses Malishka for playing games and crossing her limits, dealing relations to win love. She tells that love isn’t any game, but feelings, it can’t be won or snatched, it can just be felt on its own, love isn’t a battle, but the end of the battle, there is no battle in love. She asks Malishka to understand what she is doing. She doesn’t want Malishka to blame her, but still she won’t get Rishi’s love.

She tells that Rishi was with Malishka, but still she didn’t get him, she is still talking of games. She asks Malishka to think about her mistakes and then get her answers. She tells that she would get Rishi and her answers too. Lakshmi asks the servant to get lemon water for Rishi. She handles Rishi. She can’t see Rishi in such a state. Rishi reads her heart and answers her. She removes his shoes and tells that its her right. He questions her rights. He asks her by what right did she touch him. She tells that she is still his wife, she has a right on him. Rishi calls her close. She asks him to say what he wants to say.

He really wants to talk to her. She asks him to sleep. He asks her if she is ordering him. He refuses to sleep if she is giving him an order. He recalls their past and talks about their relationship. He admits that he really likes her smile, he told her that he likes her when she smile. He asks her to never hate him even if they have a fight. He confesses his feelings. Lakshmi cries on hearing him. Neelam is angered that Lakshmi is still in the house. She wants Lakshmi to leave from Rishi’s life. Malishka cries meeting Neelam. She alerts Neelam that everything is getting destroyed because of Lakshmi.

Neelam asks her not to worry, it’s a matter of one day, the judge won’t have any option than getting Rishi and Lakshmi divorced. Malishka tells that Lakshmi is good fated that she is still in the house. She complains about Lakshmi, who acted like an ideal wife and took a drunk Rishi with her, knowing she has no status in the family. She swears that Neelam would have kicked out Lakshmi if she had witnessed this. Rishi asks Lakshmi to listen to him. He tells that he doesn’t want to lose her ever. He feels incomplete without her, knowing she is a good soul who likes to help others. He misses the time when he was with Lakshmi. He recalls their best moments.

He tells that he got to see her real face, she has played a great game with him and his family, she didn’t value their emotions. He wants to know why she did this with him, why did she break his trust when he showed faith on them by going against his family. He asks why didn’t she show her truth to him before. He feels hurt and cries. Lakshmi also cries sensing the pain she has give him. Malishka tells that Rishi is emotional, he doesn’t think bad for anyone, he always supports Lakshmi but they have to open his eyes. She adds that Lakshmi got married to Rishi by showing her fake Kundali, she can do anything to trap him. Neelam tells that she will not let wrong happen with her son and family.

She doesn’t want to spare Lakshmi. She promises Malishka that Rishi will get divorced tomorrow. Lakshmi prays that Gautam talks to his family and sorts the matter. She wants to save her marriage with Rishi. She has put her marriage at stake for Ahana’s sake. Neelam asks Lakshmi to stop her fake pretence. She wishes Rishi that the day brings happiness for him, and his life gets better. She wants him to be away from every evil. She insults Lakshmi and warns her against trapping her innocent son. She asks Lakshmi to go and tell the truth. Lakshmi tells that the truth doesn’t hide for long, and comes out eventually.

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