Kundali Bhagya 24th June 2022 Written Update Preeta kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya 24th June 2022 Written Update Preeta kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya 24th June 2022 Written Update Preeta kidnapped Arjun follows Preeta to the school, when she goes to drop Kavya. He gets to see Preeta and Kavya’s bonding, which doesn’t please him at all. He sees Kavya as Rishabh’s daughter, and fills hatred in his heart for Preeta. Preeta finds Arjun behind him, but fails to see his face. In the next scene, Preeta is seen unconscious, lying on the floor, while Arjun delivers a dialogue watching her. He tells her that she deserves this pain, she deserves to die. Rishabh calls Preeta. Arjun gets to see the incoming home and feels disgusted. Rishabh tells Sameer that Preeta always takes his calls, it never happens that she ignores his calls. He hopes that she is safe. He grows worried for Preeta, oblivious that she got kidnapped by Arjun. Did Karan really kidnap his beloved Preeta or reach out to help her in a messy situation? Will Arjun disclose his identity to the family? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Nobody from the big Luthra family sees Arjun roaming in the house. Arjun follows Preeta. Rakhi misses the family time. She thinks Rishabh got too busy, Karan used to come to convince her, but now he isn’t with her. She recalls how Karan used to hear her frustration and pacify her. She misses those golden moments of peace. She loves Karan a lot. She hopes that Karan really comes back to her. Kareena finds Rakhi having high hopes of Karan’s return. She tells that Karan has left them and will never come. She wants Rakhi to accept the truth.

Kundali Bhagya 24th June 2022 Written Update Preeta kidnapped:


Kareena tells that Karan isn’t in the world, he left them. Rakhi tells that she can see Karan and feel him, he is with them. Kareena tells that he is in their memories, he can never leave them that way. Rakhi asks if he really left them. She tells that Karan was just with her. Kareena hugs her and consoles. She asks her not to cry, Karan won’t like her tears. Preeta drops Kavya to school. She thinks Kavya wants attention, she is just like Karan. Arjun/Karan follows Preeta and gets to see Preeta with Kavya. He remembers his moments with Preeta, when they both decided the name of their daughter, Kavya.

He feels hurt that she has named Rishabh’s daughter as Kavya. He thinks Preeta killed him and also his love, he had thought of Kavya name for his daughter, but she gave that name to Rishabh’s daughter. Preeta asks Kavya to finish the lunch. Kavya kisses Preeta. She asks Preeta to give her kiss to Rishabh. Preeta asks her to go to the class now. Karan feels really hurt that Preeta has stolen his dreams and life, and she is herself living a good life. Preeta gets Rishabh’s call. She tells that she will talk to her later, she is going to meet Kavya’s principal. Karan races the car to get her attention. He then follows Preeta.

Preeta collides with a girl. She apologizes to the girl and helps her. Karan turns away. Preeta doesn’t see him. Karan hides from her and later thinks why did he hide. He tells that he is back, he will keep an eye on Preeta, he wants to see her real face this time. Preeta meets the principal. She feels proud of Kavya when she hears a good praise from the principal. Karan keeps an eye. Principal complains about Kavya’s angry behavior. Preeta apologizes to her. Principal asks her to talk to Rishabh, who is really calm and composed, he is a sorted person. She tells that if Rishabh explains Kavya then she might understand.

Preeta tells that she will talk to Rishabh, he explains it really well, he makes sure that the other person understands it. Karan is hurt and recalls Preeta’s taunts. He feels the truth was in front of him and he didn’t realize it, he felt jealous but never questioned Preeta, she had cleanly cheated him, he didn’t even know it. Preeta sees him and thinks why is he following her. She finds him leaving. She follows Karan. She collides with someone. Karan enters the storeroom to get saved. Preeta also enters the storeroom. The peon tells that he isn’t getting the storeroom key.

Preeta misses Karan. Karan wants bad to happen with her. He curses her that the darkness surrounds her, she sinks in sorrow and loses her joy. He wants Preeta’s answer. He wants to know why did she cheat him and try to kill him. Preeta feels Karan is around her, she can feel his presence. Peon gets the keys and locks the door. Preeta tries to shout for help, but she gets locked. Anjali shouts on the hospital staff. She tells that Arjun is missing. She wants an answer. Nobody knows about Arjun. Anjali asks the doctor how can he be so careless. She yells at the staff. They ask her to calm down. Anjali tells that the staff is careless and didn’t look after Arjun. She warns the doctor. Preeta senses someone’s presence in the storeroom. Preeta falls short of breath in fear. She asks the hidden person to come out. Karan wants to know who is she that she cheated him. He regrets that he couldn’t see her truth.

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