Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2022 Written Update Cautious Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2022 Written Update Cautious Rudra

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2022 Written Update Cautious Rudra Kanchan asks Prisha to stop making the house presentable like she used to do in Mumbai. Prisha tells Kanchan that they need to accept the new house and make it their own. Kanchan tells Prisha that she needs to accept Delhi and its famous food items too. They leave to have Delhi’s famous chaat. At college, play rehearsals end and Pihu receives Prisha’s message. She leaves to meet Prisha ignoring Vidyut. Ruhi and Saaransh follows Pihu and hides in her car trunk. On the other hand, Prisha and Kanchan reach a chaat corner.

Prisha orders extra spicy chaat for herself. Rudra and Vanshika also reach the same chaat corner. Rudra starts feeling Prisha’s presence and recalls spending a happy time with her. He also recalls his and Prisha’s last but incomplete meeting. Vanshika gets stubborn on eating chaat with Rudra. She somehow convinces Rudra to have a yummy “chaat” with her. Rudra instructs Vanshika to order a sweet chaat for him. Vanshika gives the chaat corner owner her and Rudra’s order perfectly.

Prisha’s order gets served. She gets stunned on knowing that she received a sweet chaat. Kanchan tells Prisha that it seems that her order got mixed/exchanged with someone. Prisha asks Kanchan what about the person who will eat her spicy chaat. Kanchan starts laughing thinking about it. Rudra coughs while eating Prisha’s spicy chaat. He scolds Vanshika for getting him spicy chaat. Vanshika tells Rudra that his order might have got exchanged with someone else’s order. Rudra gets out of the car to scold the chaat corner owner for mixing up his order with someone else’s. He says he wants to see who eats such a spicy chaat.

Prisha tells Kanchan that she can’t eat sweet chaat and is going to get it exchanged. Kanchan convinces Prisha to let her go and get a new chaat prepared for her. Kanchan goes to get a new chaat prepared for Prisha. Prisha goes on the opposite side of the road to get water. Rudra complains and scolds the chaat corner owner for serving him spicy chaat. The chaat corner owner apologizes to Rudra for his helper’s mistake of exchanging his order with someone else’s order. Kanchan comes there and asks the chaat corner owner why he gave her sweet chaat instead of spicy.

The chaat corner owner tells Rudra and Kanchan that their orders got exchanged with each other. Kanchan gets shocked and scared seeing Rudra standing in front of her. She tells Rudra that by mistake his belongings came to her. Rudra drinks water to relieve his burned tongue, which got aroused because of the spicy chaat. Rudra wonders why he frequently collides with Kanchan and her family. Pihu reaches the chaat corner. Rudra wonders why Pihu and her family run into him so much. He wonders what is happening and what is his connection with Pihu’s family. Ruhi and Saaransh recall hiding in Pihu’s car.

At Chaat corner, Vanshika gets shocked seeing Ruhi and Saaransh in a car’s trunk/boot. Saaransh signs Vanshika to stay quiet and closes Pihu’s car trunk. Vanshika gets confused and decides to wait for sometime before telling Rudra about his kids. Rudra ignores Pihu and returns to his car. Vanshika wonders what if Ruhi and Saaransh get into some trouble. She prays to God to keep Ruhi and Saaransh safe. Ruhi asks Saaransh to not worry as Vanshika for sure will keep their secrets to her as she always helps her to keep secrets from Rudra. Pihu asks Kanchan what is their connection with Rudra and why he keeps bumping into them.

Everyone including Rudra-Vanshika, Pihu and Prisha-Kanchan drives off from the chaat corner. Pihu reaches her home. Leaving Ruhi in Pihu’s car trunk, Saaransh goes to check Thakurs house. Before leaving, Saaransh instructs Ruhi to not close the trunk door fully, otherwise she will get locked inside. Pihu gets a call from her play’s costume designer. She disconnects the call after completing her conversation with the designer. Kanchan asks Pihu if she is participating in a play. Pihu and Prisha tell Kanchan that she (Pihu) is playing Juliet/lead in the play “Romeo Juliet”. Pihu says she is enjoying this college. Prisha says Vidyut ruined Pihu’s beginning of college. She asks Pihu if Vidyut is again trying to trouble/bother her.

