Bhagya Lakshmi 1st July 2022 Written Update Amazing

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st July 2022 Written Update Amazing

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st July 2022 Written Update Amazing Rano tells Balwinder that Lakshmi loves Rishi, the baby can’t be of anyone else than Rishi, she is mad after Rishi. Balwinder shocks her saying the baby is not of Rishi, but someone else. She denies to believe this. She knows Lakshmi’s character. Ahana meets Rishi and Lakshmi at the court. She tells the truth to stop their divorce. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t pregnant, she has lied to the family to cover up her/Ahana’s pregnancy. Rishi is shocked by his big revelation. He didn’t expect this twist in his life. The divorce gets waived off when Ahana clears the misunderstanding. The judge tells that she knew it that Lakshmi can never be wrong. She gives a fresh lease to Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage.

Rishi takes Lakshmi and Ahana home, where they get confronted by Gautam’s parents along with their own family. Gautam’s mother Anjana insults Lakshmi. She tells that she got to know Lakshmi’s truth and her real character, she is really disgusting. She regrets to believe Lakshmi before. Rishi interrupts to stop Anjana, and tells that Lakshmi is still his wife, he will not hear a word against his wife. He tells that he can hear anything but not anything against Lakshmi. Neelam, Karishma, Ayush and Virender look on shocked, while Dadi is the only person from the family who loves Rishi for his amazing stand for his wife.

Earlier in the show, the judge tells that there is nothing left to say. She adds that they both know the decision already, they will get divorced. She takes the papers to stamp and hand it over to them. Rishi and Lakshmi feel sorrowful to the core that their marriage is breaking. The judge stamps the divorce and signs the papers. She feels Lakshmi can’t do anything wrong, but since she has no proof, nothing can help her. She announces that their relation is over, their marriage is now over. Ahana reaches there and stops the judge from concluding the already granted divorce.


Bhagya Lakshmi 1st July 2022 Written Update Amazing:

Judge tells Ahana that its not right to intervene in a court proceeding. Ahana tells that she knows she can get punished also, but she can’t let any innocent person get punished. Rishi asks Ahana what is she saying. Lakshmi tells that Ahana is her sister-in-law. Rishi asks Ahana why did she come to the court. Ahana asks the judge not to grant the divorce, because Lakshmi is doing everything to save her. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t pregnant. Rishi is super shocked knowing this. Ahana tells that she is pregnant. Rishi looks at Lakshmi with much regret and recalls the recent happenings. Balwinder tells Rano that he will marry Lakshmi and live a lavish life. He insults Rano and Neha.

She insults him back. He tells her that Lakshmi is pregnant, it’s a good news. She didn’t know about it. She tells that Lakshmi and Rishi will unite, then Balwinder won’t have any hope. He tells that Lakshmi isn’t carrying Rishi’s child. She calls him mental. She tells that Lakshmi madly loves Rishi, the baby can’t be of anyone else. He tells that the truth is confirmed, he is also mad for Lakshmi, he will marry her and give the baby his name. She asks him to stop dreaming, he will never get Lakshmi. He threatens of killing her and makes her apologize. She apologizes and asks him to spare her.

She runs away. Ahana tells that Lakshmi took the blame on herself just to save her/Ahana’s respect. She tells the judge that Lakshmi is innocent, she got to know that Lakshmi will get divorced today, she couldn’t stop herself and came here to stop the divorce. Rishi asks Ahana is she pregnant. Ahana tells that she had a boyfriend, she was in a relationship, she is pregnant and wants to keep the baby, Gautam knows the truth and accepted her baby too, but he didn’t tell the truth to his parents till now. She adds that Lakshmi wanted to tolerate this to save her relationship. She asks the judge not to punish Lakshmi.

She doesn’t want to break Lakshmi’s relation to make her own relation. She tells that she doesn’t want to start her new life by doing wrong with Lakshmi. Lakshmi sheds tears. Rishi asks Ahana what is she saying. Ahana tells that it’s the truth, her engagement isn’t important, she broke her engagement and came here to save his marriage. Lakshmi asks Ahana why did she sacrifice her happiness. Rishi asks Ahana how did she hide this matter from him and entire family. He tells that Lakshmi had to undergo a lot because of Ahana. Lakshmi tells that they shall rush and save Ahana and Gautam’s relation, Gautam is sorted and is ready to accept Ahana’s child.

Lakshmi hugs Ahana and consoles her. Rishi dies of guilt, while the judge stays confused. Anjana tells Gautam that they shall leave right away. Gautam waits for Ahana. Virender tells that Ahana will come back, they will sort the matter. Anjana tells that they don’t care, Ahana left the engagement and insulted them. Neelam tries to buy some time. Anjana tells that its not acceptable, Gautam is also nervous, she didn’t leave the engagement. Virender and Neelam defend Ahana. Anjana asks if Ahana is having an affair. Karishma tells that Ahana doesn’t have any affair. Anjana tells that Lakshmi is pregnant with a driver, and Ahana ran away from her engagement, she knows the family well now. Gautam stops Anjana.

Ayush asks Anjana not to say anything wrong about Ahana. Anjana asks did they call them for insult. Virender apologizes to Anjana on Ahana’s behalf. Anjana tells that she can’t stay back and wait for Ahana. She commands Gautam to come. Gautam’s dad Naresh tells that they didn’t expect this. They reach the door, and see Ahana back. Karishma asks Ahana to come with her. She asks where did she go and why. She wants an answer. Anjana asks them to see, Ahana is silent and not giving any clarification. Lakshmi comes to handle the situation, but gets humiliated by Anjana. Rishi stops Anjana from insulting his wife. He tells that he won’t tolerate anything against Lakshmi, she is still his wife.

Malishka is shocked to know that the divorce didn’t happen. Lakshmi apologizes to Gautam’s parents. She tells that she will tell them the reason why Ahana left, she was missing Rishi and her, she wanted them to be with her during the engagement. She adds that Ahana loves them a lot, she just wanted them back. Anjana tells that Ahana could have told them. Lakshmi tells that Ahana wanted to tell them, but couldn’t say, she just wanted her brother and Bhabhi to be with her, Gautam knew this, he understands Ahana well. Naresh tells that Gautam tried to explain them too. Gautam apologizes. Lakshmi tells that children make mistakes and elders forgive them always. She apologizes sweetly to convince them.

Gautam asks Naresh and Anjana to please agree. Rishi also asks for forgiveness. Virender tells that they shall forget everything and get ahead with the engagement. Anjana asks Ahana if she is sure to get engaged. Ahana gives her nod. Neelam stops Lakshmi to know about the divorce. She tells that she will tackle Lakshmi after the engagement. Rishi stands with Lakshmi. Rano goes mad that she got insulted in the Oberoi house. Shalu tells that its not Lakshmi’s mistake. Rano blames Lakshmi and Shalu. She asks Shalu to cook food for her and not show any attitude. Rano yells at her. Balwinder enters the Oberoi mansion with an evil intention of kidnapping Lakshmi. He hides from Dadi and Ayush.

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