Udaariyaan 2nd July 2022 Written Update Accident twist

Udaariyaan 2nd July 2022 Written Update Accident twist

Udaariyaan 2nd July 2022 Written Update Accident twist Tejo happily plays carrom with the Virk family. Fateh in his thoughts promises Tejo that he won’t let anything happen to her. After this, Tejo plays Antakshari with the Virk family. At the Sandhu house everyone tries to stop Lovely and Abhiraj from leaving Sandhu house. Tejo’s grandmother and Satti requests Lovely and Abhiraj to not leave the house. Jasmine smirks seeing the Sandhu family breaking brutally. Lovely says either she or Tejo will live in Sandhu house. Jasmine thinks to start acting innocent. She asks Rupy to stop Lovely and Abhiraj.

Rupy grows angry when Abhiraj says that Tejo should be sent to the mental asylum as she has become a daily trouble for everyone. Jasmine feels happy thinking that now no one can stop Tejo from going to the mental asylum. All Sandhus except Jasmine cry profusely as Lovely and Abhiraj leave the house angrily. Jasmine jumps in joy. She thinks now Tejo will surely be sent to the mental asylum. At Virk house, Simran comes and gets emotional and happy seeing Tejo.

Nimmo and Gurpreet also return to Virk house and get stunned seeing Tejo. Nimmo manipulates Gurpreet against Tejo telling her that maybe Fateh brought Tejo to Virk house forever. She angers Gurpreet by telling her that Sandhus sent Tejo to Virk house intentionally to make Fateh and Virks take mentally unstable Tejo’s responsibility.


Gurpreet grows angrier hearing this. She and Nimmo walk to their rooms angrily. Fateh notices that Gurpreet got angry seeing Tejo at Virk house. Simran goes behind Gurpreet and requests her to meet and understand Tejo once. She reminds Gurpreet that she is happily married and is standing in Virk house only because of Tejo. Flashback of Tejo taking care of Gurpreet is shown. Gurpreet tells Simran that she remembers all the favors Tejo did to them. She tells Simran that she and Fateh aren’t thinking about the future. Gurpreet tells Simran that Fateh has no future with Tejo now, according to her present mental state.

Simran keeps requesting Gurpreet to meet Tejo once and try to understand her. Gurpreet goes to Tejo. Fateh tells Tejo that the woman coming towards them is his mother. Tejo walks to Gurpreet, recognizes her as Fateh’s mother and hugs her tightly like a kid. She kisses Gurpreet’s cheek with love and tells her that she is very beautiful. “Chunar” female version song plays in the background. Tejo makes Gurpreet sit and lies in her lap. Emotional Gurpreet caresses Tejo and kisses her forehead. Everyone else also gets emotional, teary eyed and happy seeing Tejo and Gurpreet’s emotional mother-daughter moment.

At Sandhu house, Jasmine tells everyone that Lovely didn’t do right. She says Lovely shouldn’t have kept such a wrong condition in front of family. Crying Harman says earlier Tejo used to keep all family members together but today their family broke because of her only. Jasmine smirks hearing this. In an apologizing tone, Rupy tells Harman that he can’t do wrong with his daughter to save his family from breaking. At Virk house, Nimmo thinks that Virks are unlucky that their son Fateh fell in love with mentally unstable Tejo. Later, Tejo returns to Sandhu house with Fateh. She tells everyone that she spent a good time with Fateh’s whole family.

Tejo and Fateh, unaware of what has happened at Sandhu house, happily narrates how they had fun family time at Virk house. Fateh sends Tejo to rest. Fateh gives medicine to Satti which the Doctor prescribed for Tejo. He asks Satti to feed the medicine to Tejo at night with milk. Jasmine gets confused and shocked, when Fateh asks Satti about her (Jasmine’s) whereabouts. She fears if Tejo told something to Fateh about her evil deeds. Fateh asks Rupy and Satti to always be with Tejo from now onwards. He tells Satti that Tejo shouldn’t be left alone with anyone and either she or Rupy should be present with Tejo everywhere.

Fateh also tells Satti and Rupy that only he will take Tejo outside, no one else. He asks Tejo’s parents to call him, if Tejo troubles them anytime. Fateh tells Tejo’s family that something is there which makes Tejo always get out of control. Jasmine secretly overhears everything. She understands that Fateh is trying to keep Tejo fully secured. She evilly says that she can breach all types of security. On the other hand, Simran finds Mahi seeing an old family video and crying. She asks Mahi why she is crying. Crying Mahi hugs Simran and tells her that she is missing Amrik badly. She says she used to play and have fun only with Amrik for 24 hours.

Simran explains to Mahi that this is called life. She also explains to Mahi that a person sometimes sees happy times and sometimes sudden sad/hard times arrive in the same person’s life. Simran further explains to Mahi that the important and good thing is that they face troubles together. She gives Mahi a Lotus Herbals White glow gel cream box to have a fresh, glowing and beautiful look for her next day’s college event. Both Virk sisters hug each other and decide to have fun together the whole day. At night, Rupy and Satti watch sleeping Tejo from outside her room.

Satti tells Rupy that whatever happened today was very bad and sad, as their year-long family and relations broke badly. Rupy asks Satti what he should do now. He asks Satti if she should accept Lovely’s condition and send their lovely/dear Tejo to the mental asylum. Satti tells Rupy that she isn’t asking him to send Tejo to the mental asylum. She tells Rupy that because of them Harman’s family is breaking badly. She reminds Rupy that even Lovely, Abhiraj and Navraj are their family and children. Satti and Rupy leave, crying. Jasmine feels happy and decides to do something more evil to make everyone helpless to send Tejo to mental asylum.

Next morning, Tejo is seen happily talking to her toys, considering them to be her friends Billo and Kamal. Jasmine overhears everything. She enters Tejo’s room and pretends that she is talking to Fateh. Through a fake call, she makes Tejo believe that Fateh is asking her to bring her (Tejo) for wedding shopping at the market. With her lies, Jasmine convinces Tejo to go to market with her. She makes Tejo feel guilty by telling her that everyone at home is angry with her, because yesterday Lovely and Abhiraj left home because of her and won’t ever return. Jasmine asks Tejo to not tell anyone that she told her this. She even makes Tejo come to market with her secretly, without informing anyone.

Later, Jasmine takes Tejo to a lehenga store. At the store, Tejo childishly keeps asking everyone if they saw “her Fateh” anywhere. Jasmine feels happy seeing everyone laughing at Tejo. To execute her evil plan, Jasmine takes Tejo to have ice cream. At an ice cream cart, Tejo’s college students meet Tejo and Jasmine. Tejo asks Jasmine where Fateh is. Jasmine tells Tejo that Fateh is on the opposite side of the road. She grabs Tejo’s hand tightly and forcefully starts making Tejo cross the road with her. While crossing the road, Jasmine intentionally stops and makes Tejo push her. She pretends to fall badly near a car. Everyone including Tejo gets shocked seeing unconscious Jasmine fallen on the road.

In the next episode, Khushbeer will inform his family that Jasmine met with an accident. This will worry everyone. Knowing that Tejo was with Jasmine, Gurpreet will assume that Jasmine met with an accident because of Tejo. Later, at the hospital, an angry Gurpreet will angrily ask Tejo why she pushed Jasmine. Innocent Tejo will get scared and teary eyed. Gurpreet will also angrily ask Rupy to understand that mentally unstable Tejo should be sent to mental asylum. Rupy will grow angry hearing this.

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