Bhagya Lakshmi 19th July 2022 Written Update Peril twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th July 2022 Written Update Peril twist

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Bhagya Lakshmi 19th July 2022 Written Update Peril twist On hearing the police siren, Kiran asks who has called the police. Malishka is worried and wants to know why did someone from the Oberoi family call the police, when they have kept Balwinder captive in the house. Balwinder hears the siren. He tells that Rishi can’t call the police, because he didn’t call before. He doesn’t leave from the house, seeing the police outside. Rishi, Lakshmi and the family see Balwinder back. Rishi tells them that he has called the police to scare Balwinder. He is glad that Balwinder did just what they thought, he didn’t run away because of his fear of police. He fights Balwinder. Balwinder takes Rishi at knifepoint. He tries to run away. He threatens of killing Rishi. Lakshmi shouts Rishi’s name, while Rishi’s family receive a shocker seeing Rishi in danger.

Earlier in the show, Rishi feels someone was there. Lakshmi doesn’t see anyone. She tells that maybe Ayush was passing by. They go back and keep an eye on Balwinder. Balwinder’s friends are hiding in the house. Dadi asks Ayush to sleep in her room, she is scared. Ayush tells that she has many ghosts to accompany. Shalu calls Ayush. She asks him about the situation in Oberoi mansion. He asks her not to worry. She tells that she is stressed because he is there. Dadi also jokes on Ayush. Ayush tells Shalu that he will call her later. Malishka feels foolish to involve Balwinder in her plan. She prays that Balwinder’s chapter ends. She doesn’t want the truth to come out. She feels Lakshmi would be sleeping peacefully with Rishi. Balwinder’s friends enter Rishi’s room, and find Rishi and Lakshmi sleeping. They rescue Balwinder.

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th July 2022 Written Update Peril twist:

Guddu and Ravi take Balwinder with them. Balwinder shouts in the sleepy state. Guddu shuts his mouth. Guddu asks Ravi to throw some water over Balwinder’s face. They splash some way and wake him up. Balwinder asks them where were they till now. He thanks them for being his true friends. He asks them to take them out. Balwinder hugs them. He tells that Rishi and his family have beaten me a lot. They find the exit door locked. Dadi asks Ayush to find the girl for himself. He tells that Shalu isn’t his type. She tells that even she doesn’t like Shalu, she has no good nature and looks.

Ayush tells that Shalu isn’t too bad, she is okay in looks, her nature is also good, she will also get sensibility with time. Shalu calls Ayush again. Dadi asks him to put the phone on speaker and talk. Ayush takes the call. Shalu asks him is the phone on speaker even now. Dadi stops Ayush from telling her. He asks her why did she call. He tells that the phone isn’t on speaker. She asks him what was he talking, why was he acting like there is something between them. Ayush asks her when did he show that he feels such. She asks is Dadi mad that she said that. Dadi hears their sweet talks.

Shalu tells Ayush that she doesn’t like him at all. Ayush gets angered. He asks Dadi did she hear it, does she want any other proof. Dadi tells that its proved that they both love each other. Ayush tells that Shalu just scolded him. Dadi tells that she heard which he didn’t. He tells that he doesn’t like Shalu at all. She asks him to sleep, and not try to run away. Rishi and Lakshmi have a peaceful sleep. They wake up and see Balwinder missing. He asks Lakshmi not to worry, he will see Balwinder.

They find the door locked. Rishi tells that he is really smart, he will find a way to go out. He asks Lakshmi to get a screw driver, he will use it and unlock the door. She tells that she doesn’t know about it. They have a cute banter. Balwinder and his friends enter the kitchen and try to leave from the window. The window is locked, but Balwinder opens it somehow. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he is powerful, he will break the door, he will show his physique to her someday. Lakshmi asks him not to drag the matter. She tells Rishi that he needs to sharpen his mind. He angrily holds her and checks her temper. He asks her what happened to her that she lost her manners. He calls her brainless.

He jokes that Dadi has seen a mannerless spirit in her room. Lakshmi scares Rishi as a spirit. He holds his heart. She bursts into laughter seeing him. He sweetly smiles seeing her laugh. He tells that he is serious, he isn’t joking. She calls him a coward. He tells that he didn’t like her prank. He asks her not to address him like a stranger. He tells that he doesn’t want to become a stranger for him. She asks him the reason. They sense some movement outside. Lakshmi asks Rishi to call the police and alert them to stop Balwinder. Balwinder and his friends hear the police siren. He tells that police won’t come inside the house. They think that Rishi might have called the police now to catch him.

Balwinder tells that he won’t go. He asks his friends to go. Neelam wakes up Virender and asks him to check if the police has come to their house. Virender thinks Rishi has called the police. He finds his door locked from outside. Lakshmi unlocks the door. She asks Virender to come, she will unlock the other doors, Balwinder has tried to escape, but won’t succeed. Neelam is worried for her son. She blames Lakshmi for the mess. Rishi catches Balwinder.

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