Kumkum Bhagya 1st July 2022 Written Update Prachi quits

Kumkum Bhagya 1st July 2022 Written Update Prachi quits

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st July 2022 Written Update Prachi quits Prachi decides to fight for her rights. In this next scene, Prachi gives up on her rights and thinks to escape from the insane Kohli house and protect her baby, who won’t get anything from Ranbir. She tells that she shouldn’t stay back, nothing good will happen with the baby if she stays back, its no use, she has to think of her baby’s life and future. She tells that its just lies and cheat filled in Kohli house.

Furthermore, before leaving the house, Prachi goes to see Ranbir once. She sees Ranbir and Rhea sleeping in their room, separated by the pillows line on the shared bed. Prachi gets disheartened seeing them, knowing its no use for Ranbir to remember his limits now, its too late to repent. She packs her bags and leaves from the house, saying if she stays back, then she can never move on, but she has to move on for the sake of her baby. She wants to shape her baby’s future by going away. She steps out of the Kohli house. Will Prachi really leave the house, or is this just Rhea’s dream? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi tells that she won’t leave the house, she will take her rights. He tells that he isn’t thinking to oust her, he wants her to stay in the house. She tells that she can’t tolerate him, he has crossed his limits. She walks out. Ranbir asks Shahana to ask Prachi to come back to her room. He gets upset and leaves. He finds Rhea outside the room. Rhea didn’t know that Prachi will decide to fight for her rights. Aaliya asks Rhea what happened to her mood. Rhea tells that Prachi didn’t listen to her, even when she begged Prachi. Aaliya asks her not to say anything, else Prachi may hear her and know her drama. Rhea tells that Aaliya’s idea has flopped. She feels Aaliya made her a loser in front of Prachi. Aaliya asks her to come to the point. Pallavi asks Rhea to take some rest and talk to Aaliya later.

Kumkum Bhagya 1st July 2022 Written Update Prachi quits:

Shahana asks Prachi to calm down. Prachi tells that she always loses her cool when she sees Ranbir. Shahana tells that Prachi shouldn’t get hyper, Ranbir isn’t able to explain her anything. Prachi asks her what would Ranbir explain to them, how did he impregnate Rhea, he was drunk and got close to Rhea, there is nothing to prove his innocence. Shahana apologizes to take his side. She consoles Prachi. Prachi tells that she is feeling like crying due to her anger. She misses Pragya. She tells that Pragya would have solved her problem, or encouraged her into solving these complications.

Shahana tells that she will become her mum and pacify her. Prachi lies in Shahana’s lap and tries to sleep while recalling Pragya. Prachi sits crying after Shahana goes. Ranbir is disturbed thinking of Prachi. He tells that he should have told Prachi that he knows about her pregnancy, but she is already angry on him, she will not understand him. He wishes to tell her that he wants his fatherhood dream to get completed only by Prachi. He blames himself that he doubted Prachi’s character and removed her from his life. He calls himself a fool that he has ruined his marriage himself.

He can’t believe that he has given Rhea’s pregnancy news as a gift to Prachi on their anniversary. He wants to give love and support to Prachi. He goes to see her. Prachi is upset. She cuts some veggies in the kitchen. She thinks of Ranbir and gets her finger hurt. Ranbir gets worried for Prachi. He stops her finger bleeding. He asks her to sit and have food. She refuses to eat. He tells that if she doesn’t eat, then it won’t be good for her and her mind. He doesn’t name the child. He tells that he will make the sandwich for her. He adds that she shouldn’t hurt herself by staying hungry. She stays calm for the baby’s sake. Ranbir thinks to feed the food to her and his baby. She tells that she will have it herself.

He tells that her finger got a cut, she can’t have it herself. He feeds her the sandwich and creates a moment. He tells that he wants to be with her. Prachi remembers their sweet memories and gets upset. She goes to her room. She doesn’t know what she wants. She knows that he doesn’t deserve her love and faith. She tells that he uses her feelings, when she falls weak in his love. She calls herself a fool. She calls it enough. She tells that its not any new love or new relation, Ranbir isn’t the right guy for her, he is just fooling her, she shouldn’t forgive him, after all he has questioned her character. She feels she is really foolish to forgive Ranbir, but he has given her place to someone else. She is hurt that he ended their relation. She wants her love to end. She doesn’t want to trust Ranbir.

