Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2022 Written Update Pranbir union

Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2022 Written Update Pranbir union

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2022 Written Update Pranbir union Ranbir asks Prachi if she will support him. He tells that he just needs one thing, that’s her support. He wants to know if she will stand by him. She doesn’t understand why he is so upset. He pleads to get Prachi with him, when he leaves the house. On the other hand, Vikram makes a shocking announcement in the party. He tells that he has decided that his son Ranbir won’t be a part of his company and business from now on. This decision shocks Pallavi and Dida, and moreover Aaliya and Rhea. Pallavi knows the reason for Vikram’s sudden decision against Ranbir, while the others stand bewildered. Will Ranbir really leave the house, and take along Prachi with him to begin a new life? Will Pranbir unite or not? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Stanley and Shahana collide and argue again. He asks her to become his friend. She tells that she knows it well, a guy and a girl can never be friends. They get into a funny banter. Dida watches their cute fight. She worries when Stanley tells that he has no interest in Shahana.

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Shahana asks Stanley in whom is he interested. Stanley signs towards Ranbir. He shows the lady behind Ranbir. Shahana tells that the lady is married. Dida takes Ranbir and Prachi to Stanley. She tells Stanley that Ranbir loves Prachi a lot. She complains to Ranbir about Stanley. Stanley tells that Dida is misunderstanding. Dida scolds Stanley. Ranbir waits for Vikram’s reaction. He is worried for Vikram and Pallavi. Prachi wonders why is Ranbir so worried.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2022 Written Update Pranbir union:

Prachi finds Ranbir worried and goes to talk to him. She asks him why does he look troubled. She asks the matter. He doesn’t reveal anything. She tells that she knows him well, he isn’t that kind of person who leaves the party and gets isolated. He tells that he has hurt his dad a lot on his mum’s birthday. She asks the reason. He asks her to hold his hand. She holds his hand. He hugs her and weeps. She consoles him. She tells him that everything will get fine, he shouldn’t worry. Vikram and Pallavi return to the party and pretend happy.

She knows that Vikram is really affected, he really felt bad. She asks him is he alright. He tells that he is alright, he wants to clear few things, because the guests were praising him a lot, he wants his son to get some credit. He wants to tell them about Ranbir. Rhea and Aaliya find Vikram upset and wonder what’s wrong. Vikram asks Pallavi not to worry, he won’t spoil her birthday. He thanks everyone for coming to celebrate his wife’s birthday. He tells that some guests praised Ranbir as a good businessman and a good dancer. He adds that he has decided that Ranbir won’t be a part of the company from now, he dances so well, so he should concentrate on dance. He sarcastically speaks against Ranbir to vent out his anger. He asks Rhea to go and get Ranbir.

Prachi asks Ranbir why is Vikram saying so, what’s the matter. Ranbir tells her that he has thought well before doing so, he has hurt Vikram and snatched his happiness, because he is a selfish man and thinks of himself now. Prachi calls him wrong. She tells that parents sacrifice their happiness for the sake of their children. Ranbir tells that he is wrong, but he will return the happiness to Vikram soon, Vikram will also understand that his move was right. He asks her if she will support him, because he needs her. Prachi agrees to him. Rhea comes there to take him to Vikram.

Ranbir and Prachi’s sweet conversation gets interrupted. Stanley feels Vikram is angered on Ranbir. He thinks Ranbir should have told the project news after the party. Vikram asks Pallavi not to stop him, he is just going to praise his son. He asks Ranbir to say if he is a proud father. Dida asks what happened to Vikram. Stanley tells that Ranbir’s mistake ruined Vikram’s big project. Ranbir tells that he knows Vikram is upset, so he is behaving such. Vikram tells that he isn’t upset. He asks Ranbir to answer, if he should be proud of his son. He angrily vents out his feelings.

He tells that he was so proud of Ranbir before, but now he has big regrets. He tells that its Pallavi’s birthday, it’s a big day for him, he doesn’t want Ranbir’s mistakes to spoil their day. He tells Ranbir that Pallavi and he are connected, Ranbir can’t ruin their happiness. He tells Pallavi that they have failed as parents, but not as a married couple. He promises that he will never fail her as a husband. He tells the guests that Ranbir’s mistakes won’t affect the birthday, the party will go on, they will enjoy. Ranbir apologizes. He tells that he isn’t a bad son, he loves his parents and everyone in his family. He asks Pallavi to not get upset. Vikram asks Dida to ask the DJ to play the music.

Vikram takes Pallavi for the dance. He tries to lessen his sorrow. Pallavi asks Ranbir and Rhea to dance. Ranbir gets a chance to dance with Prachi also. Rhea watches them and angrily drinks. Aaliya tells Rhea that anyone can see her drinking. Rhea justifies that she is hurt because of Ranbir. Aaliya is fed up of Prachi. She tells that their plan will get Prachi insulted. Meanwhile, Prachi reaches Ranbir to ask him the matter. Ranbir refuses. He tells that he is worried. She knows it.

He asks her to keep smiling, because he feels happy when she smiles. She asks him to just tell the truth. He agrees to tell her the truth if she also shares a truth in return. Prachi gets tensed. Dida tells Stanley that she has raised Ranbir, she knows that Ranbir loves Vikram a lot, Ranbir loves his business too, he can’t get any losses, maybe he has done this for some motive. Stanley tells that he also agrees, he has done this purposely. Shahana tells that Ranbir has a big benefit behind the loss, else he would have not given this bad news on his mom’s birthday. Dida asks Vikram what’s troubling him, why is he acting happy. Vikram tells that he is really angry on Ranbir, he is silent because of Pallavi’s birthday.

He reveals that Ranbir ruined his dream project, he isn’t able to handle his personal and professional lives. Pallavi gets upset. Prachi tells that she will tell the truth if Ranbir tells the truth. She asks why did he spoil Vikram’s dream project. Ranbir tells that it was really important. She tells that it was intentionally, she knows him well, he can’t get any loss in business unless he plans it intentionally. He tells that she shall trust him, he can’t leave her, she is his everything, he feels he has seen life when she is around, he lives when she is with him. Prachi tells that its his perception, she doesn’t feel so, they can walk together like the railway tracks, but they can never unite. She walks away when their conversation leads nowhere.

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  1. Octobergirl Avatar

    So Prachi is living in Pragya shoes? the same crap that Pragya went thru and never got her deserved happiness same with Prachi all due to Aalia who should have been in jail a long time ago

  2. Raj Singh Avatar
    Raj Singh

    Not a good story….. we have seen all this before. We DONT want the same thing repeatedly … let there be some happiness for prachi…….with Aalia out of the way…

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