Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th June 2022 Written Update Ignorant Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th June 2022 Written Update Ignorant Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th June 2022 Written Update Ignorant Prisha Pihu is seen walking and focused on her phone. A person passes from nearby Pihu. He looks at Pihu with evil intentions. This evil person tries to steal Pihu’s bag. When Pihu doesn’t let him steal her bag, he starts strangling her neck. Vidyut comes there and saves Pihu. He fights the robber (the evil person). The evil person gives up and runs away with his bike. Vidyut returns Pihu’s mobile and bag to her. He asks Pihu if she is fine. Pihu signs in “yes” and coughs. He offers water to Pihu. Pihu shows reluctance initially but later on drinks the water.

He suggests Pihu to not travel alone in isolated areas. Pihu tells Vidyut that she used to travel alone in even Mumbai and she is habitual. Vidyut asks Pihu to change her habit as now she is living in Delhi, not Mumbai. He tells Pihu to be careful as evil/cheap people can be found anywhere and rest is her wish. Pihu tells Vidyut that she will be careful and thanks him for helping her. Vidyut offers to drop Pihu home and opens his care door. Pihu gets angry and tells Vidyut that his help won’t make her forget his past mistakes. Vidyut asks Pihu what she means. Pihu tells Vidyut that she is thankful for his help but wishes to stay away from boys like him.


Vidyut leaves asking Pihu to do whatever she wants to as he doesn’t care. Pihu makes a face. At Hotel Cupola, Rudra is keeping a watch on Ruhi and Sharda having ice-cream. Vanshika comes there and sits with Rudra. She calls Rudra strange for keeping a watch on Ruhi. Rudra tells Vanshika that Saaransh and Ruhi visited Cupola hotel yesterday and even today Ruhi insisted on visiting the same hotel to have ice cream. He says he is sensing that something is wrong. Rudra tells Vanshika that to get to know what is wrong he is keeping a watch on Ruhi from a distance.

Vanshika gets convinced to help Rudra in keeping a watch on Ruhi. While having an ice-cream, Ruhi wonders why Prisha isn’t coming near the coffee shop. She feels worried thinking if Prisha left the Cupola hotel. Suddenly, Ruhi sees Prisha standing outside the coffee shop with Pihu. She makes the washroom excuse and runs towards Prisha. By questioning Sharda, Rudra runs to find Ruhi inside the hotel. Ruhi runs and follows Prisha. Seeing Ruhi running outside, Rudra walks towards her but gets surrounded by fans. Prisha receives Armaan’s call and tells him that she is going shopping with Pihu to attend SR Purple regency hotel’s party with him, which is scheduled the next day.

Pihu follows Prisha. “Teri Laadki Main”, plays in the background. When Pihu fails to reach Prisha, she shouts, “Mumma”. Prisha feels something and stops at her place. She turns back and sees Pihu standing and smiling seeing her. Pihu forwards her arms towards Prisha, asking her to come and hug her. Prisha feels confused. Pihu calls her and asks her to come as it’s getting late. Prisha fails to recognize Pihu but leaves ignoring her. She feels some connection with Pihu but still leaves with Pihu. Pihu wonders why Prisha ignored her like she doesn’t know her. She feels upset.

On the other hand, Rudra sees Armaan’s reflection in the mirror nearby. He recalls that Armaan went missing from Delhi after Prisha went missing. Rudra doubts Armaan’s hand behind Prisha’s disappearance. He thinks about why he didn’t think of this earlier. Rudra further thinks that for sure Armaan is behind Prisha’s disappearance. Before Rudra could follow Armaan, he gets surrounded by his fans. Somehow Rudra escapes and runs towards the store room, following Armaan. He leaves the store room, not finding Armaan in the store room. Rudra, Sharda and Vanshika run outside the hotel to find Ruhi.

Armaan gets worried knowing that Rudra saw him. He thinks about doing something, so that Rudra couldn’t come face to face with him, his family and especially Prisha. Rudra, Sharda and Vanshika find Ruhi outside. Ruhi asks Rudra what he is doing outside the Cupola hotel. Rudra lies to Ruhi that he had a meeting with Vanshika at Cupola hotel. He asks Ruhi what she is doing outside the hotel. Sharda tells Ruhi that she told Rudra that they are having ice cream at the Cupola hotel. Ruhi thinks that she can’t make her family sad by revealing to them that she saw Prisha at the Cupola hotel. She thinks that Prisha has changed and hurt her by ignoring her.

Sharda asks Ruhi what she is doing outside the hotel, as she told her that she is going to the washroom. Ruhi lies to her family that she came to meet her friend, who came with her parents. Rudra and Vanshika tell Ruhi that she is still a kid and shouldn’t go anywhere alone. Ruhi apologizes to Rudra and promises him that she won’t repeat her mistake next time. Rudra asks Sharda, Vanshika and Ruhi to wait for him in the car. He goes to the Cupola hotel’s receptionist and asks her if she can tell him whether Armaan Thakur is living in her hotel or not. Receptionist apologizes to Rudra, telling him that she can’t give him guests information being binded with hotel policy.

Rudra convinces the receptionist to give him details about Armaan Thakur’s hotel room. The receptionist checks her records and tells Rudra that no one by Armaan Thakur’s name is living in the Cupola hotel. Rudra thinks that Armaan might be staying in a different hotel. He determines to find why Armaan returned to Delhi. As Rudra leaves outside the hotel, Armaan comes to the reception. He recalls how he smartly hid behind the bar-like place, seeing Rudra. Arnaan also recalls how he convinced the receptionist to not reveal that he is staying in the Cupola hotel, telling her that he doesn’t want anyone to disturb his family. He even tried to bribe the receptionist.

Flashback ends. To get saved from Rudra, Armaan decides to leave Delhi with Prisha as soon as possible. Ruhi reaches her home with her family. Being upset, Ruhi starts walking towards her room. Rudra stops Ruhi and tells her that she and Saaransh won’t go anywhere alone, except school. Ruhi says okay and leaves towards her home. Vanshika tells Rudra that she accepted the Oberoi’s daughter’s engagement party invitation and offer on his behalf. Rudra scolds Vanshika and reminds her that he doesn’t like attending parties. Vanshika explains to Rudra that sometimes a person has to do things, which he/she doesn’t like to do normally.

She tells Rudra that this offer is from one of the prestigious families of Delhi and good for his reputation. Vanshika tells Rudra that at present socializing is important for his image and reputation. Rudra refuses and asks Vanshika to refuse Oberoi’s offer. He asks Vanshika to cancel his today’s meetings and recordings as he has some important work to do. Vanshika asks Rudra about their work deadlines. Rudra reminds Vanshika that he is the boss and asks her to cancel everything. Sharda asks Vanshika to not feel bad about Rudra’s anger. Vanshika tells Sharda that she likes Rudra however he is, as he doesn’t pretend to be someone else.

Vanshika leaves Khurana Mansion. Sharda thinks that only Prisha can keep Rudra fine. She thinks that Rudra is breaking from inside by passing time and is incomplete without Prisha. Sharda wonders where Prisha is at present. In the next episode, Prisha will tell Pihu that she felt some connection with Ruhi. Crying Ruhi on the other hand will tell Saaransh that Prisha ignored her like she doesn’t know her. This information will shock Saaransh. With a secret person’s help, Rudra will get to know that Armaan is living in the Cupola hotel. As per the secret person’s information, Rudra will wear a mask and enter the party, where Armaan and his family will enter with Prisha.

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