Anupama 27th June 2022 Written Update New twist

Anupama 27th June 2022 Written Update New twist

Anupama 27th June 2022 Written Update New twist Bapuji folds his hands and apologizes to Anuj for Baa’s bitter words. Anuj requests Bapuji to not say or do this. He tells Bapuji that he has only few relations in the name of family. Anuj also tells Bapuji that he felt bad hearing Baa’s bitter words about his family but didn’t take it to heart. Bapuji tells Anuj that for this he needs a heart to feel bad, but his heart is with Anupama. Both Anuj and Bapuji start laughing. Bapuji tells Anuj that this world is running only because of people like him and Anupama.

He explains to Anuj that only because of people like him and Anupama, there is proper balance maintained between good and evil. Anuj thanks Bapuji. Paritosh says Anupama and Baa are talking inside. He says that he hopes that Baa and Anupama just talk, instead of arguing badly. Inside, Anupama tells Baa that she won’t leave, till the latter invites her in-law to Kinjal’s baby shower. Baa angril refuses to invite Anupama’s in-laws. Bapuji comes there and says he will invite Anupama’s in-laws to Kinjal’s baby shower. Baa warns Bapuji that drama or issues might arise between Kapadias and Shahs in Kinjal’s baby shower.

Bapuji asks Baa why she is blaming only Kapadias when drama arose between/in both families. Baa says that everything happened because of Kapadias. Bapuji says Kapadias would be thinking the same. Baa says she doesn’t care. Bapuji takes Anupama with himself to invite Kapadias. Baa decides that she will teach a lesson to Barkha and her family with a great welcome. She suddenly gets worried about Vanraj. Bapuji reminds Anupama how Baa crossed her limits during her wedding ceremonies with Anuj, but later blessed her with happiness. Bapuji asks Anupama to get to work and prepare for her daughter-in-laws baby shower. Anupama says she will prepare for children’s happiness, not to show off to anyone.


Bapuji makes a video call to Barkha. Both sides of people greet each other. Bapuji apologizes to Barkha and her family for Vanraj’s behavior and for his burp at their house-warming party. Ankush asks Bapuji to not embarrass them by apologizing. Bapuji invites Barkha and her family to Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. He tells Kapadias that this way, they will be able to strengthen their spoiled relations. Ankush agrees to Bapuji’s words. He tells Bapuji that he and his family will attend Kinjal’s Baby Shower Ceremony. Sara expresses excitement about the baby shower ceremony. Excited Pakhi tries to catch a sight or glimpse of Adhik in the video call.

As the call disconnects. Anuj says everyone should learn nobility from their Bapuji. Anupama says knowledge is achieved by effort and respect with humility. She says this is why her Bapuji is respected in the whole of Ahmedabad. All the children together say, “Bapuji Rocks”. Baa feels angry on overhearing Bapuji and Kapadias conversation and seeing everyone happy. She also feels angry thinking that no one respects her and Vanraj’s will. Anupama thanks Bapuji for handling everything in a good and proper way. Bapuji tells Anupama that he has learnt all this from her only.

He asks Anupama to talk to Anuj as he can notice sadness behind Anuj’s smile. Bapuji explains to Anupama that Anuj felt bad for his family, like she felt bad for the Shah family earlier. Later, Vanraj and Kavya get worried seeing so many missed calls from Baa. They call back Baa. Baa reveals to Vanraj and Kavya that Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony has been scheduled for the next day. This shocks Vanraj and Kavya. On the other hand, Anupama asks Anuj why he didn’t say anything to Baa. Anuj tells Anupama that he doesn’t want to take tension or interfere between her and Baa.

Anupama stutters and asks Anuj if she can stay at Shah house for a day as Baa and Children won’t be able to handle Baby Shower preparations alone. Anuj gets angry at Anupama for deciding to stay at Shah house alone and not expecting his help. Anupama stops Anuj from leaving angrily. In a cute way, Anupama scares and stunns Anuj using Mumbaikar’s tapori language to stop him. Anuj also uses Mumbaikar’s tapori language and gets naughty with Anupama. Samar interrupts Anuj from kissing Anupama. Anuj gets irritated in a cute way. Anupama leaves to talk to Samar. Anuj says Samar is 6ft but doesn’t have a brain of even 1ft.

On the other hand, Kavya asks Baa how Kinjal’s baby shower can take place without Vanraj and her presence. Baa tells Vanraj that tomorrow’s muhurat is auspicious/good and Rakhi got stubborn. She says even Anupama gave in to Rakhi’s stubbornness. Baa apologizes to Vanraj. Shocked, Vanraj reminds Baa that Bapuji performed the first ritual at the time of Anupama’s baby shower ceremony. He says at the Baby Shower Ceremony, the first official ritual is performed by grandfather for his upcoming grandson/granddaughter. Vanraj says it is right. He reveals that he dreamt of organizing and celebrating his daughter-in-law’s baby shower ceremony on a grand note.

