Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th July 2022 Written Update Prisha warns Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th July 2022 Written Update Prisha warns Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th July 2022 Written Update Prisha warns Rudra Armaan decides to get Prisha out of college before Rudra reaches the college. He gets shocked seeing Prisha not at her place. On asking Kanchan, Armaan gets to know that Prisha went to the washroom. He runs to hide Prisha from Rudra. On the other hand, Ruhi keeps tapping the store room door. She also screams for help. Ruhi wonders how to make Rudra and Prisha meet now. She prays to God to help her make Rudra and meet each other. Prisha hears Ruhi’s help scream.

She asks Ruhi how she got stuck/locked inside the store room. Prisha asks Ruhi to not worry as she is with her. She opens the door from outside and asks Ruhi to open the knob from inside. Ruhi tries and tells Prisha that the door is not opening after her various trials. She addresses Prisha as “Mumma” and requests her to open the door as she is feeling scared. Prisha thinks that Ruhi is missing her mother by getting scared. She wonders how to and from where she can get store room keys.

While searching for Prisha, Armaan collides with Rudra. Armaan gets worried thinking what if Rudra sees Prisha at college with him. Rudra runs to search for Ruhi. He enters the hall and asks Sharda about Ruhi’s whereabouts. Sharda tells Rudra that Ruhi went to the washroom. She asks Rudra to not be worried as Saaransh went to buy popcorn and will bring Ruhi from between the way. Saaransh enters the hall. Sharda asks Saaransh where Ruhi is. Saaransh tells Sharda that he thought Ruhi would have returned to the hall. Rudra tells Saaransh and Sharda that Ruhi video called him. He says on call Ruhi told him that she isn’t feeling well, is feeling difficult to breathe and has a fever.


Rudra, Saaransh and Sharda get worried for Ruhi and run outside the play hall to search for Ruhi. On the other hand, Prisha starts using her pin to open the storeroom lock/door. She asks Ruhi to not worry as she is outside only. Ruhi screams, runs and sits on the chair with her legs on height seeing a big mouse. Prisha gets worried hearing Ruhi’s scream. She asks Ruhi what happened. Ruhi tells Prisha that there is a big angry mouse inside. She asks Prisha to make it fast as she is feeling very scared. Prisha keeps telling Ruhi that the mouse won’t do anything to her. Ruhi asks Prisha how she knows that the mouse won’t jump on her and bite her.

Prisha tells Ruhi that the mouse is considered Lord Ganesha’s vehicle and won’t bite her. Ruhi tells Prisha that the mouse left Lord Ganesha and is seeing her angrily. Ruhi closes her eyes on Prisha’s insistence. Prisha starts narrating Lord Ganesha and his vehicle Mushak Raj’s story to Ruhi. Along with this, Prisha keeps trying to unlock the storeroom door. Prisha tells Ruhi that both Lord Ganesha and mouse became friends and liked to eat ladoos. She also tells Ruhi that mice don’t bite kids.

Prisha finally opens the store room door. She spreads her arms. Ruhi runs and hugs Prisha. Prisha feels peaceful while hugging her little daughter, Ruhi. Sharda, Armaan and Saaransh spread out throughout the whole college to search for Ruhi. Armaan overhears this and runs to find Prisha. Prisha asks Ruhi if she is fine. Ruhi says yes. Prisha calls Ruhi brave. Ruhi tells Prisha that she is brave just like her mother. Prisha asks Ruhi how she got locked inside the storeroom. Ruhi tells Prisha that someone threw a cloth on her and locked her inside the store room. Prisha asks Ruhi, what if something would have happened to her.

Ruhi again addresses Prisha as “Mumma”. She tells Prisha that she wouldn’t have let anything happen to her. Prisha asks Ruhi why she keeps addressing her as “Mumma”. Ruhi tells Prisha that she is just like her mother. Prisha tells Ruhi that she also wishes to have a daughter like her. Ruhi in her thoughts asks Prisha why she doesn’t remember that she is her daughter. Ruhi grows emotional and requests Prisha to meet her father. Prisha kisses Ruhi’s forehead and calls her cute. She tells Ruhi that she will meet her father. Happy Ruhi hugs Prisha tightly. She thanks God and thinks that now no one can stop her parents from meeting each other.

