Udaariyaan 5th July 2022 Written Update Tejo tricked

Udaariyaan 5th July 2022 Written Update Tejo tricked

Udaariyaan 5th July 2022 Written Update Tejo tricked Fateh asks Tejo why she went outside with Jasmine today. Tejo tells Fateh that she came to meet him because he called Jasmine and told her that he is calling her to the market. Fateh explains to Tejo that she won’t trust anyone telling her that he called her till she hears his voice. Tejo tells Fateh that she will do exactly as he says. Fateh hugs Tejo tightly. Outside in the Sandhu house’s hall, Gurpreet and Nimmo threaten Satti and Rupy that they will file a complaint in the police station if they won’t send Tejo to mental asylum.

This shocks everyone except Jasmine. Jasmine smiles evilly. Lovely tells Nimmo and Gurpreet that she is in their support. This gives another shock to everyone. Rupy gets angry at Lovely. Harman asks Rupy to talk and behave properly with his elder sister-in-law. Gurpreet says Jasmine isn’t safe with Tejo. Nimmo repeats the Football match incident and yesterday’s accident to tell everyone that Tejo is dangerous. Gurpreet tells Rupy and Satti that Jasmine is still Virk house’s daughter-in-law, being Amrik’s widow. She says she will take Jasmine with her to her house, if Tejo won’t be sent to the mental asylum within 3 days.

Gurpreet, Lovely and Nimmo angrily leave from Sandhu house. Jasmine gets angry and worried on hearing Gurpreet’s words. She says she wants to go to Virk house as Fateh’s wife, not Amrik’s widow. Rupy and Satti break down badly. Rupy says he feels that he has locked Tejo in a prison. He says now he fears to send Tejo outside the house. Fateh runs to them and asks them to stop thinking about the bad world. He says it’s people’s habit to speak anything and make others’ lives miserable. Fateh tells Satti and Rupy that they three are with Tejo and will always be. Jasmine decides to do something to make Tejo away from Sandhu house.


Later, Fateh gifts a new phone to Tejo. He explains to Tejo how to use the speed dial feature and call everyone. Fateh explains to Tejo to call him using the digit 1, Satti with digit 2 and Rupy with digit 3. Tejo practically shows everyone that she understood how to call everyone. Seeing Fateh taking care of Tejo and keeping her safe and happy, Satti and Rupy get emotional. Fateh asks Satti and Rupy to take Tejo to the Gurudwara and take proper care of her. He promises Tejo that he will soon meet her at Gurudwara.
Later, Jasmine calls Sweety at home. Sweety gives Jasmine a new sim and asks her why she asked her to bring it.

Tense Sweety asks Jasmine if she is again trying to get Fateh, and doing something evil against Tejo. Jasmine tells Sweety what she can do with a baby in her womb. Jasmine plays Fateh’s old voice messages that he sent to Tejo. Sweety gets worried hearing it. She feels that Jasmine is going to do something evil. Jasmine sends Sweety back to her home. She edits Fateh’s old voice messages and sends it on Tejo’s number. Tejo while sitting in Gurudwara hears Fateh’s voice messages that Jasmine sent her with evil intentions.

She gets happy hearing that Fateh wants to meet her. Tejo makes Satti take a child’s hand in her hand and runs away from the Gurudwara. At Sandhu house, Jasmine is seen breaking the sim which she used to call and fool Tejo. She smiles evilly thinking that now Tejo won’t be able to tell anyone who called her and where she is. On the other hand Satti gets worried about not finding Tejo near her. A child tells Satti that Tejo went outside the Gurudwara. Worried, Satti tells everything about Tejo’s disappearance to Rupy. Both worried Rupy and Satti run to search for Tejo. Tejo on the other hand reaches a farm-like place. She sees that her face has turned dull. Thinking about Fateh seeing her dull face, she cleans it using a water tap nearby. Her dupatta piece gets stuck on a tree.

Rupy and Satti get more worried about not finding Tejo anywhere. They call Fateh and tell him about Tejo’s disappearance. Fateh asks Rupy and Satti how they could let Tejo go out of their sights. He tells Rupy and Satti that he will be searching for Tejo on the outside area/road of Gurudwara and asks them to look for Tejo once again inside the Gurudwara. Satti, Rupy and Fateh run to search for Tejo. Tejo on the other hand, finds an auto and sits inside it . She asks the auto driver to take her to Dharamkot. Auto driver sees Tejo with evil intentions. He starts driving. Later, Rupy informs Harman that Tejo has gone missing.

Everyone gets tense hearing this. Tensed Harman asks Rupy to not worry as he and Abhiraj are leaving to search for Tejo. Jasmine overhears this and dances in happiness secretly. She comes in front of all Sandhus and pretends that she is very much worried about Tejo. She requests Harman to call Tejo. Harman tells Jasmine that Tejo’s number is unreachable. He runs outside the house with Abhiraj to search for Tejo. On the other hand, the auto driver asks Tejo where in Dharamkot she wants to go. Tejo says China. Auto driver stops the auto and asks Tejo where and when China came to India. Tejo tells the auto driver that her groom Fateh called her and asked her to come to China.

Auto driver checks Tejo’s phone and tells her that there is no number in her phone. Tejo snatches her phone back from the aito driver and starts giving directions to the auto driver. Driver starts driving as per Tejo’s given directions. On the other hand, Virks gets worried when Fateh tells them that Tejo has gone missing. Khushbeer asks Fateh to not worry as he will send his party workers to search for Tejo in the whole Moga. Fateh disconnects the call saying okay. Auto driver keeps looking at Tejo with wrong intentions. At Gurudwara Satti and Rupy pray to God to keep Tejo safe.

Everyone keeps searching for Tejo. Auto driver gets irritated with Tejo’s instructions and rudely ousts her from his auto. He asks Tejo to give his fare till this destination. On knowing that Tejo doesn’t have money, the auto driver calls Tejo mad. He gets a call from some school staff and leaves Tejo alone on the road. Fateh shares his worries about Tejo’s disappearance with Buzzo. Buzzo tells Fateh that maybe Tejo went to a nearby village. Fateh tells Buzzo that for going to another village, Tejo will need the village’s name and money. He says Tejo isn’t mature like earlier now. Fateh regrets leaving Tejo’s responsibility on others, instead of himself being with her always.

Buzzo tries to calm a worried Fateh. Tense Fateh finds Tejo’s dupatta piece on a tree. Buzzo tells Fateh that it can be someone else’s dupatta piece. Fateh tells Buzzo that he can feel and recognize Tejo’s fragrance. He confidently tells Buzzo that he is sure that it’s a piece of Tejo’s dupatta. Fateh rides his bike speedily to find Tejo. Tejo is seen walking on some random street. Fateh shouts “Tejo” to make his voice reach her.

In the next episode, Tejo will get kidnapped. She will scream seeing Fateh behind the kidnappers car. Fateh will run behind Tejo and fall down screaming Tejo’s name. Tejo will keep screaming and asking Fateh to save her.

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