Vanraj says he ran to another city to work and earn only to fulfill this dream of his. He reveals that he already thought of a theme and other preparations for Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Vanraj says that he wanted to enjoy Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony forgetting everything. He asks Baa if only maternal and paternal grandmothers have rights on grandchildren, not maternal and paternal grandfather. Vanraj asks Baa if grandfather’s dreams, desires, presence and rights don’t matter. Baa and Kavya feel bad for Vanraj.

At Shah house, Samar gives his saved money to Anupama. He reveals that he earned and saved all this by taking extra dance classes and participating in various small events. Samar says that after spending some money in house expenditure, only this much money (savings) is left with him. This makes everyone emotional. On the other hand, Baa tells Vanraj that she will cancel the ceremony as she can’t tolerate Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony taking place without him. Vanraj gives his swear/oath to Baa and requests her to let Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony take place.

Samar says being Kinjal’s baby’s paternal uncle (chachu), he will do whatever he can. He says he has seen Paritosh and Vanraj trying hard to get some work. Samar says Paritosh and Vanraj are not to be blamed if they aren’t getting any work even after putting so much effort. He tells Anupama that they won’t burden Paritosh and Vanraj and manage as much as possible together, on their own. Samar tells Anupama that he will take some amount of loan from his friend and return him in installments, if she allows. He requests Anupama to not refuse his idea.

Anupama asks Samar why she will refuse. Bapuji tells Samar that they can’t refuse him realizing his intentions. Anupama tells Samar that she is proud of him seeing his care and contribution towards his family. Bapuji tells Samar that he is the reward/fruit of their good deeds. Paritosh expresses his thankfulness towards Samar. He also contributes a little for Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony preparations. Vanraj apologizes to Baa for saying so much. He says he forgot that he is unemployed and got emotional. Vanraj tells Baa that an unemployed person dreams a lot and big. He also tells Baa that a person should be practical in life, while dreaming.

Vanraj tells Baa that if tomorrow is an auspicious time or day, then it will also be auspicious for Kinjal and her upcoming child. He requests Baa to let Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony take place tomorrow only. Baa asks Vanraj what about his presence and feelings. Vanraj tells Baa that it doesn’t matter if he can’t attend his daughter-in-law’s baby shower ceremony. He says his upcoming grandchild will spend life and play with him only. On the other hand, Samar justifies his contribution for Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony to Paritosh. He reminds Paritosh that he has spent his pocket more on him, than himself.

Anupama explains the family’s importance to Paritosh and thanks him. She hands over Samar and Paritosh’s contribution to Bapuji. Pakhi comes and contributes the money she saved from her Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj gift amount. Paritosh reminds Pakhi that she saved this money to buy new shows for herself. Pakhi tells Paritosh that Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony is priority now. She says she will buy new shoes later with the upcoming Rakshabandhan gift amount. This makes everyone extra emotional.

Paritosh asks how he can take money from his younger sister. Anupama and Pakhi explain that Pakhi can also contribute as she is going to become a paternal aunt soon. Bapuji contributes some money on his and Baa’s behalf. He says he will soon submit the money which Vanraj saved for Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Anupama also contributes some money which she earned by working in her dance academy and Kapadia office. Anuj contributes the amount equal to Anupama. Anupama says a large amount is collected from little contributions.

Anupama explains middle class family’s importance to everyone. She says that everyone will prepare for the grand baby shower ceremony but by spending rationally. Kinjal feels happy seeing her family’s togetherness. She tells her baby that he/she is luckiest. On the other hand, Vanraj tells Baa various places he kept his saved money, which can be used for Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony as his contribution. He asks Baa to organize Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony grandly. Baa asks Vanraj won’t he really be able to attend Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony tomorrow. Vanraj tells Baa that at present it’s more important to earn for family, rather than being with family.

He says he will even visit other countries or villages to earn money for his family. Vanraj tells Baa that house expenses will increase after his grandchild will take birth in this world. He says, for the increased expenses to find work and earn money is really very important. This makes Kavya and Baa emotional. On the other hand, Anupama and Samar hug each other. Samar tells Anupama it’s important for a person to be mature at some point. They have an emotional talk about Samar’s increasing care towards Vanraj. Anupama tells Samar that she can understand his feelings and care towards Vanraj. Samar tells Anupama that he can understand Vanraj’s feelings as he has suffered the same in the past and doesn’t want anyone to feel the same ever.

Anupama explains to Samar that he himself is the decision maker of his relations and she won’t ever interfere in his and Vanraj’s relationship. Samar thanks Anupama and tells Anupama that he is just respecting Vanraj’s efforts towards becoming good. On the other hand, at the same time, Vanraj asks Baa to invite everyone except Barkha and her family (Kapadias). Baa tells Vanraj that she refused to invite Kapadias in front of Rakhi and everyone but Anupama and Bapuji still invited Kapadias. She says even Anuj acted as a hero in front of everyone. Vanraj disconnects the call in anger.

In the next episode, Anupama, Anuj and the Shah family will dance and sing. This will make Kinjal happy. Anupama will worry thinking about Barkha, Baa and Rakhi’s temperament/behavior during Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Baa will feel angry thinking that Anupama gave Vanraj’s position and rights to Anuj in Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Barkha and Rakhi will determine that they won’t spare anyone if something wrong happens with them at Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony.

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