Rudra, Saaransh and Sharda keep on searching for Ruhi. On the other hand, Pihu gets dressed up in her final, end scene’s Juliet outfit. Vidyut comes and hugs Pihu. Pihu gets angry and pushes Vidyut away. She questions Vidyut’s move. Vidyut tells Pihu that he hugged her, being happy that their play went good and only the last scene is left. He says he also came to say, “All the best” to her. Vidyut tells Pihu that he is sorry if she felt bad with his move. Pihu tells Vidyut that yes she felt bad and asks him to never ever repeat his move. She reminds Vidyut that she has told him a thousand times that she is not his friend.

Pihu tells Vidyut that he is just her co-actor and can never ever be above that. Pihu threatens Vidyut that she will get ousted from college, if again comes near her. She leaves, warning Vidyut to stay away from her. Ruhi on the other hand tells Prisha that she feels very good being with her. She gets Prisha’s phone number written on her hand, from her. Ruhi gets happy hearing Rudra’s voice. Two peons come between Ruhi-Prisha and Rudra with a big poster in her hand. Ruhi from under the poster goes to Rudra. She thinks now she will make Rudra meet Prisha. Rudra asks Ruhi if she is fine. Ruhi says yes.

She tells Rudra that she wants to make him meet someone. Rudra asks who. Ruhi gets shocked seeing that Prisha has disappeared. On the other hand, Prisha asks Armaan why he weirdly pulled her outside. Armaan recalls seeing Rudra and Prisha walking towards each other. He bribes two peons to shift a big poster to another room from this particular corridor. As Ruhi goes to Rudra, Armaan pulls Prisha away with him. Flashback ends. Armaan shocks Prisha by telling her that they have a Mumbai flight scheduled in the next 2 hours. Prisha asks Armaan why. Armaan tells Prisha that he has an important meeting to attend in Mumbai.

As Prisha shows reluctance, Armaan tells her that he has asked Digivijay to record Pihu’s remaining play for them. Before Prisha could request Armaan, she recalls Pihu telling her that Armaan is suffering much losses in business but not telling her. Prisha agrees to leave for Mumbai with Armaan. Armaan thanks Prisha and takes her with him. Ruhi, on the other hand, searches for Prisha. Rudra asks Ruhi whom she is searching for. Before Ruhi could tell Rudra that she is searching for Prisha, Sharda and Saaransh come there.

Sharda asks Ruhi, where she disappeared for so long. Ruhi lies to Sharda that she forgot the way while returning from the washroom. Sharda asks Ruhi why she told Rudra on call that she is feeling unwell. Ruhi tells Sharda that at that she was feeling low but is now fine. Ruhi thinks that Prisha might have gone inside the hall to watch the play. She takes everyone to the play hall. In the hall, Vidyut and Pihu are seen performing the last scene of the play. As per the scene’s demand, Pihu presses the fake sword on her stomach.

Vidyut secretly sees Pihu performing the scene and recalls cutting her outfit’s back string/thread while hugging her in the green room. Flashback ends. Vidyut feels happy thinking that now Pihu will pull her outfit’s only left back string/thread for showing the blood effect as per scene’s demand. As instructed, Pihu cuts the back string/thread of her outfit to make the red cloth appear and show blood effect on her stomach. Suddenly, she realizes that her outfit is getting loose and opening. Pihu gets worried realizing that her dress will soon open and fall in front of everyone. She feels worried and wonders what to do.

Seeing Pihu worriedly trying to save her dress from falling, Vidyut secretly smiles evilly. Raj comes and saves Pihu’s respect one time. He holds the sword, Pihu and Pihu’s outfit tightly. Everyone in the audience wonders what is happening. Scared Pihu and worried Raj stare at each other. Angry Vidyut wonders how Raj came on stage.

In the next episode, Police will arrest Vidyut. At the police station, Rudra will get shocked knowing that Pihu filed a complaint against Vidyut. Vidyut will show attitude to Pihu. He will say that he accepts that he made a mistake. Vidyut will say sorry and ask Pihu to end the matter. Prisha will reach the police station and say that this matter won’t end. Rudra will get shocked and emotional seeing Prisha. He will tell Prisha that he searched her a lot and ask her where she was. Prisha will ask Rudra to stay away from her and don’t even dare to touch her. Prisha’s words will shock Rudra.

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