Pihu tells Prisha that Vidyut won’t even dare to behave disrespectfully with her now. She says as much as Vidyut is a bad person, he is equally a good actor. She says Vidyut annoys her sometimes but she handles him. Prisha asks Pihu to tell her if Vidyut bothers her again as this time she will go to Vidyut’s house and correct him in his family’s presence. Hearing this Pihu and Kanchan get worried. Pihu worries thinking what if Prisha gets to know that Vidyut is Rudra’s brother. She asks Prisha to chill as she can handle Vidyut herself.

On the other hand, Saaransh tries to search for some way to enter Pihu’s house as he finds the main door locked. He finds an open window and enters Pihu’s house. Vanshika and Rudra return to Khurana house. Vanshika asks Sharda if Ruhi and Saaransh returned from school or not. Sharda says not yet. Rudra asks why. Sharda tells Rudra and Vanshika that Saaransh told her that he and Ruhi will get late as they will have to stay back for inter school competition’s practice. Vanshika recalls seeing Saaransh and Ruhi in Pihu’s car trunk. She wonders, in whose car’s trunk, Ruhi and Saaransh were hiding and what they are up to.

Raj and Vidyut return home from college. Raj asks Sharda if Ruhi and Saaransh returned home. Sharda tells Raj and Vidyut about Ruhi and Saaransh’s inter school competition practice. Raj and Vidyut tell Sharda that Ruhi and Saaransh didn’t go to school today. Rudra asks Vidyut and Raj what they mean. Vidyut tells Rudra that Saaransh got a call from school about holiday announcement due to some bomb threat in school. This worries everyone. Rudra calls the principal and gets to know that everything is fine at school.

Rudra tells everyone that there is no bomb threat or holiday announcement in school. He says Saaransh lied to everyone. Sharda asks why Saaransh will lie to everyone. Rudra asks Vidyut to tell him everything that happened. Vidyut tells Rudra that Ruhi and Saaransh asked for a lift from him and Raj, showing that their own car’s tire got punctured. He also tells Rudra that after some time passed, Saaransh got a call and told him about holiday announcement in his school due to bomb threat. Vidyut further tells Rudra that Ruhi and Saaransh insisted on touring his college, so he took them to college. Raj tells Rudra that at last he dropped Ruhi and Saaransh in the college canteen.

He also reveals that Saaransh told him that he will take care of Ruhi and then they both will return home by calling the driver to college. He says he checked Ruhi and Saaransh in the canteen and thought that kids would have returned home. Raj apologizes to Rudra for being careless by trusting Saaransh. Rudra says Ruhi and Saaransh are for sure hiding something from everyone. On Rudra’s questioning, Vidyut tells Rudra that he was rehearsing in the auditorium with Pihu as they are playing leads in college play. This stunns Vidyut. Sharda gets shocked knowing that Pihu is Armaan’s cousin. Vanshika understands that kids were in Pihu’s car trunk. She wonders if she should tell Rudra the truth. Everyone worries about Ruhi and Saaransh’s whereabouts.

In the next episode, a crying Saaransh will ask Prisha to help him save Ruhi. On the other hand, Vanshika will tell Rudra and his family that she is aware about Ruhi and Saaransh’s whereabouts. Prisha will help Ruhi and Saaransh. Saaransh will get angry at Armaan for always trying evil ways to separate Prisha from him, Ruhi and Rudra. Rudra will reach Armaan’s house and get shocked seeing Ruhi and Saaransh with Armaan. Armaan, Ruhi and Saaransh will also get shocked seeing Rudra outside Armaan’s house.

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