Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2022 Written Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2022 Written Update Sharda defends Rudra in front of the police inspector. She requests the inspector to free Rudra. Inspector gets shocked seeing Rudra’s bail papers with Khurana’s lawyer. He asks Sharda and lawyer how they managed to get bail papers when court is closed till tomorrow morning. Sharda tells the inspector that Judge Sanghvi is Rudra’s good friend. She says Judge Sanghvi granted bail to Rudra as he knows that Rudra can’t ever trouble anyone purposely. Inspector frees Rudra on Lawyer and Sharda’s requests and bail papers.

Khuranas return to their house. Sharda asks Rudra why Prisha is with Armaan. Rudra leaves without answering Sharda. Sharda asks Raj and Vidyut to tell her what is happening. Vidyut blames Raj for everything. He tells Sharda that Pihu filed a complaint against him with Raj’s help. Vidyut in a negative turn says if Raj wouldn’t have helped Pihu, they wouldn’t have met Prisha at the police station. Raj says he never ever thought that Prisha will turn out to be Pihu’s sister-in-law. He says he just went to help and support the truth. Raj also says how he would have known that Prisha will meet Rudra at the police station.

Overhearing this, Saaransh gets shocked and tensed. Rudra finds Ruhi crying in his room. Ruhi tells Rudra that she wants to tell him something about Prisha. Rudra gets shocked knowing that Ruhi knows about Prisha being in Delhi for a long time. Ruhi tells everything to Rudra about how she got to know that Prisha is in Delhi. She also tells Rudra that she told about Prisha to Saaransh. Ruhi further tells Rudra that she and Saaransh investigated Prisha’s locations and reached Cupola hotel. She tells Rudra that Prisha didn’t recognize her when she first met Prisha outside the cupola hotel.

Ruhi tells Rudra that when she and Saaransh got to know that Prisha left the Cupola hotel, they reached Oberoi’s party behind her. She says Prisha didn’t recognise her and Saaransh even at Oberoi’s party. All this shocks Rudra. Ruhi tells Rudra that seeing Pihu always accompanying Prisha, she and Saaransh made a decision to follow Pihu. She also tells Rudra that one day they saw Pihu dropping him and Vanshika at home and then got to know that she studies in Vidyut’s college. Ruhi tells Rudra how she and Saaransh fooled Vidyut and went to his college. She says after this, they hid in Pihu’s car and reached her home.

Ruhi tells Rudra that she and Saaransh found Prisha at Pihu’s house but Prisha didn’t recognise her and Saaransh. All past flashbacks of Ruhi and Prisha’s meetings are shown. Rudra asks Ruhi why she didn’t tell him anything when she knew about Prisha for a long time. Ruhi apologizes to Rudra and tells him that Saaransh gave her his swear. She tells Rudra that at present she failed to stop herself from telling him everything. Ruhi tells Rudra that even being binded with Saaransh’s swear, she tried to make him and Prisha. She tells Rudra that she called him to Vidyut college by lying to him about her ill health, so that he could meet Prisha there.

Ruhi tells Rudra that she suspects that Armaan took Prisha away from college when she was about to make him (Rudra) meet Prisha. She says Prisha lives with Armaan at his house. Ruhi tells Rudra that she presently talked to Prisha and got to know that she is leaving Delhi forever. Rudra tells Ruhi that she knows about it. He tells Ruhi that he met Prisha today. Ruhi tells Rudra that Prisha gets rage attacks on even hearing his name. This information shocks Rudra. Ruhi tells Rudra that Prisha got a rage attack even when she met Prisha at Armaan’s house. Rudra gets worried and confused thinking how and what is happening.

Rudra tells Ruhi that he also saw Prisha getting a rage attack today. He tells Ruhi everything that Prisha told him and did with him at the police station. Ruhi asks Rudra why Prisha, who loved him a lot, hates him brutally now. Rudra tells Ruhi that even he doesn’t know what’s wrong. He tells Ruhi that he and Prisha love each other so much that everytime they reunite with each other, even after indulging in bigger arguments. Rudra says his and Prisha’s love always brought them together. He says he is also wondering why Prisha hates him so much now.

