Udaariyaan 15th July 2022 Written Update Fatejo tested

Udaariyaan 15th July 2022 Written Update Fatejo tested

Udaariyaan 15th July 2022 Written Update Fatejo tested Tejo and Fateh are seen painting their new house. Satti calls Fateh and Tejo receives it. She asks Tejo how she is. Tejo tells Satti that she and Fateh are painting their new house. This information shocks Satti and Rupy. Fateh tells Satti and Rupy that he left Virk house with Tejo. He also tells Rupy and Satti that he and Tejo are now living in their own small house. Rupy tells Fateh this was a very bad thing that happened with him and Tejo. Jasmine smiles evilly overhearing all this. She understands that this is the reason, Gurpreet is sitting mad and sad at Virk house.

Secretly she leaves the Sandhu house to go somewhere. Satti asks Fateh how he will manage alone with Tejo in her mentally unstable condition. Fateh disconnects the call saying that he will manage everything. Satti and Rupy worry, thinking about how Fateh and Tejo will manage on their own. At Fateh and Tejo’s new house, they complete painting and decorating their new house. Fateh starts making food for himself and Tejo. Fateh’s chapati burns and innocent Tejo makes fun of Fateh’s chapati. At Virk house, in the kitchen, Gurpreet recalls challenging Fateh to prove that he will be able to handle himself and Tejo alone. She feels worried and wonders if Fateh would still be hungry.

Simran says even Tejo would be hungry. She says Tejo had a stomach ache when she left Virk house with Fateh. Simran says Tejo can’t even have outside food in stomach ache and her condition. She says she is worried about both Fateh and Tejo’s well being. Simran says she will ask about Fateh and Tejo’s well being from Buzzo. As Simran and Mahi leave from the kitchen, Nimmo asks Gurpreet to not fall weak. She asks Gurpreet to let Fateh realize that he needs her help to live satisfied. Nimmo tells Gurpreet that Fateh’s needs will bring him back to her. She asks Gurpreet to remain adamant on her decision against Tejo.


On the other hand, Jasmine reaches a party type place to meet someone named Yash. A handsome person is seen singing awesomely with a band. He makes a stunned Jasmine join him. This person turns out to be Yash. Yash tells Jasmine that he called her to this party place to show him his real self (Yash Wadhwa). Jasmine tells an excited Yash that she is feeling hungry. Yash tells Jasmine that they can talk further while having food. They leave to have food. Satti and Rupy take food for Fateh and Tejo at their new house. She tells Fateh that she will be bringing food for him and Tejo daily.

Fateh refuses to take food from Satti. He tells Satti and Rupy that he has challenged Gurpreet that he will handle his and Tejo’s responsibility on his own. Satti tells Fateh that Tejo is hungry. Fateh and Tejo look confused. Innocent Tejo understands Fateh’s reluctance and tells Satti that she isn’t hungry. Fateh gets emotional seeing that Tejo even in her mentally unstable state understands him so much. Satti asks Fateh to not let this stubbornness of winning the challenge become a stone in his life. She leaves telling Fateh and Tejo that they are available whenever he or she will need any kind of help. At a party-like place, Jasmine eats food with Yash.

Yash reveals to Jasmine about his love for Punjab’s food. Jasmine asks Yash if he knows everything about her past. Yash jokes telling Jasmine that he has been very bad at history since childhood. Yash tells Jasmine that he brought a small gift for her. Jasmine refuses to take the gift. Yash convinces Jasmine to accept his gift. Yash gifts a diamond studded watch to Jasmine. This stunns Jasmine. Yash tells Jasmine that he gifted her a watch because he can tolerate waiting for her even for a minute. Jasmine tells Yash that he is very handsome and rich and can easily get any girl better than her.

She asks Yash why he showed interest in her only, even being aware of the fact that she is a widow and pregnant too. Yash tells Jasmine that even a pregnant girl looks beautiful. He also tells Jasmine that no girl becomes a widow on her own wish. Yash tells Jasmine that he works and thinks differently. He asks Jasmine to maintain a smile on her face as it looks good on her. Jasmine feels happy but doesn’t show her happiness to Yash. At Fatejo’s new house, they feed noodles to each other. Fateh asks Tejo if she remembers that they used to feed noodles to each other on the terrace in their past.

