Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th July 2022 Written Update While drinking, Armaan tells Digvijay that he is finally very happy as Pihu has convinced Prisha to return to Mumbai with him. He says Prisha and he will leave the next day for Mumbai after watching Pihu’s play. Digvijay asks Armaan, why he is forgetting that male lead of Pihu’s play is Vidyut and Rudra being Vidyut’s cousin will come to watch his performance. He asks Armaan what if Rudra sees Prisha, while watching the play. Armaan tells Digvijay that he didn’t think about it earlier. Worried, Armaan keeps thinking how to stop Rudra from seeing Prisha during the play.

Next morning, Rudra gets angry knowing that someone touched Prisha’s clothes. Suddenly, Rudra sees Ruhi checking out something in Prisha’s clothes and asks her why she is doing all this. Ruhi convinces Rudra to wear his old clothes for Prisha. She tells Rudra that he and she misses Prisha a lot and thus they should wear Prisha’s favorite outfits. Ruhi gets happy when Rudra agrees to wear Prisha’s outfits. She leaves to let Rudra change. Ruhi thinks that this way she will make Prisha meet Rudra and also make her recall her old memories. She says she knows that Prisha can never be angry with Rudra.


Rudra comes outside dressed up as old Rudra in Prisha’s favorite outfits. He gets a call and tells Ruhi that he will come in another car, behind her. After reaching college, Ruhi tells Sharda that she is waiting for Rudra. Sharda tells Ruhi that Rudra won’t be able to watch the play as he has got busy with a sudden, urgent and important meeting. Upset, Ruhi asks Sharda if Rudra really won’t be able to come for play. Sharda tells Ruhi that Rudra said that he will come if his work finishes early. She asks Ruhi to not be upset, as she is with her. Innocent and little, Ruhi wonders now how she will make Rudra and Prisha meet each other.

Digivijay smirks, hearing Ruhi and Sharda’s conversation. He recalls warning Armaan and asking him how he will stop Rudra and Prisha from meeting. Flashback reveals how Armaan planned to keep Rudra busy in a meeting with the help of Oberoi at the time of Pihu’s play. Digivijay praises Armaan’s idea. Armaan calls Oberoi and asks him for a favor. Flashback ends. At Thakur house, Prisha questions Armaan why he has stopped her at home. She tells Armaan that they will miss Pihu’s play this way. Armaan requests Prisha to wait a little as his important call is about to come.

Prisha tells Armaan that he could have let her leave for college with Kanchan and Digivijay. At the same time, Digvijay calls Armaan and tells him that their work has been done. Armaan gets happy hearing this. He leaves to watch Pihu’s play with Prisha. At college, the professor wishes “All the best” to all the actors of the play. After this an assistant comes and explains to Pihu how she has to show blood on her outfit in the death scene. This assistant once again explains to Pihu how she will have to make red cloth appear as blood on her dress by pulling its strings.

Vidyut watches and hears everything. Vidyut tells Pihu that even Juliet wasn’t this beautiful. Pihu gets angry and reminds Vidyut that she already warned him to not use his nonsense lines on her. She angrily asks Vidyut to just memorize the play’s lines only. Vidyut feels embarrassed seeing everyone looking at him getting scolded by Pihu. Pihu angrily leaves with her play outfit. Vidyut’s friend asks him if he has really fallen in true love with Pihu, that he is even tolerating her rude attitude. In his thoughts, Vidyut reveals that it’s his plan to get revenge on Pihu for always humiliating him.

He decides to get revenge on Pihu by humiliating Pihu in front of everyone during the play. Vidyut feels confident that no one will ever suspect him of humiliating Pihu. He decides to do something evil with Pihu through her Juliet costume. Vidyut plans to ruin Pihu’s respect in front of everyone. Ruhi, Sharda and Saaransh sit inside the play venue. Ruhi saves a seat for Rudra. She also wonders why Prisha hasn’t arrived yet. Digivijay intentionally makes Kanchan sit behind. He thinks this way Prisha’s children won’t be able to see her and no drama will be created. Professor announces the beginning of the “Romeo-Juliet” play.

Everyone claps, Prisha and Armaan enter the play hall. Prisha and Armaan sit behind together with Kanchan and Digvijay. Curtain rises up. Ruhi and Saaransh feel happy with Prisha’s arrival. Saaransh tells Ruhi that it’s good that Rudra isn’t attending the play. He says if Rudra would have seen Prisha, a big drama would have been created. Ruhi thinks that she wants Rudra to attend the play and see/meet Prisha. The play starts with the first scene. Raj starts singing, while Pihu and Vidyut start dancing. “Pal (Tu Ishq Ke Sare Rang De Gaya)” is sung by Raj.

As per the play’s first scene/part ends, Pihu hugs Vidyut. First scene ends and the curtains drop. Ruhi sees Prisha and Armaan going outside. She makes a washroom excuse to Sharda and goes behind Prisha. Ruhi meets Prisha. They praise each other’s looks and outfits. Ruhi says yes, when Prisha asks her if she knows that the dress she is wearing is of her favorite color. Prisha asks Ruhi whom she came to see at college. Ruhi tells Prisha that she came to see her. While Prisha gets confused, Armaan feels angry. Ruhi tells Prisha that she came to see her paternal uncle’s play but also to meet her.

Ruhi asks Prisha to make her have popcorn. Armaan feels angry seeing Ruhi bonding with Prisha. As Prisha takes Ruhi to buy her popcorn, Armaan thinks to stop Ruhi from bonding up with Prisha. Armaan takes Prisha away from Ruhi. Ruhi thinks that she has to call Rudra to college, before the play ends as otherwise she won’t ever be able to make Rudra and Prisha meet. She sees Raj and takes his phone from him. Raj politely gives Ruhi his phone and asks her to keep it safe. Using Raj’s phone, Ruhi video calls Rudra. She pretends to be unwell and asks Rudra to come to her as she is feeling like she is down with fever.

Worried, Rudra tells Ruhi that he is coming to her. Even after various trials to stop Rudra, Oberoi fails. Rudra leaves telling Oberoi that nothing is important to him, more than his daughter. Oberoi calls Armaan and informs him that Rudra left the meeting. He tells Armaan that Rudra left saying that his daughter is unwell. Armaan disconnects the call, thanking Oberoi. Outside, Armaan overhears Ruhi’s plan of making Rudra and Prisha meet at college. Ruhi hopes that Rudra arrives soon. Armaan wonders how little Ruhi is so smart.

Armaan takes off his blazer and kidnaps Ruhi using it. He locks Ruhi in a college store room. Ruhi screams and taps the door for help. Armaan decides to leave the college with Prisha, before Rudra reaches the college. He thinks how he will let Ruhi ruin his plan and efforts, when he didn’t even let her father (Rudra) have Prisha. In the next episode, Prisha will help Ruhi to get out of the locked store room. Armaan and Rudra will collide with each other in the college corridor. Armaan will get worried. Later, Ruhi will take Prisha to meet Rudra.

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