Udaariyaan 6th July 2022 Written Update Fateh saves Tejo

Udaariyaan 6th July 2022 Written Update Fateh saves Tejo

Udaariyaan 6th July 2022 Written Update Fateh saves Tejo Tejo keeps running in some forest or farm screaming Fateh’s name. Fateh also does the same. Satti is seen worried about Tejo’s whereabouts. Lovely tells because of Tejo, pregnant Jasmine went to search for Tejo in tension. This shocks Satti. Satti asks Lovely and her mother-in-law why they didn’t stop Jasmine. Lovely and Tejo’s grandmother tells Satti that Jasmine wasn’t listening to them and was crying profusely in Tejo’s tension. Satti calls Jasmine. Jasmine is seen having a gala time in a beauty parlor.

Seeing Satti calling her, Jasmine asks beauty parlor employees to stay silent. Jasmine picks up Satti’s call and pretends that she is crying and searching for Tejo. She also pretends to have got injured, while searching for Tejo. Unaware of the truthz Satti asks Jasmine to return home and not worry about Tejo as everyone else is trying to search for her. Jasmine tells Satti she will try searching for Tejo for some more time and then return. She disconnects the call and smiles evilly. Beauty parlor employees get stunned seeing Jasmine’s acting. Jasmine lies to the beauty parlor employees that she was practicing for her play.

Later, Tejo is seen running and reaches a dhaba.She asks the Dhaba owner if it’s China Hut. Dhaba owner calls Tejo crazy and tells her that it’s Kake Da Dhaba. He again calls Tejo mad and asks her to run away. A child comes running with chakri in his hand. Tejo snatches the chakri from the child and runs away. Jasmine returns home and pretends to be injured. Everyone runs to Jasmine. Jasmine tells everyone that she didn’t find Tejo anywhere. She pretends to blame herself for Tejo’s disappearance. Satti wipes Jasmine’s crocodile tears and takes her inside to rest.


On the other hand, Fateh and Tejo keep running and searching for each other. They fell down at the same time at different places. Both Fateh and Tejo tend to their respective wounds and bleeding. Fateh and Tejo feel pain and tired, searching for each other. Fateh requests God to help him reach and meet his Tejo. Tejo on the other hand, wipes her tears and runs to search for Fateh. Fateh also runs to search for Tejo. Khushbeer, Mahi, Gurpreet and Simran reach Sandhu house. They ask Sandhus if they found something about Tejo’s whereabouts. Satti says not yet. Lovely says Tejo is bearing punishment for her parents’ mistakes. Satti says Lovely is right as she is at fault in Tejo’s disappearance.

Jasmine pretends innocence and asks Satti to not blame herself. On the other hand, a tense Tejo is seen repeatedly beating a box with a stick. Through some guy, Fateh gets to know that Tejo was asking people about China Hut, Dharamkot for everyone. Fateh wonders how Tejo knows about China Hut as he and Jasmine used to go there. He feels that something is fishy. Tejo on the other hand, is seen wandering on roads worried. She feels tense, scared, painful and hungry. Tejo keeps on searching for Fateh in an injured state.

At Sandhu house, Rupy returns home and breaks down on not finding Tejo anywhere. Khushbeer asks Rupy to not be worried as Tejo will be found soon. Seeing Gurpreet getting worried for Tejo, Jasmine pretends to be worried for Tejo too and reveals that she searched for Tejo everywhere possible. Hearing this Gurpreet gets worried. She angrily asks Satti why she let Jasmine go and search for Tejo. Gurpreet asks Satti if she wants to lose her other daughter too. Jasmine starts crying. Seeing this Simran gets emotional and worried. She tries calming Jasmine, unaware of the truth. Harman tells Rupy that they should contact the police.