Flashbacks of Fateh and Tejo having noodles together on terrace, many times, are shown. Tejo tells Fateh that she doesn’t remember it. Fatejo enjoys their noodles together. Jasmine returns home (Sandhu house). Satti sees Jasmine returning with Yash. She asks Jasmine why she didn’t take her and Rupy to meet Yash. Jasmine tells Satti that she initially wanted to confirm to herself if Yash Is right for her or not. Satti asks Jasmine if Yash seemed good to her. Jasmine tells Satti that Yash is very nice. She tells Satti that she will make Yash meet everyone next time as for now he went to Chandigarh for an important meeting.

She shows Satti the diamond studded watch that Yash gifted her. Satti gets tense seeing Jasmine’s wrong habit of getting attracted to expensive things and rich people. She asks Jasmine if she is sure about Yash being a nice guy. Satti tells Jasmine that expensive gifts aren’t a guarantee that the boy/man is good in nature. Jasmine rudely tells Satti that she found a guarantee type guy (Fateh) earlier, but he fell for her sister Tejo. She tells Satti that she will for sure take whatever good she is getting in her life. Jasmine tells Satti that the men who give expensive stuff as gifts are surely the best. She goes inside the house.

Satti feels worried thinking Jasmine has again started walking on the path which may destroy her. At Fatejo’s new house, Fateh gives a food plate to Tejo. Tejo feels happy seeing food. Fateh receives a call from college authorities telling him that he will surely have to join college from the next day. Simran and Buzzo visit Fateh and Tejo at the same time. Simran sees Fatejo’s new house’s condition and what type of food they are having. She asks Fateh till when all this will go on like this. Fateh sends Tejo inside to play with her toys. Fateh tells Simran that he and Tejo are somehow managing.

Simran tells Fateh that she is aware of the fact that college is not giving him anymore leaves. She asks Fateh how he will manage, job, Tejo’s responsibility and house alone. Fateh tells Simran that he has no option as he can’t even leave Tejo alone at home. Simran offers to take care of Tejo behind Fateh. Fateh tells Simran that presently Buzzo’s ill mother needs her more. He also reminds Simran that Gurpreet challenged him to handle everything alone. Fateh tells Simran that he even refused Satti’s help, when she offered. He recalls Tejo’s kidnapping by evil men and criminals. Fateh tells Simran that he feels scared of leaving Tejo alone.

Simran tells Fateh that she can give him a number of a girl who can take care of Tejo behind him. Fateh thanks Simran for this. At Sandhu house, Jasmine shows Yash’s gifted watch to Abhiraj and Lovely. Lovely and Abhiraj get stunned seeing that Yash gifted a diamond studded watch to Jasmine. Abhiraj says it’s a good brand and might be worth 4-5 lakh rupees. Abhiraj suspects Yash’s intentions towards Jasmine seeing him gifting an expensive watch to widow and pregnant Jasmine in just the first meeting. Hearing this Jasmine gets angry at Abhiraj. She tells Abhiraj that not every man is like him. Jasmine says Yash accepted her as she is. She also tells Abhiraj that she is sure that Yash will take care of her upcoming child and she doesn’t want anything other than this.

Jasmine asks Abhiraj to stop acting like a worried elder brother. She also asks Abhiraj to not interfere in her matters as she knows everyone’s intentions clearly. On Jasmine’s rude request too, Lovely leaves to get food for her. Abhiraj leaves stunned and confused. Jasmine evilly thinks that she just needs Fateh. After 3 days, Fateh makes Sunita and Tejo meet each other. He explains Sunita’s work to her. Fateh also explains to Tejo that Sunita will take care of her in his few hours of absence. He gives clay or wet mud to Tejo. Fateh asks Tejo to prepare 50 diyas till he returns. Tejo says okay. She tries to befriend Tejo. Sunita promises Fateh that she will take proper care of Tejo and will be with her like a shadow.

Fateh asks Sunita to make sure that there should be no fire at home and doors should be closed in his absence. He leaves asking Tejo to call him whenever she will need his help. Jasmine overhears everything secretly. She makes fun of Fatejo’s new house. Jasmine decides to break Fatejo’s dream house and ruin or mess up their life.

In the next episode, Tejo will be seen crying and beating a thali in tension. Many people from the neighborhood will complain to Fateh about Tejo’s actions and noise making. They will threaten Fateh saying that they will call police if he won’t leave with Tejo from their surroundings. Neighbors will give another suggestion to Fateh to send Tejo to a mental asylum. Tejo will be seen very stressed with neighbors scoldings and other issues. Fateh will get speechless and tense.

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