Bade Acche Lagte Hai 14th July 2022 Update Ram befriends Pihu

BALH Udaariyaan Appnapan Kaamna Top 6 Spoilers

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 14th July 2022 Update Ram befriends Pihu Nandini threatens Priya by showing her the newspaper cuttings of the news of Priya’s arrest for Shivi’s murder. She tells Priya that she will tell Pihu that her mom is a criminal, if Priya dares to tell the truth to Ram that he is Pihu’s biological father. She doesn’t want Priya and Pihu to come back in her family, and snatch Ram from her. She gets insecure for Shubham’s future, after losing Shivi forever. Nandini asks Priya to never reveal the past secrets to Ram. Priya agrees to Nandini, and tells that she has no plans of uniting with Ram. Adi and Vikrant encourage Ram to play with Pihu and get friendly.

Ram and Priya become a kid with Pihu. Pihu enjoys the fair that Ram arranges for her exclusively in the Kapoor farmhouse. Pihu realizes that Ram can buy anything he wants. Ram has a motive that’s to impress Pihu so that Pihu lets Priya help him get the business deal. He wants to win Pihu’s heart. He tries to know Pihu. He finds Pihu and his likes and dislikes familiar. Pihu is also rude like him, and argues with him. She asks Ram to sit on the swing. Ram feels dizzy on a swing ride. He takes pills before sitting on the swing. Pihu tells him that she will hold his hand and help him. He agrees to enjoy the ride with him.

Later, Bade Acche Lagte Hai and Appnapan shows have a merger sequence. Ram and Pihu become friendly after he impresses her and proves his kindness. He bonds with Pihu in the party. Ram and Pihu perform dance. Priya gets emotional and cries seeing their happy moments. She captures them in her eyes to make good memories. Nikhil and Pallavi have their differences, but also keep visiting their lovely past memories. Ram and his family want to impress the minister by showing Ram’s family image. Nikhil and Pallavi’s children also set the stage on fire with their dance performance.


Nandini plans Sara and Vikrant’s marriage functions in their house to impress the minister. Nikhil wants his children’s happiness, and so does Pallavi. But, they don’t want to come together after their divorce for anyone’s sake. The children try to get much love from their parents. Harsh and Gagan have a clash, whereas Barkha gets against Manna. Will Ram win the contract from the minister? Keep reading.

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