Rupy says he will himself talk to an SHO as Tejo’s case is different. Lovely rudely says obviously the case is different. She asks Tejo’s supporters, what will they answer police officials, when they will ask them why a 25 year old Tejo is behaving like a 5-year old. Jasmine feels irritated, when Khushbeer asks everyone to not lose hope as Fateh and Tejo will find each other as their hearts are joined to each other. On the other hand, Fateh shows Tejo’s photographs to people to search for her.

Tejo reaches a place in search of Fateh. Some people with wrong intentions see Tejo alone and understand that she is mentally unstable. Harman tells the family that he is worried, thinking what if someone tries to take advantage of their Tejo, seeing her mental state. Jasmine feels happy hearing this. Khushbeer asks everyone to pray to God, instead of thinking about possible bad things. At the same time, people with evil intentions, inquire Tejo about why she is worried. Knowing that Tejo is searching for Fateh and is mentally unstable, they decide to take advantage of the situation. They fool Tejo by telling her that Fateh is their friend.

These evil men lie to Tejo that Fateh just keeps talking about her only. Evil men also lie to Tejo that they are going to Fateh’s house only. They make Tejo sit in their car and take her away. Fateh calls Rupy and asks him if he found out anything about Tejo’s whereabouts. Rupy cries and tells Fateh that he didn’t find anything about Tejo’s whereabouts. He tells Fateh that he is their last hope and requests him to anyhow find Tejo and bring her home. Jasmine smirks, hearing that Tejo is not found. Fateh on the other hand, receives Buzzo’s call. Buzzo asks Fateh to return home as they may need to go to the police.

On the other hand, evil men feel happy on finding a mentally unstable and beautiful girl like Tejo. They keep looking at her with evil intentions. Tejo sees Fateh on the way through the window of the evil mens car. She screams Fateh’s name and asks the evil mens to stop the car as she’s seen Fateh. This scares the evil men. Fateh also stops hearing Tejo’s voice. Evil men grab Tejo inside before Fateh could see her. They lie to Tejo telling her that they have to give surprise to Fateh. Evil men drive the car and Tejo’s toy chakri falls down.

Evil mens keep fooling Tejo. Fateh finds Tejo’s fallen Chakri and follows the evil mens car. He gets worried about where the evil men are taking Tejo. Evil men tell Tejo that they are racing with Fateh and make Fateh lose by reaching his home before him. Innocent Tejo gets excited on hearing about the race. Fateh comes in front of evil mens car and stops them. Then Fateh starts fighting the evil men. This shocks Tejo. She understands that evil men are bad as they hit Fateh with a stick from behind his back. Fateh fights the evil men bravely. Evil men get scared and run away in their car.

Tejo hugs Fateh in excitement, unaware about evil men’s truth. Fateh asks Tejo if she is fine. He also asks Tejo if evil men touched her inappropriately somewhere. Tejo tells Fateh that she is absolutely fine. She tells Fateh that she searched for him everywhere, even at China Hut, where he called her to meet. Tejo tells Fateh that she met his friends and took their help. Fateh tells Tejo that those evil men were not his friends. On inquiring about Tejo, Tejo tells Fateh that she heard his voice on her phone asking her to meet him at China Hur Dharamkot. Fateh sees Tejo’s phone and understands that someone fooled Tejo.

He decides to find out who fooled Tejo and put her into danger. Fateh makes Tejo sit on his bike to return home. Tejo tells Fateh that she is hungry as she hasn’t eaten anything for a long time. Fateh thinks that situation could have got serious for Tejo. He feels worried about Tejo. He stops the bike and hugs Tejo tightly. Fateh tells Tejo that he doesn’t want to lose her again. Fateh wipes Tejo’s tears. Fateh takes a promise from Tejo that she won’t go anywhere without informing him.

In the next episode, Lovely will tell Jasmine that she heard Satti and Rupy thinking and discussing about sending Tejo to a mental asylum. Fateh will question Rupy’s decision to send Tejo to a mental asylum. Rupy will tell Fateh that they need to take this step for Tejo’s well being. While Jasmine will jump in joy, a shocked and worried Fateh will watch a sleeping Tejo from a distance.

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