She weeps that she got cheated by trusting Ranbir. She tells that everything is over, that love and relation, its all over. She madly throws the things in her room. She talks to Ranbir’s photo. He accuses him for ruining everything. She cries profusely. Ranbir doesn’t know if he can please Prachi ever. He isn’t able to convey his real feelings to her. He feels suffocated. He tells that he wants to tell her so many things, but he isn’t able to congratulate her for her pregnancy, for their parenthood. He decides to protect Prachi and their baby under any circumstances. He takes some chillies to ward off the bad sight. He goes to meet Prachi. Pallavi asks Rhea to take rest. She talks to Rhea, who wants to just go and meet Aaliya. Pallavi doesn’t go away. Rhea wants to get rid of her. She gets irritated of Pallavi.

Pallavi tells that she has thought of the baby names. Rhea messages Aaliya that she will come to meet her once Pallavi goes. Pallavi shares her excitement. She asks Rhea if she is feeling sleepy. She lets Rhea sleep and goes. Rhea doesn’t want Pallavi to come back and irritate her. Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room, and finds her sleeping. He performs the rituals to ward off the bad sight. He prays for his baby’s safety. He leaves, without letting Prachi know about his caring gesture. Prachi wakes up, but doesn’t see him leaving. Rhea goes to talk to Aaliya.

Ranbir sees Rhea going secretly. He goes to hear their secret talk. Rhea tells that Pallavi will trouble her a lot during the nine months of pregnancy. Aaliya tells that they will go to storage room and talk. Ranbir fails to hear anything. Aaliya asks Rhea what did Prachi say. Rhea tells that she begged Prachi to leave the house, she did everything what Aaliya told her, but Prachi didn’t react. She tells that Prachi’s silence had annoyed her a lot. Aaliya tells that Prachi was silent because she was in shock, that Rhea is begging to her. She is sure that Prachi will leave the house. Ranbir suspects Aaliya and Rhea. He wants to find out what are they planning. Aaliya asks Rhea to wait and watch, Prachi is an emotional fool, she will leave the house. She hugs Rhea and asks her not to take stress.

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  1. Sandy Avatar

    Nasty stinking dutty story.ranbir sleeping in the same bed as slutty rgea who is no better than a mistress coz they not legally married while us legal married pregnant wife has to see that. this show is so filthy but u cant expect anythibg better from ektaa n her writers.so ranbir impregnate his wife n high class mistress rhea.great values n morals ektaa n zee tv.

  2. Rob Avatar

    After months I pop in. Same foolishness no change to the plot but I really laugh for this one today.

  3. laurence Avatar

    rhea and aliyah very nerving people well it’s very certain prachi can’t go anywhere from the house because I know ranbir most discover something, if prachi quits now it will be bad, buh if ranbir mentions the baby prachi will forgive him. buh this film ehh are you guys not tired?? plan here plan there masa it’s becoming boring

  4. Nkolo bertille davina Avatar
    Nkolo bertille davina

    Cette série me dégoûte déjà en vrai, il prône le mal qui ne fait que gagner. Une fille qui hait sa propre mère et sa sœur tsuip c’est encore quel genre de leçon a tiré ici ? Tout tourne en rond fille subi presque la même chose que sa mère. Allya avec son laid visage qu’on a changé, on arrive mm pas a comprendre la cause de sa frustration. Vraiment cette série n’a pas réussi c’est devenu du n importe quoi,. Je suis accro des séries indiennes mais celle-ci me dépasse le message qu’on veut véhiculer n’a mm pas de sens et la série dure pour rien sa n’a plus de sens comme au début rien rien

  5. Rekha Avatar

    Y see this no motivation no good message

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