Udaariyaan 9th July 2022 Written Update Guilty Fateh

Udaariyaan 9th July 2022 Written Update Guilty Fateh

Udaariyaan 9th July 2022 Written Update Guilty Fateh After stepping out of Sandhu house, Tejo, unaware of the truth, throws rice towards her family just like a daughter performing bidaai from her father’s house. “Mere Baabula” song plays in the background. She also prints her handprints at the main door of her house. Virks also visits Sandhu house to see off Tejo. Khushbeer asks Tejo to take care of her. Everyone recalls their happy moments with Tejo. Tejo tells Khushbeer that she will play carrom with his whole family like earlier, after returning. Mahi hugs Tejo. Gurpreet recalls Tejo hugging her and thinks to hug her. Tejo recalls Gurpreet unnecessarily scolding her at the hospital. She ignores Gurpreet wishing to hug her.

Tejo leaves the Sandhu house with Fateh. While everyone gets emotional and cries seeing Tejo leaving forever, Jasmine gets extremely happy. After reaching Sharan Ashram, Tejo runs to meet her Ashram friends and caretaker. When Tejo questions the caretaker about Billo and Kamal’s whereabouts, the caretaker tells Tejo that they went to bring a lot of stuff for her from the market. Tejo gets happy hearing this. She praises Fateh and her own family in front of everyone. Tejo tells everyone in the ashram that she and Fateh came to invite all of them to her and Fateh’s wedding.

Fateh feels guilty. Tejo enters the Sharan Ashram with all the women. The chunri on Fateh and Tejo’s wrists doesn’t let them get separated. “Udaariyaan” title track plays in the background. Caretaker frees Tejo from Fateh. She stops Fateh from meeting Tejo further. Fateh tells the caretaker that he brought Tejo to the ashram by lying to her. He requests the caretaker to let him just once tell the truth to Tejo. Caretaker tells Fateh that now lies or truth won’t be able to change Tejo’s fate.


She explains to Fateh that he won’t be able to leave Tejo at the ashram, if he will again meet her. Caretaker tells Fateh that it will become difficult for both him and Tejo to leave each other. She says Tejo might scream, cry, throw stuff and even can hurt herself in the process to stop him. Fateh understands the caretaker’s advice and starts leaving. Suddenly, he hears Tejo screaming and crying for him. He turns and sees Tejo running towards the ashram main gate to stop him. Fateh also runs towards Tejo. They both try to be with each other but everyone separates them. Suddenly Fateh’s imagination ends. Guards ask Fateh what he is doing.

Fateh realizes his mistakes and leaves the Ashram. While driving away, Fateh recalls spending time with Tejo. He cries missing Tejo. At the ashram, Tejo asks everyone where Fateh is. Everyone gets worried with Tejo’s questions. Tejo starts searching for Fateh. “Khair Mangda” song plays in the background. Caretaker tells Tejo that Fateh went to do some work as he suddenly got an important call. Caretaker asks Tejo to eat “Chole Bhature” made by her. Tejo tells the caretaker that she won’t eat without Fateh as he also likes “Chole Bhature”. Caretaker asks Tejo to first eat with her and then again eat with Fateh, when he returns. Tejo calms down a little and says she will wait for Fateh as he will return for sure.

On the other hand, at Sandhu house, a tense and confused Jasmine asks Lovely if Fateh will marry her or not. Lovely asks Jasmine to not take tension as Gurpreet will for sure make Fateh marry her. Jasmine feels a little hopeful and happy. She decides to execute her evil plan to make Gurpreet tense about Amrik’s child. Jasmine calls someone and asks the person on the other side of the call to reach her house and do as she instructed her. At Virk house, even when Gurpreet decides to give some time to handle himself, Nimmo scares her that Jasmine won’t give any tests to her now. She instigates Gurpreet to get Fateh married to Jasmine as soon as possible to get Amrik’s child safe with the Virk family.

After some time, Satti tells Jasmine a woman has come to meet her and is waiting in the living room. Jasmine meets the woman. Woman starts showing the boy’s profile to Jasmine. While showing the first profile to Jasmine, the matchmaker tells her that this boy is a 35 years old divorcee and lives in Canada with his 2 children. Matchmaker also tells Jasmine that this boy took divorce from his first wife because she was desi/traditional. She tells Jasmine that she will be perfect for this 35 year old rich boy as he needs a beautiful and perfect wife like her.

