Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update Auction twist

Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update Auction twist

Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update Auction twist Karan walks into the auction and meets Rishabh and Preeta. He introduces himself as Arjun Suryavanshi taunts them badly. He asks Preeta if she remembers him saving Kavya. She tells that she very well remembers. He tells that he can’t believe that they are connected to Karan. Rishabh tells that Karan is his younger brother. Karan feels angered. He tells that he felt that Rishabh is just acquainted with Karan, but the relation between them is of life here. He tries to remind them that they took Karan’s life by their hands. Preeta gets remorseful when he talks of Karan further. Karan tries to make the highest bidding and win the auction. He wants his cricket stuff. He comes across his old enemy Prithvi at the auction. Prithvi meets Arjun Suryavanshi and thinks he can help him fight Rishabh.

Earlier in the show, Prithvi reaches the auction venue and loves the hotel. He misses his old time. He introduces himself as the ex business tycoon, he had handled Luthras business five years back, he used to be so rich that time. He adds that he can still throw money and buy the auction stuff. The guard stops him and asks him to leave. He doesn’t allow Prithvi. He tells that Prithvi can’t bid in the huge auction. Prithvi shows the cash he got. He tells that he can buy all the things placed in the auction. The guard goes to Sameer and asks him if they shall permit Prithvi in the auction.


Sameer asks him to allow the person, maybe he is Karan’s die-hard fan. Prithvi gets an entry. He wants to see Rishabh and Preeta, how they have changed their colours. Preeta gets emotional seeing Karan’s pictures and cricket stuff. She recalls his memories. She tells Rishabh that she was wishing that Karan was with them, he would have been so happy seeing the posters, banners and photos. Rishabh tells that Karan would have got happy seeing her. She gets glad.

Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Update Auction twist:

Preeta and Rishabh wish Karan was with them. She tells that Karan would have complained like a kid, even on seeing the best arrangements. Rishabh tells that he will make an announcement about his brother once all the guests come. He goes to check the arrangements. Preeta sees Karan’s photo and tells that she is his biggest fan. Prithvi sees the five star hotel and the grand arrangements. Sherlyn calls Prithvi and asks him to get the rice. He lectures her for turning him into a poor person. She tells him that its his bad habits that they have turned poor.

He disconnects the call when she starts shouting. She calls him an animal, while he calls her a crazy woman. He sees Karan’s huge pictures everywhere. He tells that he was happy to come to a five star hotel, but the poor woman Sherlyn has irritated him. He aims to shadow Rishabh and Preeta’s happiness into darkness. He asks Karan if his death was good or not. He tells that it was fun to fight with Karan, he should have been alive. Karan reaches the auction venue. Prithvi tells that the fate left supporting him. He collides with Karan and rebukes him. He asks Karan if he thinks he is Karan if he has come to attend Karan’s stuff auction. Karan meets him. He taunts that Prithvi will never change.

He reminds Prithvi of Karan by calling him a bearded sheep. Prithvi tells that just Karan used to call him that. He wants to change his getup, so that the people don’t insult him on his poor looks. He gets Mr. Johnson’s clothes. He fools the staff that he is going to deliver the clothes to Mr. Johnson. Preeta feels Karan around when Karan reaches there. She gets to see Arjun Suryavanshi. She remembers him and his taunts. Rishabh welcomes Arjun. He finds Arjun staring at Preeta. He introduces Preeta to Arjun. He doesn’t know that Arjun is Karan.

Karan tells he can’t believe that they are connected to Karan, who was such a nice man, unlike them. He tells that it was a bad joke, he loved the Karan Luthra a lot, but he didn’t know about his family. Rishabh tells that Karan is his younger brother. Karan taunts that their relation is of life. He recalls his best memories with Preeta. Preeta also gets reminded of Preeta. She doesn’t shake hands with Karan. She asks how did he come. Karan tells that they won’t like him coming, but its fate, there is some connection with them, fate is bringing them face to face again and again.

Preeta doesn’t like his words and makes a leave. Karan asks Rishabh if he calls Preeta as Preeta ji. Rishabh tells that he calls her with respect. Sameer meets Arjun and hugs him. Rishabh tells that Arjun saved Kavya’s life. Karan gets glad to meet Sameer. He gets emotional. Prithvi takes a new avatar. He sees the Luthras there. Rishabh begins the interesting auction. He tells the people that its his brother Karan’s 5th death anniversary, it was Karan’s dream to open a cricket academy for the poor students, he isn’t with them, but now his dream is getting fulfilled, the academy is getting built and the auction money will fund the academy. He wishes that Karan’s bat goes to someone who really deserves it, who loves cricket.

Karan thinks Rishabh is just acting. Prithvi and Karan bid for the bat. Prithvi calls Arjun mad for Karan. The bidding amount goes high because of their close bidding. Prithvi thinks he will win the bidding at 2.5 lakhs. Karan quotes 3 crores. Rishabh is shocked. Prithvi tells that he wanted the bat, so that he burns the bat in front of the Luthras and hurt their sentiments. Karan feels disgusting. He shouts that the mad person wants to buy Karan’s bat and burn it. Rishabh doesn’t see Prithvi and gets him ousted. Karan wins the stuff. Rishabh and Sameer congratulate him, and handover the stuff to him. Preeta battles with Karan’s memories.

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  1. In July 4th episode Karan in the guise of Arjun taunts both preetha and Rishab when he meets them in an auction venue. According to the story neither his wife Preetha nor his elder brother Rishab fail to recognize Karan. What kind of a nonsense is this? Three people who lived together for years did not recognize Karan. Did he undergo plastic surgery to change his face totally. Unbelievable😁😂😂😁

  2. At least they should have recognize his voice the brother Rishabhand the wife Preeta,I won’t be Surprise if Prithvi is the one who will recognize him! please be a little bit realistic!


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