Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2022 Written Update Saaransh tells Ruhi that he won’t ever talk to her, if she will tell anything about Prisha to Rudra. Ruhi makes a crying and helpless face. Rudra comes there and asks Saaransh, what he is making Ruhi hide from him. Saaransh gets shocked with Rudra’s sudden arrival and questions. Rudra asks Ruhi to tell her what Saaransh is asking her to hide from him and why did she put a condition that he will not talk to her if she does the opposite. Rudra gets angry noticing Saaransh signing Ruhi to stay silent and keep their secret hidden.

He walks to Saaransh and asks him what he is making Ruhi hide from him. Saaransh rudely asks Rudra why they will tell their brother-sister secrets to him. He also asks Rudra, who he is to question him. Rudra stops Saaransh from taking Ruhi away. Rudra tells Saaransh he is his legal father. He also tells Saaransh that he knows very well that he lied about going to his friend’s house by hiding in Pihu’s car. Rudra asks Saaransh why he went to Pihu’s house. Rudra asks Ruhi to not come in Saaransh’s words and tell him the truth.

Little Ruhi feels stuck between her father and brother’s tiff. To stop Ruhi from telling the truth to Rudra, he asks Rudra to not touch his sister. He also tells Rudra that he is his legal father, not real (biological). Hearing this Rudra gets angry at Saaransh. Saaransh reminds Rudra that all Khurana properties and Khurana house is in his name. He says he is the heir of the Khurana empire and family. Saaransh says he will do anything he pleases and doesn’t need anyone’s permission. He tells Rudra that he won’t tell anyone whatever he is doing and whenever he will return home. Saaransh also tells Rudra that he doesn’t have any relation with him.


Rudra stands shocked. Saaransh warns Rudra to never question him and Ruhi ever again. He gives another big shock to Rudra by warning him that he and Ruhi will go away from him just like Prisha, if he will question or trouble them from now onwards. Prisha refuses to have medicine and water when Armaan asks her to. She tells Armaan that she is feeling restless and wishes to go outside. Armaan refuses Prisha’s wish. Prisha tells Armaan that she will take the medicine after some time. Armaan leaves keeping adulterated water and medicine on the bedside table.

Prisha recalls how little Ruhi calmed her. She wonders why she is missing Ruhi and feeling so restless. To feel peaceful, Prisha walks out of the house. Driver refuses to take Prisha anywhere outside on Armaan orders. Prisha gets angry on knowing this. She walks outside the house, on her foot. On the other hand, while driving, teary eyed, Rudra recalls his beautiful past moments with Prisha. He feels hurt with Saaransh’s anger and behavior towards him. Rudra wishes to get Prisha back in his life. Rudra and Prisha reach the same temple to find peace and solution to their restlessness.

Prisha keeps recalling Ruhi and asks God why. She also asks God how Ruhi successfully calmed her, in which everyone failed till now. Prisha further asks God how Ruhi is connected or related to her. Rudra prays to God to send Prisha back to him. At Thakur house, Armaan fears that Prisha will soon regain her memory, seeing her family. He goes to check on Prisha but finds her missing from home. Armaan gets scared seeing that Prisha didn’t even take his wrong medicine and water. By talking to the driver, Armaan gets to know that Prisha went outside on foot. Armaan feels irritated by always making efforts to keep Prisha hidden from Rudra.

At the temple, Rudra and Prisha take aarti and prasad from the priest. Prisha and Rudra again fail to see each other. Rudra runs to his car, when he hears his car horn beeping. As Rudra leaves, Armaan comes in front. Flashback shows Armaan seeing Rudra and Prisha almost near each other. He questions God, can’t he/she see/understand his love for Prisha. Armaan says he will even fight God for Prisha and keep her away and hidden from Rudra. Keeping hidden from everyone, Armaan throws a stone at Rudra’s car to make Rudra go away from Prisha and fail to see her. Flashback ends.

Armaan decides to even fight God to keep Prisha with him and away from Rudra forever. He meets Prisha and scolds her for going outside when he asked her not to. Prisha also scolds Armaan for not caring about her restlessness and for even asking the driver to not let her get out of the house. She asks Armaan to not touch her. Prisha tells Armaan that she isn’t his slave that he will make all the decisions of his life. Armaan gets shocked with Prisha’s tone. Prisha angrily leaves, asking Armaan to not talk to her. After returning home, Prisha angrily walks towards her room, telling Armaan that she is not his puppet.

Pihu overhears Armaan and Prisha’s argument. She asks Armaan what happened that made Prisha angry. Armaan tells Pihu that Prisha went outside without informing him, so late at night. He says where Prisha went, Rudra was also present there. Armaan tells Pihu that by very much difficulty he safely brought Prisha back. He asks Pihu if he will have to do the same thing daily, if he doesn’t have his own life. When Pihu gets scolded by Armaan for bringing Prisha to Delhi, Pihu apologizes to Armaan. Pihu promises to Armaan that she is right now going to talk to Prisha. She assures Armaan that Prisha will easily get convinced by her.

Vidyut tells Sharda that he wants to invite Rudra to his play to show his superb acting skills to Rudra. He says he is playing the lead in the college play. Sharda says she will tell Rudra about it as it will make Rudra very happy. Vidyut invites Sharda to also come and see his play. Sharda agrees to this. Ruhi tells Vidyut that she also wants to watch his play. Vidyut asks everyone from the Khurana family to come and watch his play. Ruhi makes a smart plan to not break Saaransh’s swear and even make Rudra and Prisha meet each other tomorrow at Pihu, Vidyut and Raj’s college.

At Thakur house, Pihu asks Prisha to try understanding Armaan’s worriedness about her. She requests Prisha to think about her health and return to Mumbai. Pihu tells Prisha that even Armaan’s business is getting affected but he is not telling anyone about it for her happiness. She requests Prisha to make Armaan happy by returning to Mumbai. Pihu asks Prisha to not be worried about her as she has properly settled in Delhi and even her parents are with her. Prisha gets convinced to return to Mumbai with Armaan. She tells Pihu that she will return to Mumbai after watching her play the next day. Armaan feels happy overhearing Prisha and Pihu’s conversation. In the next episode, Ruhi will make Rudra wear one of his old outfits. Later, as per her plan, at college, Ruhi will take Prisha to Rudra. Rudra and Prisha will get shocked seeing each other.

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