Jasmine asks the matchmaker if this Canadian boy knows that she is pregnant. The matchmaker tells Jasmine that the Canadian boy knows everything as she mentioned everything she told, in her profile. Matchmaker leaves from Sandhu house asking Jasmine to call her after making a final decision. Satti and the whole Sandhu family gets shocked to know that Jasmine is looking for a life partner and is taking help from the marriage bureau’s employees. Jasmine asks her family to not give her looks. She says she will obviously have to think about herself as nobody cares for her. Family asks Jasmine what is the hurry.

Lovely asks Jasmine why she is getting tense as she is going to marry Fateh. Jasmine angrily tells Lovely that everyone is trying to get her and Fateh married to each other forcefully. She asks her family why they forcefully want to get her married to Fateh, when Fateh loves only Tejo and is not even a bit interested in her. She says that nowadays everyone is getting married with the help of marriage bureaus. Jasmine says that her to-be life partner’s age or number of children doesn’t matter to her. She says she will live anyhow and can make her decisions on her own. Jasmine pretends to be helpless and tells everyone that she won’t be able to wait for Fateh anymore.

Lovely tells Jasmine that she is having Virks’ heir in her womb and thus Virks will obviously get her married to Fateh by convincing him. Harman scolds Lovely for even thinking of forcing Fateh to marry Jasmine. Lovely asks Sandhus if they will wait for Tejo to get fine and normal again. She tells everyone that this way they are ruining Fateh and Jasmine’s life for the sake of Tejo. Rupy asks Lovely why she has started hating Tejo so much. He asks Lovely to stop talking ill about Tejo as she has left her home now. Rupy says that they haven’t stopped Fateh from marrying Jasmine. He also says that Fateh can make his life’s decision on his own and they haven’t pressured him in any way.

Jasmine asks Lovely to stop requesting unnecessarily. She says she and Fateh don’t want to marry each other. Jasmine asks how she can become a stone in her own sister Tejo’s love story. She pretends to leave disappointed and crying. Jasmine smirks thinking that she fooled everyone with her fake tears and drama. Rupy goes behind Jasmine and assures her his full support in any kind of decision of hers. At the ashram, Tejo refuses to have food and says that she isn’t feeling good without Fateh. Caretaker asks Tejo to have food, otherwise Fateh will get angry with her. Tejo recalls Fateh telling her that he can’t ever be angry with her.

She tells the caretaker that she is lying as Fateh told her that he can never be angry with her. Tejo asks the caretaker to call Fateh right now. She throws the food plate aww in stress. At the same time, tea falls on Fateh’s hand. Tea stall owner tells Fateh that his hand got burnt. He makes Fateh immediately dip his hand in a water jar. Fateh recalls Tejo taking care of his burnt hand in a similar way in the past. He refuses to have cold compression. At Ashram, a tense Tejo runs to search for Fateh. Everyone runs to handle a broken Tejo. Tejo climbs on the Ashram gate to run to Fateh.

“Mann Bharrya” song plays in the background. A man from a big car comes and leaves a little innocent puppy alone on the road. Fateh hears someone saying that rich people first adopt innocent animals in stubbornness and then leave them alone on the road, not being able to take care of innocent pets. This man says that such rich people don’t have a heart in their chest, but instead stone. Fateh recalls the caretaker telling him that she already told him that he won’t be able to take care of Tejo but he was stubborn initially and now came to drop innocent Tejo back.

At Ashram Tejo keeps yearning and crying for Fateh and runs here and there to search for him. Everyone tries to stop Tejo but she doesn’t calm down. To calm down Tejo, the caretaker slaps Tejo and thens hugs her.

In the next episode, the Sandhu family will be seen at Virk house. Jasmine will happily open the Virk house door hearing the doorbell. She will get shocked seeing Fateh and Tejo married. This scene will stun others too. Fateh will bend to take Gurpreet’s blessings but she will step back. Gurpreet will ask Fateh what joke is this. Fateh will say that this is the truth that he married Tejo following all the rituals. He will tell everyone that now Tejo is his wife and no one can deny his and Tejo’s marriage. Jasmine and Gurpreet will get tense with this new situation.

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  1. Thank god atleast now we will get to see the twist and turns. Enough of jasmines fake acting. We want some thrill. Jasmine truth. How they will bring in the show.


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