Pandya Store 2nd July 2022 Shiva arrives home Spoilers

Pandya Store 2nd July 2022 Shiva arrives home Spoilers

Pandya Store 2nd July 2022 Shiva arrives home Spoilers Anupama episode spoiler – Barkha’s lavish gift Barkha gives an expensive gift to Kinjal. She feels that it is too much but Barkha says that they are Kapadias and not like others who only gift flowers and fruits. Leela and Anupama become embarrassed. Rakhi tells the baby to have class and taste like her. Leela asks Rakhi why she wants to make their baby like her. They both argue. Anupama asks them to fight and let the baby think what kind of great fighters they both are.

Yeh Rishta episode spoiler – Abhira’s couple dance:

Abhimanyu and Akshara dance to Rangisari together. They both are about to leave when an announcement happens that Dr. Abhimanyu is needed immediately as there is an emergency in the hospital. Abhimanyu rushes off and Akshara smiles. She is left all alone. A man at the party sees Akshara and asks a waiter who is she and he says that she is Birla hospital’s music therapist.


Pandya Store 2nd July 2022 Shiva arrives home Spoilers Pandya Store episode spoiler – Dhara shocks Suman:

Dhara informs Suman that she wants to tell her something. Suman nods her head. Dhara says that they should sell the house and shift somewhere else. Suman, Gautam, and Dev are stunned. Suman declares the house will not be sold even after her death. Raavi, Dhara, and Rishita lock themselves in a room. Rishita says that they will not come out till Suman agrees to sell the house. Dev and Gautam are helpless. Shiva arrives home in disguise, much to the family’s shock.

Banni Chow Home Delivery episode spoiler – Raja warns Banni:

Malini orders Banni to get out of her house. Banni is shocked. Banni’s admirer and goon Raja threatens her that if she didn’t return the 3 lakhs taken as a loan by her uncle then she must marry him. He gives her 7 day’s time to return his money or else he warns that he will forcefully get married to her. Viraj beats up Yuvan badly when he says that he wants to marry Banni. He cries in pain.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Preesha gets an attack:
Rudraksh sings the song “Har Kisiko Nahin Milta Yahan Pyar” at the party. Preesha listens to the song in the washroom and feels that the voice is familiar. She goes to see who is singing the song and gets flashbacks of her past. She acts strangely, gets an attack, and blacks out. Rudraksh tries to see who fell down.


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