Kumkum Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update Pranbir split

Kumkum Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update Pranbir split

Kumkum Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update Pranbir split Prachi tells herself that she should not stay back in the Kohli house for Ranbir sake, because he is not worth it. She is disheartened that there is just lies and cheat, and if she moves ahead, then she can see her baby’s life and future. She doesn’t want to stay back and get stuck in her life by trusting Ranbir again. She tells that she can never move on in her life if she stays back to give another chance to liar Ranbir. She wants to step out of Kohli house, to step towards a bright future of her child. She tells that she has to go away from Ranbir and Rhea’s lives forever. She decides to take the big step for her baby’s sake. Aaliya and Rhea expect Prachi to leave the house by recalling Rhea’s emotional plea. Aaliya is very sure that Rhea will get rid of Prachi this time. Will Prachi really leave the house and go away from Ranbir’s life? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir sees Rhea going secretly. He goes to hear their secret talk. Rhea tells that Pallavi will trouble her a lot during the nine months of pregnancy. Aaliya tells that they will go to storage room and talk. Ranbir fails to hear anything. Aaliya asks Rhea what did Prachi say. Rhea tells that she begged Prachi to leave the house, she did everything what Aaliya told her, but Prachi didn’t react. She tells that Prachi’s silence had annoyed her a lot. Aaliya tells that Prachi was silent because she was in shock, that Rhea is begging to her. She is sure that Prachi will leave the house. Ranbir suspects Aaliya and Rhea. He wants to find out what are they planning. Aaliya asks Rhea to wait and watch, Prachi is an emotional fool, she will leave the house. She hugs Rhea and asks her not to take stress.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update Pranbir split:


Prachi remembers Rhea’s words. She tells that Rhea has changed herself for the sake of her baby, Rhea will give everything to her baby. She asks her baby not to get sad, she will give him everything, she thought to not the share the baby’s love with anyone, but then thought to inform his dad about him. She tells that she will give much love to the baby. She finds herself a strong mother. She tells that just one relation is enough for them, they shall go away somewhere far, it will be just her baby and her. She cries feeling sad. She tells that she will not stop the baby from meeting Ranbir. She asks the baby to never trust Ranbir. Rhea finds Ranbir outside the door. She asks him what is he doing. Ranbir tells that he wanted to talk to her, but he got to know that she went to the storeroom. He asks her what is she hiding from him. Rhea tells that she isn’t hiding anything. He tells that he feels so. She denies it.

He tells that he got dizzy and sat near the door, when she opened it. She asks how can he dizzy, when he was sleeping in the room. She tells that she wanted to talk to Aaliya, but he is spying on her. He asks her if she got scared of his spying. She tells that she doesn’t want a suspecting husband, but a caring husband. He tells that he is a caring husband, he cares for his wife. He talks of Prachi. Rhea asks him to come soon. He knows that she is acting smart. She also thinks he is doubting her, but she won’t let him know her plans against Prachi. He decides to protect Prachi. Prachi tells that she has come to the house by her wish and would go by her wish. She wants to move on in her life for the baby’s sake.

She tells that there is cheat and lies around her. She packs her bags. She tells that Ranbir removed from his life, she will remove him from her memories, she was feeling guilty to hide her pregnancy from him but he has cheated her by impregnating Rhea. She wants to forget Ranbir, but never forget his cheat. She cries that Ranbir and her relation broke, he isn’t her Kumkum Bhagya, he is with Rhea. She goes to see Rhea and Ranbir. She sees Rhea and recalls her words. She wishes Rhea’s baby gets all the happiness, the baby gets a complete family. She makes a leave.

Rhea gets disturbed and wakes up, but doesn’t see Prachi. Prachi recalls Ranbir. She doesn’t want to take any good or bad memory with her. She opens the door to leave. Ranbir comes there and asks her not to leave. She tells that its her life and her decisions, he isn’t anyone to stop her. He asks her if he is nobody to her. She tells that he doesn’t mean anything to her, she is an emotional person and feels bad. He tells that its her love that she feels bad. She replies that there is no use of their talks. He tells that she has forgotten about their relation.

She calls him selfish and pushes him. He asks her if she wants to really leave the house. She tells that even he can’t stop her from leaving the house. He tells that her attitude has ruined their marriage. He blames her for satisfying her ego and leaving the house. She tells that it was her anger, she had come to fix everything, but she has seen him marrying Rhea. He tells that he gave the place to Rhea when Prachi left. She asks him not to argue, keep Rhea happy, stay happy and let her/Prachi stay happy. He doesn’t want to argue. He asks her not to leave the house.

She asks him why didn’t he say this before. He tells that their relation will spoil further if she leaves. She tells that everything is already spoiled. He tells that he is requesting her to not leave the house for her own sake. She tells him that its better for her to leave the house. She imagines Ranbir with her. Dida comes there to stop Prachi. Dida asks Prachi why is she going away secretly if she isn’t wrong. She wants Prachi to not snatch her reason to live. She tells that she wants to smile seeing Prachi. She convinces Prachi to stay back. Prachi tells that next time, whenever she decides to leave, Dida shouldn’t stop her. She makes Dida promise her. Ranbir is still sleeping.

He wakes up and finds Rhea sleeping on his bed. He asks her to sleep on the sofa. He thinks to sleep on sofa, and let Rhea sleep on the bed comfortably. Ranbir goes to sleep in the study room. Vikram tells that Ranbir can come alongwith him to the terrace to have some fresh air. Ranbir tells that he has important work. Pallavi asks Ranbir to spend some time with the family. She asks him to spend time with Rhea. Ranbir tells that he is working on Vikram’s dream project. Pallavi and Vikram ask Ranbir to go to his room and spend time with Rhea. She asks Ranbir what is he thinking. She tells that he shouldn’t go to office and take care of Rhea. Ranbir tells that he can’t do these things. Pallavi commands Ranbir not to give any excuse and just go to be with Rhea.

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  1. So this is a fackinv pavitra rishta ovi n purvi arjun repeat n again evil slut rgea wins.
    just like purab n alliya .purab ended up minding his child with alliyawhile sunny was fatherless n disha went away.
    nasty stinking writing.when will the leads children ever have an honest decent nuclear family childhood?


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