Yeh Rishta 30th June 2022 Written Update Akshara’s entry

Yeh Rishta 30th June 2022 Written Update Akshara's entry

Yeh Rishta 30th June 2022 Written Update Akshara’s entry Akshara gives a mouth organ to Parth to play. After playing it, Parth thanks Akshara. He says that he is feeling better and light now. Parth says he wants to work in the music field but others (family) want him to work in some other field. Neil tells Parth that thankfully he looks relaxed once again. Parth tells everyone that they all are stressed in some or the other way, because of whatever happened in past days. He says that they all need a break and should attend the event party organized by Mr. Bijolia.

Neil tells Parth they all will accompany him, if he wants to attend the party. Abhimanyu is called to the ECG room for some emergency through an announcement. He leaves for work. On the other hand, through his sources, Harsh gets stunned knowing that Mahima is trying to make Parth take his position in the hospital. He thinks Mahima turned out to be a big opportunist. Harsh thinks that he won’t let Mahima do this as his position is very important and he handled it for years.

Later, Dr. Rohan takes Abhimanyu’s permission to leave early to attend Mr. Bijolia’s party. He disconnects the call telling Abhimanyu that he is very angry with him. Abhimanyu feels irritated thinking that everyone is getting angry or upset with him. On the other hand, upset and confused, Akshara drinks water. She wonders if she should complete her pending paperwork or attend Mr. Bijolia’s party. Neil, Shefali and Parth get ready for the party. They ask Abhimanyu why he isn’t getting ready for the party. Abhimanyu replies that he is still thinking if he should attend the party or not.


Neil asks Parth to ask Abhimanyu to come with them for the party, otherwise Akshara will reach there and they will get late. Parth orders Abhimanyu to get ready for the party and come outside. Abhimanyu keeps thinking. Manjiri feels worried seeing Abhimanyu. At the hospital, Akshara receives Suhasini’s voice note explaining to Akshara that silence makes relationships hollow from inside. She also tells Akshara that she has sent party clothes for her and asks her to do whatever she feels is right. At Birla house, Abhimanyu finds Manjiri ironing his clothes.

Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to freshen up in the bathroom. Seeing Abhimanyu irritated, Manjiri calls him stupid and childish. Manjiri reminds Abhimanyu that he was lecturing her that she should end her relationship which has no respect, love and conversation. She asks Abhimanyu why he is living separately from Akshara, who loves him more than her own life. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to learn from her and Harsh’s worse relationship. She requests Abhimanyu to not let anything or anyone, even silence come in between his and Akshara’s relationship.

Manjiri leaves asking Abhimanyu to get ready for the party. Abhimanyu picks up his party outfit. Later he reaches Mr. Bijolia’s party. Some women at the party get enthralled seeing dashing Abhimanyu. They get upset knowing that Abhimanyu is married. Abhimanyu’s eyes search for Akshara. Mr. Bijolia makes Abhimanyu meet someone named Mr. Harish. He asks about Akshara’s whereabouts. When Abhimanyu stutters, Neil says Akshara might be on her way to the party venue. Upset Abhimanyu leaves to have drinks. Neil and Parth discuss that Akshara should come to the party.

At the hospital, Akshara is seen singing a lullaby for a child patient. Manjiri comes there and sings the same lullaby for the child patient. She asks Akshara to get ready for the party as she has kept her clothes in her cabin. After making Akshara wear the party band, Manjiri continues singing the lullaby for the child patient. Akshara feels confused and hugs Manjiri like a kid. At the party Abhimanyu feels irritated, while waiting for Akshara. Bartender gets shocked, when Abhimanyu asks him to serve him fenugreek seeds water. Realizing his mistake, Abhimanyu asks the bartender to give him soda.

Bartender asks Abhimanyu, what he will have with soda. Abhimanyu gets angry and screams out his and Akshara’s misunderstanding anger on the bartender. Bartender serves only soda to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu starts drinking soda and wait for Akshara. A drunk Dr. Rohan comes there. Seeing Abhimanyu’s irritation, a drunk Rohan makes fun of Abhimanyu. Both Abhimanyu and Rohan have a funny and cute talk. Drunk Rohan cutely tells Abhimanyu that he considers him and Akshara as his family. He tells Abhimanyu that he doesn’t have any girlfriend but he wants to fall in love after seeing him and Akshara.

Rohan tells Abhimanyu that he gets very scared seeing him and Akshara upset with each other. He says that he won’t be able to handle it, if he and his to-be girlfriend will indulge into a verbal fight or argument. Rohan requests Abhimanyu to not argue with Akshara. He leaves from there after making Abhimanyu emotional. Seeing Abhimanyu upset and alone, Parth, Shefali and Neil feel bad for him. On the other hand, Akshara gets decked up and starts driving her car. As Aarohi enters the party, Abhimanyu searches for Akshara around her. When Shefali, Parth and Neil ask Aarohi about Akshara, Aarohi says that she has no idea.

Hearing this, Abhimanyu feels angry. Abhimanyu starts walking out of the party venue, assuming that Akshara intentionally didn’t arrive at the party. Neil tries to stop Abhimanyu from leaving. To stop an angry Abhimanyu, Neil climbs on his shoulder. As Neil falls down, Abhimanyu gets worried for him. He apologizes to Neil. Both brothers reconcile with each other. They also hug each other and end their fight and tension. Neil requests Abhimanyu to have some patience and end his fight with Akshara. Abhimanyu agrees. Akshara is seen on her way to the party.

In the next episode, Abhimanyu and Akshara will be seen dancing with each other. Abhimanyu will leave for some emergency at the hospital. A person will ask a waiter about Akshara. The waiter will tell this person that Akshara is Birla hospital’s music therapist.

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