Hotstar Aashiqana 23rd June 2022 Written Update

Hotstar Aashiqana 24th June 2022 Written Update

Hotstar Aashiqana 23rd June 2022 Written Update Yash takes out the dead/unconscious sniper’s ringing phone. He picks up Jaggi Raja’s call and tells him that his evil and deadly plan failed. Yash tells Jaggi Raja that he did wrong by involving his family in their tiff. Jaggi Raja tells Yash that he dragged the family into their quarrel by killing his son. Yash tells Jaggi Raja that he didn’t kill his son. Jaggi Raja calls Yash a lier. He also tells Yash that his brother won’t survive even if he lies, prays, worships and tries his best. Yash’s family gets worried hearing all this.

Yash asks Jaggi Raja to try his best as he won’t let him succeed in his evil motives. He tells Jaggi Raja that he will soon be able to clear his doubts about his son’s murder from his son personally. Yash also tells Jaggi Raja that he will soon arrange a father-son meeting. He disconnects the call and throws the phone. Yash alerts his family telling them that Jaggi Raja can attack them any time. Chikki makes Yash’s family’s female members sit in the car with her. Yash makes Raj (Yash’s younger brother) and severely injured junior, Rajkumar sit in another car with him.

Yash hands over the car keys to Chikki after confirming that she knows how to drive. As Yash requests Chikki to keep his family safe, Chikki promises him the same. Both Chikki and Yash start driving with Yash’s family members in both cars. They connect themselves by talking to each other on call through bluetooth earpiece devices. Yash tells Chikki that they will reach his safe farmhouse in 15 minutes. Chikki replies okay. Jaggi Raja’s goon keeps shooting at Yash and Chikki’s car. Yash keeps giving cover to Chikki’s car by keeping his car behind her car.


Jaggi Raja’s gunshot hits Yash’s car’s petrol tank, making petrol leak continuously from it. Yash instructs Chikki to outwit Jaggi Raja’s goons with his plan. According to Yash’s plan, both Chikki and Yash take separate paths. Jaggi Raja’s goons get confused thinking whom to follow and stop wherever they are. Yash and Chikki’s car reaches the same point. Raj looks back and gets shocked. He tells Yash that their car’s petrol tank is leaking due to the gunshot. This angers and worries Yash. Yash informs Chikki about the fuel tank issue. Chikki starts getting out of the car to help Yash.

On time, Yash and Raj notice Jaggi Raja’s goons coming from behind. Yash informs Chikki about it and alerts her. He stops Chikki from coming outside. He screams and requests Chikki to take his family to his safe house/farmhouse. Yash’s grandmother says she won’t leave her grandson in danger. Chikki ignores Yash’s grandmother and drives forward with speed. Jaggi Raja’s goons shoot a lot of bullets at Yash’s car. After checking the car, they get shocked seeing Yash’s car empty. Yash and Raj are seen running away in some forest area with severely injured Rajkumar.

Rajkumar asks Yash to run and save his family, leaving him behind. Yash shuts up Rajkumar and scolds him for talking nonsense. As Raj, Yash and Rajkumar walk forward, Jaggi Raja’s goons come in front of them as an obstacle. Chikki arrives there alone in Yash’s car and hits Jaggi Raja’s goons with the car, taking Lord Shiva’s name. She smartly makes Yash, Raj and Rajkumar sit inside the car. Chikki asks Yash to fasten his seatbelt. Yash asks Chikki if she has gone crazy. Chikki drives speedily from between Jaggi Raja’s goons.

The serial killer and Chikki’s obsessive lover reaches Yash’s main house. A sniper can be seen lying conscious, but injured. Serial killer says, “Even 3 men and 100 bullets couldn’t kill Yash”. He snatches the gun from the sniper and shoots him. On the other hand, Yash asks Chikki if she has lost her mind. He also asks Chikki, who drives a car so fast. Yash tells Chikki that she should be fined. Chikki tells Yash that he should thank her for saving her. She thanks God, thinking that no one is following her car. Chikki asks Yash, Raj and Rajkumar, if they are fine. Yash signs in yes.

He asks Chikki if she left his family alone. Chikki tells Yash she came to save him only after dropping his family to his farmhouse. Yash breathes a sigh of relief. Chikki tells Yash that her maternal aunt will feel very proud of her, knowing how she saved his family. She tells Yash that she failed the police officer test but every drop of her blood wants to be a cop. Chikki reminds Yash that she saved him at his home too. Yash asks when. Chikki reminds Yash how she told him using sign language that she will return to save him. In a low voice, Yash tells Chikki that she used wrong signs and asked him, “to take off his t-shirt shirt, as she will be returning”.