Ruhi tells Rudra that Prisha doesn’t hate him but instead has forgotten everything and everyone. She says Prisha has lost her memory. This shocks Rudra badly. Rudra tells Ruhi that Prisha remembers him and has accused him of ruining her life. Ruhi tells Rudra that Prisha just remembers his anger and hate towards her. She also tells Rudra that Prisha was asking her and Saaransh, who their mother is. Ruhi says that she had to address her own mother as aunty. She tells Rudra that Armaan told her and Saaransh that Prisha is very angry with him (Rudra).

Ruhi further tells Rudra that Armaan took Prisha to Mumbai with him to keep her away from him (Rudra) and get her treated. Rudra tells Ruhi can once forget him but not her own children. Ruhi requests Rudra to stop Prisha, otherwise she will return to her Mumbai house. She says Prisha came to Delhi only to get Pihu settled in Delhi and her college life. Innocent little Ruhi keeps requesting Rudra to not let Prisha leave Delhi as she won’t be able to live without Prisha anymore. Rudra hugs Ruhi and promises her that he will get Prisha back home. He says whatever weird thing has happened to Prisha is all because of Armaan.

Rudra says he will anyhow find out what Armaan did with Prisha that she suddenly forgot everything and everyone. He also says that he will get Prisha back home at any cost. Saaransh overhears this and rudely asks Rudra if he will for sure leave his anger for Prisha and keep her happy with love. Rudra tells Saaransh that Prisha is life and he will even fight the world for her. Saaransh tells Rudra that now, he even wants to see his love and battle with the world for Prisha. Rudra tells his kids that he is incomplete without them and wants their support to bring Prisha back home. Ruhi and Saaransh join hands with Rudra to bring Prisha back home.

Rudra gets happy getting his family’s support and strength. Saaransh tells Rudra that he will forgive him for hurting him earlier, when he will get his mother back home. He also tells Rudra that he will again consider him as his father and trust him, once he gets Prisha back. Saaransh tells Rudra that once Prisha returns home, he will ask her if she wants to live with him (Rudra) or not. He says he will obey whatever Prisha will wish for. Saaransh tells Rudra that he will go with Prisha wherever she will make a decision to stay. This stuns Rudra.

Ruhi gives hope to Rudra by telling him that Prisha won’t go anywhere else. She says that they (Rudra, Prisha, Saaransh and Ruhi) will live happily like, earlier they used to stay as a happy family. Rudra tells Saaransh that Prisha can’t stay away from her family and he will get her back at any cost. Sharda overhears this. She scolds Ruhi, Saaransh and Rudra for not telling her about Prisha living in Delhi. Ruhi apologizes to Sharda. Rudra tells Sharda about Prisha’s memory loss and rage attacks. This shocks and worries Sharda. At Thakur house, Pihu blames herself for Prisha’s present condition. Armaan tells Pihu that it’s fine. He says the big thing is that Prisha is with them and absolutely fine.

Digivijay secretly gives London tickets of Armaan and Prisha to Armaan. He makes everyone else believe that Armaan and Prisha will leave for Mumbai the next morning. Prisha gains consciousness and asks Pihu about what happened at the police station. Pihu tells Prisha that everything is fine. Prisha recalls Rudra talking to her about some argument. She asks Thakurs about the same. Armaan asks Prisha to not take tension as he has handled everything well. He asks Prisha to relax as now Rudra won’t trouble her ever.

Armaan also tells Prisha that she won’t ever see Rudra now as they are leaving Delhi by next morning’s flight. He gives a double dose to Prisha, mixed in water to make Prisha forget that she ever met Rudra and her children. Prisha drinks the adulterated water and sleeps.

In the next episode, an angry Rudra will slap arrogant Vidyut. He will take his whole family to Thakur house. Thakurs will get shocked seeing Khurana family at their house. Rudra will secretly send Ruhi to start executing their mission to get Prisha back. Armaan will get worried seeing this.

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