This shocks Chikki and she presses the barkes strongly. Chikki apologizes and says that a boulder came in the way. She starts driving again. Chikki tells Yash that she can never say that. She reveals that she forwards wrong scenes while watching films. Chikki says that she doesn’t even touch or take down gents clothes, when they are hanging out to dry. She asks Yash how she will dare to ask him to take his clothes off that he is wearing. Yash asks Chikki, who taught her this sign language. Chikki tells Yash that she learnt sign language through an online course. Yash smiles a little hearing this.

On the other hand, Sachin reaches Yash’s main house. They call him but Yash switches it off immediately. Chikki asks Yash why he did that. Yash explains to Chikki that this way Jaggi Raja can trace his location. Chikki asks Yash what about his team. Yash tells Chikki that his team is well trained by him and will surely trace his location themselves. Raj tells Yash that Rajkumar’s condition is worsening. Yash asks Chikki to drive quickly as they need to reach his farmhouse soon. Yash’s team on the other hand, decrypts that Yash and his family ran away from home, but are still in danger.

Yash, Chikki, Raj and Rajkumar reach Yash’s farmhouse. He gets stunned, when his family opens the door only on hearing Chikki’s taught weird signal. Rajkumar is made to lie on the center table. Yash gets worried when he finds antiseptics and bandages missing from the first aid box. Chikki takes out Yash’s jacket that she was wearing. She ties it over Rajkumar’s knee saying that blood needs to be stopped by putting pressure on it. Yash’s family gets shocked seeing Chikki’s back visible. While Yash feels tense about it, his grandmother feels disgusted. Yash covers Chikki with Raj’s jacket. “Oh Sajna” song plays in the background.

Yash’s grandmother feels angry noticing Yash and Chikki’s proximity. Yash and Chikki drive off to get medicines and bandages from the pharmacy they saw on the way. As Chikki takes the initiative to get down from the car and buy medicines, Yash stops her, telling her that Jaggi Raja’s goons might recognize her. He also tells Chikki that Jaggi Raja’s goons are very dangerous. Chikki tells Yash that she didn’t know that he is a police officer, who can risk his life for his assistant. She also tells Yash that he is a police officer who has a medal on his chest and heart of gold. Yash feels good hearing all this.

Chikki tells Yash that she doesn’t care about facts, when she has to say good things, just says it. Yash tells Chikki that he has to be worried about her as whatever is happening, is his fault. He also tells Chikki that it’s his duty, not hers. Yash thanks Chikki for doing so much for him and his family, without any selfish motives. “Oh Sajna” plays in the background. Chikki tells Yash that he doesn’t need to thank her. She asks Yash to inform her maternal aunt that she has hidden Rs. 2500 on the top of the fan, if she (Chikki) dies. Chikki also asks Yash to tell her sister Payal that she can wear her blue dress. She further asks Yash to ask Payal to light beautiful fragrant candles for her and spend a little extra money on her sister’s death.

Chikki asks Yash to ask her younger brother Tarun to paint a nice picture of her. She also asks Yash to get her death news published in the newspaper with 3 inches extra height added to her original height. Yash gets emotional seeing Chikki’s innocence. He promises Chikki that he won’t let anything happen to her, ever. “Oh Sajna” plays in the background. As Chikki gets down, Yash asks her to be careful. Chikki walks past a lot of goons of Jaggi Raja. Some goons are standing with Yash’s photographs and some are standing with Chikki’s photographs.

Seeing a goon staring at her evilly, Chikki gives him a befitting reply. Yash gets worried about Chikki as the same goon stops Chikki. The goon shows Yash’s photograph to Chikki and asks her if she has seen this person. Chikki smartly handles the goon and fools him. Chikki enters the pharmacy of the petrol pump. More goons and snipers of Jaggi Raja arrive there. Yash recognizes one of the snipers, who was at his home and saw Chikki there. He worries thinking that this sniper might recognize Chikki. Through bluetooth, Yash alerts Chikki about the sniper’s arrival. He instructs her to stay inside the pharmacy.

A kid steals the chocolate kept inside the pharmacy and runs outside. Store alarm rings and grabs Jaggi Raja’s goons attention. Sniper recognizes Chikki. Yash gets hell worried for Chikki. He feels angry, when Jaggi Raja’s goons, grabs Chikki and slaps her hard. Goons start laughing at Chikki. Chikki gets angry and starts fighting the goons bravely and brilliantly. Stunned stops getting out of the car seeing this. Later, both Chikki and Yash get shocked, when all the goons together point their guns at Chikki. While Yash gets badly worried, Chikki breathes heavily standing between so many guns.

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